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Filthy Riches is a National Geographic Channel television show. The show follows people who leave their conventional jobs to go to the wild, where they will learn how to survive and make a living. The show displays how people can thrive without modern conveniences, and chronicles the challenges they face.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
April 20, 2014
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Filthy Riches Full Episode Guide

  • Jim and Andy feel the wrath of plunging temperatures as winter settles in.

  • Tired of waiting for the gators to show up for the fight, the hunters decide to take matters into their own hands.

  • When the stove that powers his smoker breaks down, Ray's entire operation comes to a crashing halt. The boys of the bayou are hot on the trail of a monster gator that's been stealing their bait and costing them thousands of dollars. Despite heavy winds and a small craft advisory, Jim and Andy are splashing in for their last urchin dive of the season.

  • After suffering a devastating blow at Hermit's Island, Jim and Andy are out for revenge.

  • Gators become more difficult to catch. A black bear raids an eel trap.

  • Keith and his son are running out of luck, worm diggers Jim and Andy are hanging up their rakes in favor of dive tanks, Ray has discovered something's been stealing his eels and Chris and Levena are on the hunt for extremely rare and valuable mushrooms.

  • Wormers Jim Campbell and Andy Johns are competing for a $3,000 prize, eel fisherman Ray Turner is rebuilding after Mother Nature tore apart his trap, burler Cliff Witt is on the hunt for 1,500 pounds of buckeye and the Cajuns of Louisiana are having a showdown with their gator neighbors.

  • The fisherman, wormers and hunters are looking to start off strong for a new season.

  • A new burl discovery may be worth $15,000. On the last day of ginseng season, Billy Taylor races to fill a 70-pound order. Ray Turner hopes for one last catch before the end of the eel migration. The bloodworm hunters argue about where to dig.

  • The eel fisherman is having a difficult time keeping up with the demand for his smoked eels. The bloodworm hunters risk dangerous conditions to hunt in a new spot. The burlers race to fill a 5,000 pound order of veneer burl.

  • In the Kentucky mountains, Billy is on a quest to fill a wild ginseng 60-pound order. On the Maine mudflats, Jim and Andy want to prove they can find the best bloodworms around. In the Indiana forests, Chris and Levena get an order for mushrooms from a local chef and have to camp out in the forest to fill the order. Al and Greg get permission from a local landowner to remove a madrone burl in Oregon.

  • The mushroom hunters seek the expertise of locals to fill a special 150-pound order.

  • Jim and Andy offer wisdom to newcomers while Billy gambles on a large ginseng order.

  • For Ray Turner, living off the land means constantly rebuilding his eel weir to prepare for the annual eel migration. Billy Taylor and his sons hunt in the dense Appalachian Mountains for the prized root ginseng. Bloodworm hunters Andy and Jim race against the tide of the Maine mudflats. One wrong step and they could be waist deep stuck in quicksand-like mud pits. Burl hunter Greg is searching for Box Elder burls, but has only one day to do it.

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