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Srugim is an Israeli drama television series. The series follows the lives of five religions men and women who are single. They live in Jerusalem. The two main women characters Yifat and Hodya are living in an apartment together. They go out a lot to religious singles events. They meet up with old friends Nati and Amir. The friends all deal with the pressure society has for them to marry since they are in their late twenties.

Yifat ends up falling for Nati but he does not return her romantic feelings. Hodya finds someone who she falls in love with. Amir is divorced and that is looked down upon in this society. Two of the friends end up falling in love with each other and taking their relationship further. Each week the four singles face challenges of now only their careers and friendships but the pressure to fall in love and settle down as well.

Srugim is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on June 23, 2008.

Srugim is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Srugim on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Google Play, Tubi TV online.

3 Seasons, 45 Episodes
June 23, 2008
Cast: Yael Sharoni, Amos Tamam
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Srugim Full Episode Guide

  • The heart-wrenching series finale of Srugim.

  • Hodaya gets the offer of a lifetime. Amir and Yifat's baby makes a move. Tehila confronts Nati with some complicated news.

  • Nati faces temptation, then makes quite the proposal. Things get complicated between Hodaya and Avri. Ruet experiences aunt-hood.

  • Reut finds herself on a blind date. Yifat and Amir spend some time on the country. Nati's relationship with Tehila deepens.

  • Azaria presents Hodaya with an opportunity. Amir tries to find himself and Yifat experiences independence. Roi has a life-changing experience.

  • Yifat and Amir get a first look at their baby and Yifat gets a makeover. Nati takes issue with Azaria's poetry, and the gloves drop during a public reading. Ruet and Azaria's relationship takes a turn.

  • Yifat's brother comes to visit- and complicates things for Hodaya. Ruet once again finds herself helping Azaria on the financial front.

  • Hodaya feels rebellious at work. Nati scares Tehila with an unwelcome medical opinion. Yifat feels the pressure of being the breadwinner.

  • With his hours cut, Nati finds himself with too much time on his hands. Ruet makes an odd request to Nati after they go to Azaria's poetry reading.

  • Nati finds himself under serious scrutiny by his superiors. Amir and Ruet clash at work. With marriage on the horizon, Hodaya becomes overwhelmed.

  • A prank at work leaves Nati conflicted. Hodaya shares some big news with Yifat. Ruet helps Azaria with some finances.

  • Amir gets a serious job offer... with strings attached. Ruet makes time to see Azaria and Nati makes time for Tehila.

  • Nati finds a reason to see Tehila again. The job market doesn't look good for Amir. Ruet is swept off her feet by Azaria's poetry.

  • The smash hit Israeli series is back for a third season! Nati finds new romance and a new roommate- both with extreme tastes. Amir and Yifat get more than they bargained for when they go car shopping. Hodaya and Avri meet again and old wounds are opened.

  • It's the final episode of Season 2. It's been quite a season. We started with a wedding and we end at a wedding! This time the feelings among our friends are much different from where we started. Will Reut ever find happiness with someone else? What will become of Roi? Will Nati, the most eligible bachelor in all of Jerusalem, remain so forever? Will Hodaya ever find a way to live her life the way she wants? And what will happen to Yifat and Amir? Will they ever get pregnant? Watch and find out more.

  • In the penultimate episode of the season, things get tense! Roi and Reut have a lot to work out, Nati actually does something decent for a change, Hodaya moves back in with Yifat, oh, and Amir too. He won't mind, right? Who is staying together? Who is falling apart?! Watch and see what we mean!

  • Yifat tries to figure out what she wants-a baby or her dream job. Hodaya tries her hand at writing, and sends us all for a trip. Nati is the most eligible, religious bachelor in Jerusalem. Okay, fourth most eligible, but who's counting?

  • In this latest episode, everyone gives us a glimpse of their true character. Hodaya tries to balance her choices and her family, Yifat gets a breath of fresh air, and Amir has to decide what's more important-his country or his wife.

  • So Nati decides to step up and show his self worth-at the mall. Yifat needs to take a chill pill, or maybe she needs to stop taking pills. You decide. Hodaya's relationship is headed for disaster, but who is to blame, and why? And as for Roi and Reut, all we can say is, WOW.

  • Hodaya takes a major leap, Amir and Yifat get in their biggest fight to date, Nati is learning how to deal with his father, and Reut and Roi are still figuring things out.

  • Everyone's looking for new work! Amir gets stuck with a field trip at school, but tries to support Yifat when she has a chance to do something other than Bar Mitzvah invitations. Hodaya looks for a new job while Assaf dreams of being a journalist.

  • Hodaya has a birthday, Amir hides an egg, Reut keeps trying, but can Roi keep lying?

  • Hodaya gets an outside perspective, Yifat plays matchmaker, Reut is still pursuing Roi, and Nati meets his soul mate. But don't get too excited - some big surprises are in the air. Stay tuned!

  • First comes love, then comes marriage...we all know what happens next. It's a baby filled episode of Srugim! Meanwhile, Reut is finally getting back in the game, but Nati is still trying to find someone who will be willing to play with him.

  • Find out what happens in the Yifat-Amir-Nati love triangle. Is Hodaya really ready to be unreligious? And what does that mean?