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In this fantasy soap opera, an ancient vampire emerges from a long sleep and begins to pursue a woman who looks just like his long-lost love. The series is a revival of the 1960s original, and it aired briefly on NBC in 1991. Ben Cross and Lysette Anthony star. Dark Shadows (1991) is a Soaps Drama series that is currently running and has 26 seasons (1118 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 1991. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.6.

Dark Shadows (1991) is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dark Shadows (1991) on demand at Tubi TV, Pluto TV Vudu, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

26 Seasons, 1118 Episodes
January 13, 1991
Soaps Drama
Cast: Ben Cross, Barbara Blackburn, Jim Fyfe, Joanna Going
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Dark Shadows (1991) Full Episode Guide

  • The Collinses struggle to finally free themselves from the long-standing family curse.

  • Bramwell and Catherine fight the ghost of Brutus inside the locked room.

  • Morgan decides to also take revenge on Catherine for her unfaithfulness.

  • Morgan lures Bramwell to the locked room at Collinwood and secures him inside.

  • Morgan overhears Bramwell speak to Catherine about a very private secret they are sharing.

  • Flora declares that the lottery must happen immediately and Kendrick insists on taking part.

  • Josette informs Melanie about her true parentage. Bramwell watches over the ill Daphne.

  • Morgan and Gabriel engage in a bitter fight. Kendrick prepares to make a revelation to Melanie.

  • The bodies of James Forsythe and Amanda Collins from 1680 are discovered.

  • Morgan and Julia investigate the space behind the mysterious locked room at Collinwood.

  • In a trance, Carrie Stokes discloses that Melanie's mother is alive and lives nearby.

  • Bramwell, though learning his ship has arrived and that he is now wealthy, is distraught over Daphne.

  • Morgan relates how Brutus Collins tormented and set a curse upon the Collins family.

  • After a seance, Morgan informs Julia that he will reveal the truth about what happened in 1680.

  • A possessed Morgan Collins attempts to strangle Julia Collins while calling her by the name of Constance.

  • Dahne Harridge Collins spies her husband Bramwell passionately embracing his sister Catherine.

  • Melanie Collins urges Flora Collins to tell Kendrick Young the truth about his sister Stella's death.

  • Gabriel gives Melanie a letter for Floa, whom he later attempts to attack.

  • Kendrick questions Julia about the discrepancies in the story of Melanie's adoption.

  • Morgan asks Carrie for help and encounters the ghost of Brutus Collins.

  • Melanie questions Julia Collins about her parentage. Julia realizes Morgan is possessed.

  • Melanie reveals to Kendrick that she was adopted into the Collins family.

  • Morgan has the lock changed on the room where the lottery winner must stay.

  • Catherine orders Bramwell to keep her secret. The lottery is again held.

  • (Lost Episode: The video for episode 1219 is lost. A recreation is featured on this collection, utilizing the original audio along with still images from other episodes.) Catherine informs Bramwell that she is pregnant with his child.

  • Josette Collins speaks of her own love for Bramwell, then visits Catherine.

  • Catherine is shocked when Daphne reveals that she and Bramwell are to be married.

  • In a trance, Carrie Stokes sees James Forsythe, who cursed the Collins family.

  • The ghost of Justin Collins announces that the lottery must be held again.

  • A delirious Melanie cries out to the spirits of Brutus Collins and James Forsythe.

  • Gabriel enters the locked lottery room, prepared to stay the night.

  • Quentin locks a disturbed Gabriel in the tower room.

  • Flora makes lottery preparations and ensures that the women must participate.

  • Morgan insists that he and Catherine must never have children.

  • At a seance, Melanie declares that the lottery must be held or everyone will die of the plague.

  • After Bramwell and Morgan duel, Daphne tends to Bramwell's wounds.

  • Morgan challenges Bramwell and they prepare to fight a duel.

  • Bramwell interrupts the wedding of Morgan and Catherine at Collinwood.

  • Flora Collins realizes that her daughter Melanie committed murder while she was insane.

  • Catherine tells her sister Daphne about the bizarre lottery held by the Collins family.

  • Catherine admits her feelings to Bramwell. Kendrick Young investigates the death of his sister.

  • Catherine causes the lottery to be postponed. She is abducted by Bramwell.

  • Morgan reminds Gabriel Collins how the lottery can lead to the family curse being broken.

  • In 1841 Parallel Time, Catherine Harridge informs Bramwell Collins that she loves Morgan Collins.

  • After making a declaration to Angelique, Barnabas takes revenge on Trask.

  • Angelique arrives with the head of Judah Zachery. Later, she is attacked by Lamar Trask.

  • Gerard takes away the powers he, as Judah Zachery, bestowed upon Angelique when she was Miranda duVal.

  • Barnabas Collins pleads with Angelique, masquerading as Valerie, to save Quentin.

  • Under a spell, Daphne agrees to marry Gerard and a ceremony is performed.

  • Gerard Stiles spies on Quentin and Daphne as they promise to marry.

  • Joanna shows Samantha Collins a vision of what she will become.

  • The ghost of Daniel Collins appears to his terrified son Gabriel.

  • Joanna Mills searches for her missing sister Daphne and is discovered by Gabriel.

  • Quentin and Desmond Collins attempt to escape from the Collinsport jail.

  • Daphne Harridge suggests to Gabriel Collins that he escape through Parallel Time.

  • In the Parallel Time room, Julia Collins disapproves of Morgan Collins asking Catherine Harridge to marry.

  • The judge pronounces the verdict in Quentin Collin's witchcraft trial.

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