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Raiders of the Lost Art is a television mini-series. It is about theft in the art world. This series details the stories of theft in the art world. It takes a look at the mysterious world of art theft and the results to the collectors whose art is stolen. There is a vast history of stolen art from all over the world. This series goes through those true stories and brings them to the small screen.

The art thefts in this mini-series actually happened. Not all of the thefts have been solved. All involve rare and expensive art of many different types.

Raiders of the Lost Art is a Arts & Culture, Documentary & Biography, History series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on August 30, 2014. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.1.

Raiders of the Lost Art is available for streaming on the Ovation TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Raiders of the Lost Art on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Saturday 7:00 PM et/pt on Ovation TV
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
August 30, 2014
Arts & Culture, Documentary & Biography, History
Cast: Jonathan Kydd, Martin Bailey, Calandra Caldecott, Charles Darwent
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Raiders of the Lost Art Full Episode Guide

  • Raphael forms the trinity of great masters of the Italian high renaissance... alongside Leonardo and Michelangelo. All three of these artists were working in Rome at the same time. While Michelangelo and Leonardo reached old age, Raphael would die suddenly at just 37, but in that time he still produced a staggering array of works.

  • Joseph Mallord William Turner was hailed as a prodigy from an early age and went on to have a remarkably successful painting career. These experimental works would prove highly controversial amongst his contemporaries.

  • Paul Cezanne inspired the most lauded artists of the 20th century, but he struggled for years to achieve anywhere near the levels of success. Today one of Cezanne's paintings is rumoured to have sold for the highest price in history.

  • Johannes Vermeer was all but forgotten for centuries and this iconic work lay dormant, overlooked before it was rediscovered.

  • Capturing the changing nature of light was the lifelong obsession of Claude Monet, the father of impressionism. The movement would have its roots in Paris, but would draw on diverse inspiration, to achieve its artistic visions.

  • Painted for the arrival of Paul Gaugin in Arles, this set of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh has gone on an astonishing journey ever since

  • One of the world's most-famous works of art has been stolen on numerous occasions. Thieves in 1994 left a message saying only 'thanks for the poor security.'

  • Jan van Eyck left behind a remarkable legacy of works, including the spectacular Ghent altarpiece, but very little evidence of who he exactly was. After he died, his reputation would only grow and grow, and his paintings would become highly sought after by buyers and thieves alike and, in the process, the mysterious tale of the van Eyck family would slowly be revealed.

  • Leonardo DaVinci is believed in many ways to have been the most talented individual who ever lived. But, While his greatest legacy remains in his art, we're still unearthing the secrets of how he worked.

  • It took nearly three centuries for el Greco's paintings to be truly appreciated. no artist has ever been more ahead of his time.

  • These works that span Rembrandt's entire adult life have been scattered across the globe and had a life and history all their own

  • Painted during Vienna's cultural heyday, Gustav Klimt's "Portrait of Adele" was confiscated by the Nazis during WWII

  • Examining the theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in 1911.

  • How allies stopped Nazis in WWII from stealing artwork.

  • Following the 2013 unearthing of a Vincent van Vogh lost landscape, a search is on for other masterpieces by the artist that are missing.

  • After many Faberge eggs go missing in 1917 during the Russian revolution a single one is found.

  • In 2013 a large collection of masterpieces purchased for Hitler resurfaced in Munich.