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Til Debt Do Us Part offers tough love solutions to those in financial crisis. Til Debt Do Us Part is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (91 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2005. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.8.

Til Debt Do Us Part is available for streaming on the Syndicado website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Til Debt Do Us Part on demand at Tubi TV Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla, Tubi TV online.

7 Seasons, 91 Episodes
January 1, 2005
Cast: Gail Vaz-Oxlade
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Til Debt Do Us Part Full Episode Guide

  • After meeting online, Carolyn and Jason lived large during their engagement, but now it's time to pay the piper.  They were years behind in paying taxes and spending double what they earn - which led Gail to repossess the stuff they purchased on credit.  Caroline felt like a failure and they decided to cancel their wedding plans.  Can Gail teach these two to be happy with what they have?

  • While Dionne was putting vacations on credit using a fly now and pay later plan, Shannon - having "no interest in interest" - ignored his debt and buried his head in the sand. On top of their bad spending habits, they made a huge commitment to their parents to gut and flip a fixer-upper hoping to make a quick buck but their renovation fell behind and the market fell apart.

  • Despite going through a consumer proposal in the past, Jodi and Adrien didn't change their ways and overspending got them into trouble for a second time around. Given that Jodi was on a reduced maternity leave income and both of them were struggling to make minimum payments, this family was on the brink of disaster. Gail forces them to pay back the dough they've already spent.

  • Michelle and Stephen were so busy planning their fairy tale medieval wedding they forgot to talk about money. Once the honeymoon was over Michelle found out that her Prince Charming was actually a frog with a lot of debt. Although all that debt still didn't stop Michelle from spending like a princess. Can Gail get these two to stop living a financial fantasy and rescue them from the Debt Dragon?

  • Alexandria's secret spending habits pushed Andrew to cut up her debit and credit cards. After consolidating close to $80,000 of consumer debt into a 2nd mortgage, they still went and spent thousands more on credit.  And Alexandria wasn't the only one to blame; Andrew was blowing their credit on big-ticket items like an entertainment system and a motorcycle.

  • Maggie spent her way into debt and bullied her sister, Janice, into bankrolling her.  After the death of Maggie's husband, her sister came from Scotland to help her look after her three children.  Along with taking care of the kids, Janice also took out a loan to cover what Maggie couldn't pay. These sisters's interdependence has left them feeling trapped and frustrated.

  • Debt was ripping Melanie and Kevin's family apart. With a surprise second baby on the way and 15 creditors demanding interest payments, Melanie worries that their financial affairs will kill their relationship for good. After begging for Gail's help Gail nails them on bad habits, silly spending and unstable incomes. Plumber Kevin has to work extra hard to keep his temper in check.

  • After pursuing her dream job as a zoo keeper, Heather had racked up a lot of debt.  Dave's obsession with rock and roll put them further in the hole.  Stuck in a basement apartment, their goals of travelling the world and owning a home seem further away than ever.  Gail forces these two to stop putting off planning and to start getting their finances in order so that they don't end up being broke.

  • Greg's gambling has his fiance, Karla, wondering if marriage really is in the cards for them. After catching Greg in a lie about his gambling habit, Karla took the financial reins and has been trying to curb his spending and debt. Looking for an easier way out, Greg thought Gail would give him a break - boy, was he wrong. Will Gail's challenges get Karla trusting Greg again?

  • Racking up $52,000 of debt while living rent free in the basement of his parents, 35 year old perpetual student Chris has a lot to learn. Chris' wife, Yen, is the breadwinner of the family but now they're expecting a baby. Gail schools Chris for his carefree attitude towards his crushing student loans and finally gets him to feel the damaging weight of his debt.

  • DJs Amanda and Sean have been spinning themselves into debt. Even with Sean's three jobs and Amanda's bookkeeping skills, these new parents haven't been able to scratch the surface of their debt. Using credit to buy big toys for themselves and for their daughter, their interest fees have skyrocketed and their romance has flattened. Gail challenges these two to brush up on their budgeting.

