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Tales From the Crypt is based on a comic book series of the same name and many episodes do come from those comic books. The show is hosted by The Crypt Keeper, a puppet like creation made to be reminiscent of a rotting zombie like creature. Each episode has a different story and cast.

These episodes are not family friendly and parental guidance is strongly recommended as a rating system would likely put the show at MA. As the show originally aired on HBO, there was very little censorship. There is graphic violence which includes gore. There is also profanity, nudity, sexual situations, etc.

The stories all begin with The Crypt Keeper introducing the episode using bad puns. The episodes are meant to be scary. They do tend to achieve a creepy feel, but whether they are scary depends on one's fondness of horror movies and supernatural books. The episodes also have familiar faces, many feature actors and actresses who were then, or later, achieved A-list status.

Tales From the Crypt is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (93 episodes). The series first aired on June 10, 1989.

Where do I stream Tales From the Crypt online? Tales From the Crypt is available for streaming on HBO, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tales From the Crypt on demand at Apple TV online.

7 Seasons, 93 Episodes
June 10, 1989
Horror & Suspense
Cast: John Kassir
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Tales From the Crypt Full Episode Guide

  • In this twisted tale of the "Three Little Pigs" and the series' only animated episode. The first and second pigs are killed by the big bad wolf and the third pig, Dudley is accused and sentenced to death. Dudley builds a Franken-Pig to kill the wolf. Franken-Pig eats up the wolf, but the wolf escapes and eats Dudley.

  • A screenwriter is interrogated by a hard-nosed cop who thinks he's a serial killer who slices the head off women. The man ends up confessing to the crime. When the cop goes home, he opens his refrigerator and there are the heads of the women on the shelves.

  • A priest discovers that he has two long lost twin daughters: beautiful Angelica and ugly Leah. The twin sisters kill a woman that their new dad has had an affair with. Jonathan, the priest, thinks it's his wife so he kills her. Leah attacks him with a knife and the priest kills her. But he’s shocked to see that the ugly twin and the pretty twin were Siamese twins.

  • Elliot invents a machine that reads the thoughts of the dead. He tries to read the thought of a murderous serial killer Tymrak. The man's girlfriend is killed during the experiment and she becomes Tymrak's slave. He tries to bring her back with his invention but brings Tymrak back too.

  • Cammy is tired of Ford so she decides to leave him after a robbery backfires. Cammy goes to a bar where she meets an attractive black man, Jimmy Pickett. Ford rushes in and attempts to kill the man, but Jimmy has a secret: he's a vampire but Ford and Cammy also have a secret: they're zombies. After a scuffle, all three of them fall out of a window. Ford and Cammy live but they're so mangled they can't be seen in public.

  • Jewel thief Nick double crosses his partner and hides out in a hotel. He starts hallucinating after he meets a mysterious woman. She reveals to him that she's a ghost of a woman he killed years ago. The thief sees the killing reenacted in front of him and is shot by his presumed dead partner.

  • After being irritated by her nosy neighbor, a writer finds out she is getting stalked by her jealous ex. He accuses her of cheating on him with the nosy neighbor's son. As her son plans to do away with Sharon's ex, she comes alive and everyone kills each other. Before the writer dies, the nosy neighbor comes in and tells her that it was set up for research on her new book.

  • Three women who own an antique shop have financial trouble but get some luck from a monkey's paw.

  • Evelyn and Justin must find their long lost brother, Frank to get an inheritance even though they haven't heard from him in over 15 years.

  • The tales is told from the point of view of Lou Spinelli, an ex-criminal, who was murdered by his unfaithful wife and her lover. The two make it look like a suicide but is beaten to death by a statue. They take him to the woods to bury him but Lou's mistress, Erica follows them. The wife shoots her and the bullet passes through her and hits the corpse, causing the body to fall on the emergency brake. The car plunges down the hill crushing Lou's wife and her lover.

  • Richard and Charlie, two morgue security guards, are bribed into helping a crazed doctor steal corpses to experiment on. The doctor is looking for the soul of human which he says is in the base of the spine. The doctor is proven right after Richard kills Charlie and finds and removes Charlie's soul. Charlie's body is dumped but Charlie returns from the dead seeking revenge on the doctor and Richard.

  • A man kills his father to inherit a house that was burned down from a fire years ago. When he goes to the house, he finds it filled with a group of young people having a costume party. When he meets a dancer, her boyfriend gets jealous and he kills him. He tries to get rid of them but the girl stops him. All of the guests, covered in burns, surround him and it turns out they're all ghosts of people who died from the fire years ago.

  • Gary Grover is a radio DJ with a failing show. His boss, who is his sister, hires a sexy partner who has a talent for dirty talking. The two sparks a romance, but their show is cancelled when he has an outburst on air. They soon plan the death of Gary's sister, but he soon finds out that he's being set up.

  • Clyde is a runaway fugitive hiding out in an old woman's mansion. He finds a young woman at the top of the staircase and she explains to him that a long time ago, a curse was put on her after she was caught having an affair by her husband. She must stay upstairs if she wants to stay young and the same rules apply to Clyde if he comes upstairs. When the police search the place, Clyde goes upstairs up to the attic. But in the attic, he finds himself getting weak and the woman turns back into a helpless infant unable to do anything but crawl.

  • A housewife finds her home under siege when three CIA agents show up claiming that her husband is an AWOL assassin for them. One by one, the wife outsmarts and kills the assassins, and before killing the third one, she reveals a secret: she is the AWOL assassin, who got a sex change to hide from them.

  • Two longtime rivals go head to head in a grudge match, but the real fight is between their wives. So with the help of a Las Vegas fight promoter, they put their wives in the ring. So as their wives battle it out they sit back and watch long with millions of others who are watching it live on television.

  • A fire inspector wants a strip club closed down after finding out that his daughter danced there. He bribes an arsonist to burn the place but after he does it, he discovers that she was also in there. The fire inspector commits suicide, but little does he know that she wasn't in there and got married to her boyfriend.

  • A cruel man, who is in charge of running a home for the blind, torments his patients beyond belief. A new blind girl, Shelly, arrives the man attempts to blackmail her into sleeping with him by promising to lighten up on the other patients. With the help of the patients and the man's brother, Shelly hopes to give the man a taste of his own medicine.

  • Nelson, a computer genius, falls in love with a girl living across the hall. His imaginary friend, Eddie, tells him to go talk to her, but when he finds out that she is a shrink Eddie now wants Nelson to kill her. Nelson doesn't listen to Eddie and gets into a fight with him. Eddie wins it at the end and takes over the Nelson's body and life.

  • A mousy comic book artist who works for Tales from the Crypt finds herself living the same day over and over. In this day, her boss fires her and she shoots him and then the police come and kill her. In reality, she is the boss and her boss is the employee.

  • A man with a history of violent behavior picks up a masked beauty at a costume party. They have sex without removing their masks and the man falls for her. But she won't tell him any information about herself, so he ransacks her place and doesn't find any information on her. That is, until he enters one of the rooms and finds a collection of human men's cut off faces in a trophy case. He tries to take off her mask but he finds out that his her real face and soon adds his face to her collection.

  • An ambulance-chasing lawyer finds herself in purgatory when she is hauled in for having too many digits on her license plate. She thinks she's gotten off easy when the judge sentences her to community service, but she's devastated to learn that the service is to replace the public defender in this the small town.

Tales From the Crypt News

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