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Dark Shadows 1991 revival series, is a show about a family that lives in the fictional town of Collinsport, Maine. The Collins family, which the town is named after, resides in the newer of two mansions on their estate. Dark Shadows 1991 is a revival of the original soap opera that aired in the 1960's.

Considered a Gothic television show, the main character is a two hundred year old vampire named Barnabas Collins, who was recently released from his coffin. Wishing to reinstate into society, he introduces himself to the current Collins family as a distant cousin that traveled to the states from England. It is here that he meets a current member of the household staff, Victoria Winters, that looks just like his long lost love.

Throughout the show, Barnabas constantly struggles with his wish to be more human and his hatred of being a vampire. Trying to hold onto some part of his previous life and protect his secret, Barnabas moves into the old abandoned mansion on the property and begins renovations. A local doctor discovers Barnabas secret and wishes to help try and cure him of his vampire nature. Using a series of scientific experiments on his blood she is almost able to affect a cure. Not long after he begins to get better, the family plans a s

19 Seasons, 850 Episodes
January 13, 1991
Soaps, Drama
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Dark Shadows (1991) Full Episode Guide

  • In Parallel Time, Barnabas learns that Maggie Evans is Quentin's new bride.

  • Barnabas confronts Sky and he later enters the Parallel Time room successfully.

  • Jeb places a supernatural shadow on Nicholas. Jeb and Sky fight on Widows' Hill.

  • Angelique makes a suggestion on how to get rid of Nicholas.

  • After Julia's last injection, Barnabas feels a desperate need for blood.

  • The werewolf attacks Bruno. Roger sees himself in Parallel Time.

  • Barnabas sees counterparts of Roger and Carolyn in the Parallel Time room.

  • Jeb pleads with Angelique. Chris attempts to rescue Sabrina from Bruno.

  • Bruno refuses to help Jeb. Sabrina goes to Bruno in the hope of aiding Chris.

  • Stokes warns Barnabas about the danger of crossing into Parallel Time.

  • Unable to enter the Parallel Time room, Barnabas finds a book thrown from it.

  • Julia tells Barnabas about Professor Stokes' theory of Parallel Time.

  • In a room in the closed-off east wing of Collinwood, Barnabas sees a strange vision.

  • Angelique tells the ghost of Peter that she will destroy Jeb.

  • The ghost of Peter Bradford vows revenge on Jeb, who struggles with Philip.

  • In a dream, Barnabas informs Carolyn that her father was murdered by Jeb.

  • Megan, as a vampire, attacks her first victim. Quentin is buried alive.

  • Barnabas again bites Megan. Jeb orders the dead men to kidnap Julia.

  • Jeb performs a ceremony to raise bodies from their graves to provide assistance.

  • Bruno learns Megan has been bitten and tells Jeb to kill the werewolf.

  • Bruno decides to use the werewolf in an attempt to defeat Jeb.

  • Chris and Sabrina resume their romance. Bruno realizes the werewolf's identity.

  • Roger learns of the imminent danger posed by the Leviathans. Something again threatens David.

  • Julia goes to the tower room and frightens Jeb away.

  • Elizabeth traps Maggie in the tower room and Willie attempts to release her.

  • A jealous Angelique casts a spell to make Quentin and Maggie fall in love.

  • Nicholas forces Sky to choose between Angelique and the Leviathans.

  • Nicholas Blair returns and orders Jeb to change from his Leviathan form.

  • Julia begins injections in the hope of curing Barnabas of his vampirism.

  • Barnabas is dismayed to discover he is once again under the vampire curse.

  • After Barnabas vows to defeat the Leviathans, he is attacked by a bat.

  • Jeb forces Philip to arrange the murder of a suspicious investigator.

  • Josette's ghost appears to Barnabas. He orders Philip to steal the Leviathan box.

  • Angelique reveals to Sky that Barnabas is fighting the Leviathans.

  • Jeb decides he wants Carolyn to be his partner willingly. The werewolf attacks him.

  • While she is in hiding, Carolyn has a nightmare about Jeb.

  • Chris transforms into the werewolf and Bruno goes hunting to find the beast.

  • Maggie is forced to open the Naga box and later makes a revelation to Barnabas.

  • Bruno threatens Maggie and David warns Jeb he must fear the werewolf.

  • Barnabas warns Elizabeth that Carolyn must go away from Collinsport immediately.

  • Angelique agrees to shelter Carolyn for a few days. Jeb attempts to drug Carolyn.

  • Jeb raises the sheriff from the dead as a servant. Barnabas pretends to cooperate with Jeb.

  • Barnabas relates to Julia how he came under the Leviathan's influence.

  • Jeb has caused an accident to happen to David. Barnabas warns Maggie to watch over Carolyn.

  • Carolyn meets Jeb, who assures her he will help her forget her misery.

  • Jeb Hawkes, the adult Leviathan, appears. He becomes suspicious of Barnabas.

  • Sheriff Davenport, armed with a search warrant, investigates the antique shop.

  • Quentin and Amanda attempt to escape by crossing a deadly bridge. Paul is attacked.

  • Quentin remembers who he is. Mr. Best will allow him and Amanda to be together under a certain condition.

  • Prof. Stokes finds Paul in shock and unable to speak. Julia reveals Quentin's portrait to Grant.

  • At night, Megan lets the mysterious presence out of its room in the antique shop.

  • Barnabas arranges Paul's escape from Collinwood. Paul flees to the antique shop.

  • Julia visits the woman who took care of Michael. Philip has bribed her to tell Julia a plausible story.

  • Philip accuses Michael of terrorizing Maggie. Michael becomes seriously ill.

  • Barnabas informs Megan she must control Michael. Philip searches for Maggie.

  • Maggie is trapped in a crypt. Megan Todd takes Michael's side against her husband Philip.

  • Angelique assures Julia she is happily married and has given up her witchcraft.

  • Julia finds a Tate painting in the possession of Sky Rumson, new husband of Angelique.

  • Olivia tells Julia that Mr. Best gave her a long life, promising if she finds Quentin they'll live eternally.

  • Chris forces Tate to paint his portrait in an effort to save him from the werewolf curse.

  • Chris forces Tate to paint his portrait in an effort to save him from the werewolf curse.

  • Stokes finds Paul after he has collapsed and takes him to the police.

  • Hoping to restore his memory, Julia and Olivia go to Grant to show him Amanda's portrait.

  • Barnabas is told that the Leviathans have Josette under their power.

  • At the shop, the new Leviathan child Michael terrifies David.

  • Julia visits Harrison Monroe in the hope of learning more about Charles Delaware Tate.

  • David recognizes Grant as Quentin. Amy goes to the mysterious antique shop room.

  • Prof. Stokes has the landscape painting removed from the Tate canvas, revealing a portrait underneath.

  • Grant's possessions give no clue to his identity but Olivia wants to help him.

  • Roger becomes furious at Elizabeth for allowing Paul to return to Collinwood.

  • Paul realizes that neither Elizabeth or anyone else will believe his warnings.

  • Carolyn and Paul plan to leave Collinwood but Elizabeth invites him to stay.

  • Barnabas finds Carolyn is infatuated by a stranger and Elizabeth has a bizarre dream.

  • Julia allows Olivia Corey to photograph her Tate painting, leading Olivia to a surprising discovery.

  • David reads the Leviathan book and takes something to the mysterious presence at the shop.

  • Carolyn goes upstairs in the antique shop and hears strange breathing noises.

  • Barnabas reminds Paul of the unusual bargain he made twenty years ago.

  • A sailor at the Blue Whale is horrified to see the sign of the Naga on Paul Stoddards wrist.

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