  • Despite a healthy family income, Lucy and Dave have never been debt free. Lucy manages all of the family's finances - but she spends it as fast as it comes in. To get this couple back in the black, Gail has to open up the lines of communication - between themselves and with fellow shopaholics. Confronting clutter at home and in their spending habits gets Lucy and Dave back in sync.

  • Ivy and Carson haven't stopped to add up the cost of their family-focused lifestyle. Having a stay at home mom and buying organic are important to them, but are they spending too much time thinking about the wrong kind of green? They say they're worried about their increasing debt but they can justify every bad decision they've made. Gail faces an uphill battle trying to get these two to change th

  • Dina and Bill have turned to their mortgage to cover up some of their money mistakes. They even used their home equity to finance their car purchase. Now they're going to spend the next 25 years paying for a vehicle that will likely only last a fraction of that time. To ensure that Bill and Dina's teenagers learn from their mistakes, Gail gets the kids involved in her family-focused challenges.

  • Andy and Evelyn's impulsive decision making has lead them from one end of the country to the other. Along the way, they've had to sell their dream house and still ended up with a whack of debt. It's cost them more than just money because their relationship is on the rocks. Andy is feverishly working, trying to bring home the bucks while Evelyn broods at home with their two toddlers. Gail tries to

  • Newlyweds Karissa and Karl have everything - a new home, two vehicles and a new baby. Because they make their minimum payments on time every month, they're perfect credit clients and they have the massive credit limits to prove it. During their short marriage, they've used that credit to rack up over $80,000 in debt. Karl wants to focus on paying down the debt, but Karissa thinks they can do it "l

  • After 18 years together, Paula and David's relationship is at the breaking point, and it's all due to finances. Paula feels exhausted by the stress of trying to manage their money on her own, and she's frustrated by David's debt denial. It's definitely taken a toll on them, and their two young children. Once Gail gives David a wake up call, this couple makes money the focus of their vows when they

  • Gord has always been happy to let his fiancee Angela take the lead while he plays the clown. Now these expectant parents are up to their eyeballs in debt and Angela is counting on family support to rescue her once again. Gord meets every one of Gail's challenges head on, determined to show Gail that he's more than a doofus. But Angela has a harder time accepting the changes she needs to make.

  • Commercial pilot Ed and chic fiancee Brandi live with their heads in the clouds. But a globe-trotting lifestyle of fine wines and the latest fashions has left them with financial jet lag. Despite recent reductions to their incomes, they haven't curbed their expensive tastes., making Brandi's disproportionate share of household expenses and baggage of student debt all the more glaring. With marriag

  • Ted is a paramedic, Melissa a cop. Working opposite shifts in high-stress jobs, and caring for two young kids, has left them with no energy to track their money. So, they spend, spend, spend. Totally divorced from their financial reality, the couple underestimates their monthly income yet still overspend across the board. Their healthy joint income is more than enough to comfortably support the fa

  • Amy and Paul are learning about home ownership the expensive way. Surprises during renovations forced them into a line of credit - and there's still much work to be done. Amy loses sleep from worry but they haven't curbed their spending. Now they want to add a puppy to the household but haven't yet figured out if they can even afford it. It's time to get their priorities straight if they ever wan

  • Mike and Sheila met in a rehab facility and triumphed over their addictions together. But to make up for lost time, they bought everything they've ever wanted, and it's left them with a throbbing debt hangover. And their dreams for the future are totally out of touch with their finances. It's up to Gail to get their spending under control and dole out a sobering dose of reality, or they risk all t

  • Musicians Valerey and Alex make more than just music together - they've also orchestrated a financial disaster. Unemployed, Valerey recently declared bankruptcy but she's going back to school leaving Alex with all the bills. At 40-something, they're too close to retirement to have zero savings and no assets. Gail's plan depends on them tuning into their financial situation and making more money, b

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