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Gangland is a television show that gives the inside scoop on gangs. The show gives background information on various cities and the involvement of gangs. Gangland shows how the gangs affect the cities. Each episode, Gangland focuses on a different city. They give a detailed account of gang members. The members sometime conceal their faces and distort their voice to protect their identity, while others show their face. Some of the members give a detailed account on how the gangs affected their life. Most start off young, feeling they have no choice. Either join a gang, or risk dying. They live a dangerous life of drugs, and criminal activity, trying to make a name for themselves.

The members of a gang feel superior to others and can trip on a dime. Since money is the top incentive for most gang members they target everyone.

Gangs prey on the innocent, and misguided. They extort a persons weakness. Whether it be supplying drugs or robbing homes. Fear is what they like to achieve. They are after control and money.

Most times the gangs are at war with each other and rival gangs. They want to have clear boundaries of turf. Gangs will never stop on their own, and the police struggle to keep up with them. Gangland shows how the members are always changing and how the loyalty that exists inside the gangs is very hard to break through.

Fear is a big motivator. Gangs most often kill people who give information to the police about them. With this being known, people are reluctant to talk to the cops. Leaving the police without witnesses to a crime.

Gangs are a very real part of society. The news is not filled with stories of gangs like in the 90's. Gangland is a series that shows the real life that many people live or have to live with.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on History
7 Seasons, 88 Episodes
November 1, 2007
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mike Hefley, Rahul Thakkar, Martin Cox, Tim Zaal

Gangland Full Episode Guide

  • In Atlanta, the Black Mafia Family, or BMF, controls the street flow of cocaine. The gang throws its cash around the hottest nightclubs in the city. The gang's charismatic leader, Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory, plays the dual role of a tough, street-minded gangster as well as a music promoter. The Feds have been after BMF for years, but the gang has always managed to stay one step ahead.

  • In the "Valley of the Sun," the ruthless Arizona New eMe own the streets. Formed in the 1980's as a prison gang, they've spread across the state and they're turning a big profit from drug sales. The New eMe take pride in their Mexican heritage, showing their allegiance with tattoos that signify their Aztec roots. Those who dare oppose New eMe are left in pools of their own blood.

  • Gangland jumps headlong into the world of the Bloods, a gang that first formed in the New York City jail system on Riker's Island.

  • In this episode, the viewers get a look at one of the Outlaw biker gangs, the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club.

  • In this episode, viewers are given a firsthand look into the Gangsta Killer Bloods located in South Carolina.

  • The Volksfront originates in Oregon prisons and becomes one of the fastest-growing, neo-Nazi gangs in the United States.

  • SUR-13 is one of the largest and deadliest Hispanic street gangs in Atlanta. They have been linked to crimes ranging from narcotics sales to cold-blooded murder. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, SUR-13 has spread across the United States, taking with them their lust for violence. Their mission is simple but deadly - eliminate all comers.

  • With a street army of over 1,000 strong, the Tri-City Bombers rule south Texas with an iron fist. The Bombers are known to smuggle drugs and weapons along the Texas/Mexico border to fund their illicit operations. The Hispanic gang defends this lucrative drug territory to the death. Any rival that stands in their way will pay the ultimate price and none is more hated than the Texas Chicano Brotherhood. Once part of the same gang, they're now mortal enemies.

  • Just east of LA are the wide open roads of San Bernardino County that are ruled by one gang - The Vagos. With more than 500 members, the Vagos are one of the largest and most deadly motorcycle gangs in the country. Their name, which means "traveling gypsy" in Spanish, strikes fear into the hearts of rivals. In the past decade, the Vagos have been linked to crimes ranging from home invasions, to methamphetamine sales and murder. They'll take care of anyone that gets in their way, but their favorite targets are those who've ratted the gang out to law enforcement. The Vagos have a saying... "snitches get stitches."