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The film maker Alfred Hitchcock produced a television series at the height of his fame that specialized in drama, mystery and thrill stories reflecting the type of films the director was known for. Hitchcock himself appeared at the start and end of each episode to talk directly to the camera and make observations and jokes about the story; the series is famous for introducing the theme tune 'The Funeral March of the Marionette' that has seen become associated with Hitchcock.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents ran for 361 episodes from 1955 on-wards and was first aired on U.S. Television on CBS and NBC for different seasons of the show; the first seasons of Alfred Hitchock Presents were made by Revue Studios and the later series by Universal Television. Following the broadcast of the final episode in 1965, known as 'I Saw the Whole Thing' in 1965 the show remained popular in syndication around the world. In 1985 a one off TV movie titled The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents was shown and was followed by three seasons following the format of the previous seasons. In The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents segments featuring Hitchcock's monologues were colored to make them seem new and updated.

During the original seasons of Alfred Hitchcock Presents the show became famous for featuring well known guest stars including movie stars; included in the shows of the 1950's and 60's were stars such as Jayne Mansfield, Steve McQueen and Peter Lawford. Until 1962 Alfred Hitchcock Presents ran as 25 minute episodes, from 1962 through the series close in 1965 the show lasted for 50 minutes. Alongside the now famous Charles Gounod theme tune the caricature drawing of Hitchcock that accompanied the series has also become associated with the film maker. The nine stroke drawing was created by Hitchcock himself and appeared at the start of each episode.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (269 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 1955.

Where do I stream Alfred Hitchcock Presents online? Alfred Hitchcock Presents is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, iTunes, Peacock online.

7 Seasons, 269 Episodes
October 2, 1955
Cast: George Mathews, Beverly Michaels, George E. Stone, Joe Downing, James Edwards
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents Full Episode Guide

  • A carnival entertainer tricks a mentally challenged youth into helping her commit murder.

  • An entertainer is determined to keep men from putting the moves on his sister.

  • A beatnick and his galpal, both broke and hungry, crash a party in hopes of taking advantage of the friendship of one of the guests.

  • A tourist in Italy is determined to visit places other travelers never see only to have things take a weird turn.

  • A milksop store clerk plans a robbery believing that no one would suspect him of being the perpetrator.

  • A store manager blackmails a female burglar into helping him carry out a revenge plot against his spouse.

  • A man suffering from a busted leg which will leave him with a permanent limp gets more bad news--his wife's former beau arrives on the scene.

  • A prison psychiatrist tries to find out why a convict due to be paroled apparently wants to stay locked up behind bars.

  • Greediness gets the better of a jeweler when he tries to sell a pearl for an exorbiant rate.

  • A woman is left outside in freezing weather while hubby spoils their pet pooch inside.

  • A writer finds himself in unexpected danger when he agrees to sponsor a wannabe author's first book.

  • A fight manager tries to make a killing at the racetrack.

  • A bankrupt mortician comes up with a plan to revive his establishment's business.

  • A woman discovers that her husband is having an extramarital affair with her best friend.

  • On the eve of his retirement, a long-time employee is extremely dissatisfied with his reward for years of loyal service.

  • A baby sitter lets her juvenile delinquent friends steal from the home where she's working.

  • Trying to sell a client a burglar proof safe, a salesman uses a safecracker to help him close the deal.

  • An attorney reluctantly agrees to defend a gangster charged with murdering a member of a rival mob.

  • Strange things begin happening to a man after he's disabled in a train wreck.

  • An escaped convict forces a female motorcyclist to help him evade the law.

  • A faith healer claims that he can cure the ulcer of a mechanic.

  • A con man smooth talks a woman into swiping some records from the office of her boss.

  • An elderly man and a young boy develop a special bond.

  • A play becomes a real life drama when an actor changes his prop gun for the real thing.

  • A woman marries for money but regrets it when her husband's past comes slowly to light.

  • A burglar manages to evade the police with a nice haul. There's only one problem--he's got a bullet wound and it's getting worse.

  • An amnesiac's only clue as to his identity is the address of a doctor.

