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  • 1955
  • 7 Seasons
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents was a popular anthology TV series that aired on NBC from 1985 to 1989. The show was hosted by the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, who introduced each episode and provided witty and spooky commentary. The show was known for its suspenseful and often twisted storylines, which were inspired by Hitchcock's own films and short stories. Each episode was a standalone story, ranging from classic murder mysteries to supernatural tales of terror.

One of the standout features of Alfred Hitchcock Presents was its all-star cast, which featured a rotating roster of talented actors. Some of the most memorable performances came from George Mathews, Beverly Michaels, George E. Stone, Joe Downing, and James Edwards.

George Mathews was a frequent guest star on the show, appearing in multiple episodes as different characters. His performances were always top-notch, bringing a sense of intensity and depth to every role he played.

Beverly Michaels was another standout performer, known for her captivating screen presence and natural acting ability. Her performances on the show were often dark and brooding, perfectly capturing the ominous and mysterious tone of the series.

George E. Stone was a character actor who appeared in dozens of films and TV shows throughout his career. On Alfred Hitchcock Presents, he played a variety of roles, ranging from scheming villains to sympathetic victims of circumstance.

Joe Downing was an up-and-coming actor at the time, and his performances on the show helped to establish him as a talent to watch. His nuanced performances often provided the emotional center of the episodes he appeared in, adding depth and humanity to the show's often macabre stories.

James Edwards was a respected character actor who had appeared in many classic films and TV shows. On Alfred Hitchcock Presents, he brought a sense of gravitas and intensity to his performances, often playing characters who were struggling with deep-seated psychological issues.

In addition to its talented cast, Alfred Hitchcock Presents was also known for its iconic opening credits sequence, which featured an animated caricature of Hitchcock himself. The sequence became a signature of the show, and is still remembered today as one of the most memorable in TV history.

