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  • 2018
  • 1 Season

The Hitler Chronicles is a thought-provoking and gripping historical documentary series that details the life and times of one of the most notorious figures of the 20th century. The series delves into the inner workings of Adolf Hitler's mind and explores the major events and influences that shaped his rise to power, as well as the ultimate downfall of his Nazi regime.

The series is divided into four parts, each exploring a different aspect of Hitler's life and legacy. The first part examines his early years, from his childhood in Austria to his failed art career in Vienna and eventual rise to leadership of the Nazi Party. The second part follows Hitler's military ambitions and expansionist policies, including his invasions of Poland and France, and explores his views on race and eugenics.

The third part examines Hitler's treatment of Jews and other minority groups, as well as his decision-making process during World War II. The fourth and final part explores his final days in the bunker during the Allied advance on Berlin, highlighting the events leading up to his suicide and the lingering impact of his actions on the world.

Produced by Syndicado, The Hitler Chronicles uses archival footage, first-hand accounts, and expert analysis to provide a comprehensive look at Hitler and his regime. The series includes interviews with historians, scholars, and survivors of the Holocaust, as well as rare footage and photographs from the time period.

While the subject matter can be difficult to watch at times, The Hitler Chronicles is a must-see for anyone interested in World War II, the Holocaust, and the psychology of dictators. The series delves into the mind of a man who played a pivotal role in shaping the course of history, and provides a sobering reminder of the dangers of unchecked power and extremism.

Overall, The Hitler Chronicles is a well-researched and compelling documentary series that sheds light on one of the darkest moments in human history. It is a poignant reminder of the importance of studying our past in order to understand our present and shape our future.

The Hitler Chronicles is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on May 14, 2018.

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A Suicide
13. A Suicide
May 14, 2018
Even after the allies landing in Normandy and the failed battle of the bulge as last attempt, Hitler does not want to accept the end, and the German people still believe in their leader.
A War Criminal
12. A War Criminal
May 14, 2018
Hitler's military decisions become disastrous, the defeats increase, fronts break apart. After Stalingrad, the military leadership realizes that the war is lost.
A Mass Murderer
11. A Mass Murderer
May 14, 2018
Hitler personally arranges for a euthanasia program, underestimating the resistance of the Church. The killing of the mentally ill has to be slowed down, but the extinction of Jews is expanded to an industrial scale.
The Commander
10. The Commander
May 14, 2018
Hitler breaks the pact with Stalin and invades Russia. He wants to eradicate the entire population and gain territories in eastern Europe for the Ayran race. Germany has reached the summit of its military power.
A Conqueror
9. A Conqueror
May 14, 2018
Hitler invades Poland, and Great Britain and France declare war immediately. despite all warnings, this is unexpected for Hitler, but the allies passivity encourages him to advance.
An Arsonist
8. An Arsonist
May 14, 2018
In pure breach of the Munich Agreement, Hitler claims further territories for Germany based on the alleged wish of the people in those areas. After the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the world is duped and are waiting to see if Germany will risk European peace.
The Statesman
7. The Statesman
May 14, 2018
In Benito Mussolini, Hitler finds an ally to whom he remains faithful until his downfall.
The Fuerher
6. The Fuerher
May 14, 2018
Hitler's fame reaches its climax. Germany is simultaneously admired and feared by foreign countries. In 1936, the Wehrmacht invades the Rhineland, a demilitarized zone by the Treaty of Versailles. The Nuremberg party rallies are a magnificent spectacle of the ever-growing leadership cult. The Summer Olympics in 1936 show Hitler's popularity internationally.
A Dictator
5. A Dictator
May 14, 2018
Hitler's power has become unrestricted and unlimited. Hitler is admired by the people. Germany feels strong again, and people accept the merciless dictatorship and the persecution of others as necessary evil.
A Party Leader And Mob Orator
3. A Party Leader And Mob Orator
May 14, 2018
Out of prison Hitler establishes the NSDAP to achieve power by legal means. As its sole leader, he develops the party into a movement that soon becomes the strongest force in parliament.
A Revolutionary And An Ideologist
2. A Revolutionary And An Ideologist
May 14, 2018
Hitler's coup attempt in 1923 fails and he is arrested and jailed for over a year. He spends his time in prison writing Mein Kampf, an outlining of his political views.
A Sad Puppy And A Private
1. A Sad Puppy And A Private
May 14, 2018
When a young Hitler joins the Bavarian army and becomes a soldier and a patriot, for the first time he feels like he belongs. But when WW1 ends, he loses the only regular life he's known.
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The Hitler Chronicles is available for streaming on the Syndicado website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Hitler Chronicles on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Tubi TV and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    May 14, 2018