  • A man continues searching for his missing wife despite advice that he should stop.

  • A retired hit man is blackmailed into doing one more job.

  • A leather glove is the only clue the police have in the assault of a young wife.

  • As a prank, a college student is convinced by his fraternity brothers that he killed someone.

  • After a housewife reports a Peeping Tom, she develops a crush on the handsome detective sent to investigate things.

  • It might be the end of the line for two burglars. In their latest job, they killed a messenger and left a witness.

  • A carnival owner discovers something unusual about the monkey he just bought.

  • A young lad decides to go out and play. Unfortunately, his uncle's gun is lying around and he grabs it thinking it's a toy.

  • After being caught cheating on a test, a college student begins to suspect that his professor murdered his wife.

  • A politically ambitious District Attorney hopes a stool pigeon can provide him with info which will gain a conviction and help his political career.

  • A husband's New Year's Eve resolution is to put an end to his wife's extramarital flirtation.

  • A man planning to murder his wife buys her a very expensive coffin.

  • An ex-convict desperately searches for his stashed money which vanished mysteriously.

  • A writer isn't exactly overjoyed when his long missing wife suddenly re-appears.

  • A man desperately wants a divorce from his wife but when she refuses to give him one he hires a private eye to follow her in hopes of proving adultery.

  • A man picks up a gun and goes after a liquor store robber but his motives aren't all pure.

  • A damsel is so desperate for attention that she falsely claims to have been attacked by a man.

  • A woman is plagued by fear and guilt after her husband is released from prison where he served time for a crime she committed.

  • A woman accepts the proposal of a much older wealthy man because her boyfriend pushes her into it. He wants to get his hands on the man's money when he dies but things don't exactly work out as planned.

  • The owner of a gambling den is worried about a police crackdown after a customer commits suicide.

  • A gigolo who's been conning women most of his life has all sorts of problems with his latest victim, a woman who wants his help in killing her husband.

  • A woman accepts a marriage proposal in order to be free of her controlling invalid mother.

  • A man owns a museum that is mostly a shrine to his late son. He then relates the story of his son's death to a stranger but who is the stranger and is the story true?

  • A man falls for his invalid wife's smokin' hot nurse and decides to do away with wifey.

  • Locked up in a small-town jail, a milksop salesman finds himself sharing a cell with an accused killer

  • A priest might yield to temptation when a tout gives him a hot tip on a horse race.

  • A former convict who served six years for a crime he didn't commit swipes $12,000 from the state tax office.

  • An immature man challenges an older man for the heart and hand of a damsel.

  • A bank clerk takes a room at an apparently vacant rooming house run by an eccentric old woman.

  • A horror star plots revenge against an incompetent director who ruined his comeback film.

  • An adulterous spouse is devastated by a practical joke.

  • Foster parents of a girl are threatened by the girl's alcoholic birth mother with loss of custody.

  • A couple gets worried about their daughter's new friend. It seems as though no one can recall seeing the friend.

  • A young man falls for a hot chick with an eccentric reliance on her watchmaker grandfather.

  • A traveler finds out the hard way that honesty isn't necessarily the best policy.

  • An employee schemes to murder his boss.

  • A widow is faced with a dilemma when she spots her son-in-law's photo amongst a pile of law enforcement mugshots.

  • A man decides he wants a separation shortly after getting married.

  • A man is pushed into robbing the company where he works by his greedy wife.

  • A man fanatically clings to his youth when he tries to do exhausting physical exercises which would tire out younger men.

  • An outlaw is captured only to have greedy townsfolk bid for the right to turn him in.

  • A con busts jail in order to meet up with the pen pal whom he plans to marry.

  • A philandering executive finds himself being stalked by a former secretary with whom he had an affair and later fired.

  • A young lad, away at camp for the summer, devotes his entire stay there to molding a one-armed clay knight.

  • A crooked businessman tries to scam his galpal into supplying him with cash.

  • A successful marketing executive finds himself taken two years into his past where he was alone and broke.

  • An adulterous wife gets dumped by her lover but he gives her a mink coat as a consolation prize.

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