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The television series entitled Top Boy is centered on the lives and activities of a group of people involved in illegal dealings. The series starts in the Summerhouse Estate whereby two good friends Dushane and Sully are busy working together and flourishing in an illegal drugs business. They have a rival called Kamale who makes them work even harder so as to gain more customers than him.

The series switches to another scene where a young boy in his teens known as Ra'Nell is told he has to grow up, act like a man and take care of himself. Ra'nell's mother Lisa is very sick in hospital and the boy is helpless. His closest friend, Gem decides to join the drug dealers and assist in selling drugs. Lisa's friend known as Heather asks Ra'nell to assist her in cultivating marijuana which intends to sell later on. Kamale breaks into the Estate and steals all of Dushane's drugs and available money putting them in debt.

Dushane and Sull's partner in the business, Raikes gives them two weeks to recover the drugs and the money and bring to him. They decide to abduct Kamale's cousin called Shaun and ask kamala for a huge ransom in exchange for him but they mistakenly kill him and their plans fail. Ra'nell on his part is not able to see his mother as she leaves hospital because he is busy working in Heather's garden.

On the day of his cousin Shaun's funeral, they watch and wait for him to no avail but that same day they after a thorough search they discover his hideout and the drugs. As they make their way to get the drugs Lee Greene attacks them but they shoot and kill him. Dushane's men immediately arrive at the scene and a serious fight starts between the two groups. At the end Dushane shoots kills Sully

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Channel 4
1 Season, 8 Episodes
October 31, 2011
Crime, Drama
Cast: Ashley Walters, Shone Romulus, Kane Robinson, Micheal Ward
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Top Boy Full Episode Guide

  • Solicitor Rhianna represents Kayla but warns Dushane that she is likely to talk to the police

  • Rafe rescues his brother Jermaine held captive by Sully and Mike and vows to take revenge

  • In the second episode of the drama Dushane visits Joe in hospital and learns from his injured partner that their drugs were stolen by a gang of Albanians

  • Charming, sexy and clever, Dushane has finally made it as 'Top Boy' and is moving into the big time with boss Joe. But Dushane's former right-hand man Sully is now a potentially dangerous rival.

  • Dushane's loyalty to Sully ends up being tested to the limit after he finds him openly carrying a murder weapon. Raikes offers Dushane a solution to all of his problems. Ra'Nell, decides to negotiate directly with Dushane over the price of Heather's crop, which draws him further into a series of events which have been triggered by Sully's duplicity.

  • Dushane and Sully realise that time is running out to find Kamale and repay the money they owe. Sully instructs Dris to intercept the hapless Gem when he believes that he is a grass. Ra'Nell turns to Leon to help Gem. Heather takes Ra'Nell to see the waterfront flat she hopes to buy with the fruits of their labours as she dreams of a new life. Lisa finally returns home unaware of the dangerous secret which now bonds Ra'Nell and Heather together.

  • Dushane and Sully's stash of drugs is stolen by a rival and they are faced still having to pay a debt of 2,000 to their boss. Lisa goes out to do her shopping, but is sectioned after she is unable to cope. Scared that her 13-year-old son Ra'Nell will be taken into care, she fails to mention him after she is taken to the hospital.

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