All in all, Alfred Hitchcock Presents was a groundbreaking TV series that helped to define the genre of suspenseful anthology shows. Its lasting impact can still be felt today, both on TV and in the world of film.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (269 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 1955.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents
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The Sorcerer's Apprentice
39. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
July 3, 1962
A carnival entertainer tricks a mentally challenged youth into helping her commit murder.
Where Beauty Lies
38. Where Beauty Lies
June 26, 1962
An entertainer is determined to keep men from putting the moves on his sister.
The Big Kick
37. The Big Kick
June 19, 1962
A beatnick and his galpal, both broke and hungry, crash a party in hopes of taking advantage of the friendship of one of the guests.
First Class Honeymoon
36. First Class Honeymoon
June 12, 1962
Saddled with child support payment which are hurting him financially, a divorced man is approached by another fellow who offers to marry his ex-wife--for a price.
The Children of Alda Nouva
35. The Children of Alda Nouva
June 5, 1962
A tourist in Italy is determined to visit places other travelers never see only to have things take a weird turn.
The Twelve Hour Caper
34. The Twelve Hour Caper
May 29, 1962
A milksop store clerk plans a robbery believing that no one would suspect him of being the perpetrator.
The Opportunity
33. The Opportunity
May 22, 1962
A store manager blackmails a female burglar into helping him carry out a revenge plot against his spouse.
Victim Four
32. Victim Four
May 15, 1962
A man suffering from a busted leg which will leave him with a permanent limp gets more bad news--his wife's former beau arrives on the scene.
Most Likely to Succeed
31. Most Likely to Succeed
May 8, 1962
Two high school classmates travel different paths. The one voted most likely to succeed is a failure while another has become wealthy.
What Frightened You, Fred?
30. What Frightened You, Fred?
May 1, 1962
A prison psychiatrist tries to find out why a convict due to be paroled apparently wants to stay locked up behind bars.
The Matched Pearl
29. The Matched Pearl
April 24, 1962
Greediness gets the better of a jeweler when he tries to sell a pearl for an exorbiant rate.
The Kerry Blue
28. The Kerry Blue
April 17, 1962
A woman is left outside in freezing weather while hubby spoils their pet pooch inside.
Act of Faith
27. Act of Faith
April 10, 1962
A writer finds himself in unexpected danger when he agrees to sponsor a wannabe author's first book.
Ten O'Clock Tiger
26. Ten O'Clock Tiger
April 3, 1962
A fight manager tries to make a killing at the racetrack.
The Last Remains
25. The Last Remains
March 27, 1962
A bankrupt mortician comes up with a plan to revive his establishment's business.
24. Apex
March 20, 1962
A woman discovers that her husband is having an extramarital affair with her best friend.
Profit Sharing Plan
23. Profit Sharing Plan
March 13, 1962
On the eve of his retirement, a long-time employee is extremely dissatisfied with his reward for years of loyal service.
The Big Score
22. The Big Score
March 6, 1962
A baby sitter lets her juvenile delinquent friends steal from the home where she's working.
Burglar Proof
21. Burglar Proof
February 27, 1962
Trying to sell a client a burglar proof safe, a salesman uses a safecracker to help him close the deal.
The Test
20. The Test
February 20, 1962
An attorney reluctantly agrees to defend a gangster charged with murdering a member of a rival mob.
Strange Miracle
19. Strange Miracle
February 13, 1962
Strange things begin happening to a man after he's disabled in a train wreck.
The Woman Who Wanted to Live
18. The Woman Who Wanted to Live
February 6, 1962
An escaped convict forces a female motorcyclist to help him evade the law.
The Faith of Aaron Menefee
17. The Faith of Aaron Menefee
January 30, 1962
A faith healer claims that he can cure the ulcer of a mechanic.
The Case of M.J.H.
16. The Case of M.J.H.
January 23, 1962
A con man smooth talks a woman into swiping some records from the office of her boss.
The Door Without a Key
15. The Door Without a Key
January 16, 1962
An elderly man and a young boy develop a special bond.
Bad Actor
14. Bad Actor
January 9, 1962
A play becomes a real life drama when an actor changes his prop gun for the real thing.
The Silk Petticoat
13. The Silk Petticoat
January 2, 1962
A woman marries for money but regrets it when her husband's past comes slowly to light.
A Jury of Her Peers
12. A Jury of Her Peers
December 26, 1961
A woman tends to her knitting while her hubby lies dead in another room.
The Right Kind of Medicine
11. The Right Kind of Medicine
December 19, 1961
A burglar manages to evade the police with a nice haul. There's only one problem--he's got a bullet wound and it's getting worse.
Services Rendered
10. Services Rendered
December 12, 1961
An amnesiac's only clue as to his identity is the address of a doctor.
I Spy
9. I Spy
December 5, 1961
A man continues searching for his missing wife despite advice that he should stop.
The Old Pro
8. The Old Pro
November 28, 1961
A retired hit man is blackmailed into doing one more job.
You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life
7. You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life
November 21, 1961
A leather glove is the only clue the police have in the assault of a young wife.
Beta Delta Gamma
6. Beta Delta Gamma
November 14, 1961
As a prank, a college student is convinced by his fraternity brothers that he killed someone.
Keep Me Company
5. Keep Me Company
November 7, 1961
After a housewife reports a Peeping Tom, she develops a crush on the handsome detective sent to investigate things.
Cop for a Day
4. Cop for a Day
October 31, 1961
It might be the end of the line for two burglars. In their latest job, they killed a messenger and left a witness.
3. Maria
October 24, 1961
A carnival owner discovers something unusual about the monkey he just bought.
Bang, You're Dead
2. Bang, You're Dead
October 17, 1961
A young lad decides to go out and play. Unfortunately, his uncle's gun is lying around and he grabs it thinking it's a toy.
The Hatbox
1. The Hatbox
October 10, 1961
After being caught cheating on a test, a college student begins to suspect that his professor murdered his wife.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 2, 1955
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (3,232)