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In this crime adventure series, an Austrian police detective teams up with a canine partner to fight crime in Vienna. The series aired from 1994 to 2004 on European television. Inspector Rex (English subtitled) is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on November 9, 1994.

Where do I stream Inspector Rex (English subtitled) online? Inspector Rex (English subtitled) is available for streaming on MHz Networks, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Inspector Rex (English subtitled) on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla online.

MHz Networks
1 Season, 15 Episodes
November 9, 1994
Action & Adventure
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Inspector Rex (English subtitled) Full Episode Guide

  • In German with English subtitles. A child, Benny, befriends a German Shepherd puppy named Rex, who helps him overcome the recent divorce of his parents. When Benny goes to spend the summer with his grandfather Joe, he discovers his furry friend Rex isn't an ordinary German Shepherd: he's a keen and quick companion with an uncanny nose for criminal activities.

  • In German with English subtitles.Sewage workers performing routine maintenance make a grisly discovery: a bag containing the dismembered arms and legs of an adult male. As Richard investigates, he begins to suspect the body is connected to a recent high profile bank robbery. With the help of his furry four-legged partner Rex, Richard connects the dots of a grisly trail under the streets of Vienna.

  • In German with English subtitles. Richard and Stocki arrest a Russian suspected of killing a nightclub owner. After a high profile lawyer shows up in his defense, they suspect they're dealing with a hit man with ties to the mafia. Their suspicions are confirmed when Rex is kidnapped. Richard is in a race against time to save his partner and prevent his suspect from fleeing to Russia.

  • In German with English subtitles. Richard and Stocki are called to the apartment of Mrs. Gerbauer, where they discover signs of a violent struggle. They soon discover she was one in a string of old ladies who have gone missing along with their valuables. With the investigation at a standstill, Richard uses his cunning, and Rex, to track down a missing suspect.

  • In German with English subtitles. The body of an illegal immigrant is found in a dumpster at a rest stop outside of Vienna. Rex leads Richard and Stocki to the local dump where they make a grisly discovery: the dismembered bodies of two more illegal immigrants, both missing their kidneys. But when Richard is captured by the dubious organ harvesters, it's up to Rex to save the day.

  • In German with English subtitles. A group of of eight young men and women meet every weekend in a deserted castle to take part in wild orgies. When one of them discovers he's HIV positive, his emotions lead him to run amok. Richard and Rex are in a race against time to discover the killer and protect the remaining members of the group.

  • In German with English subtitles. After the skull of the famous composer Beethoven is stolen, a local stone mason is found dead inside a coffin. Suspecting the two are connected, Richard investigates a local antique dealer. As the investigation unwinds, Rex uncovers evidence that links the antique dealer to a local ring of grave robbers.

  • In German with English subtitles. A twelve-year-old girl is found dead near a popular walking trail. After a second girl is reported missing, Richard discovers that the two girls had both attended a classical music concert two days prior. Stocki suspects the girls music teacher, but Moser remains unconvinced. With the investigation leading into the catacombs under Vienna, it's up to Rex to follow.

  • In German with English subtitles. With the aid of a friend, a prisoner makes a violent escape from the dentist. However, his rescuer is wounded and left behind. Fleeing from the police, the escaped prisoner holds a ballerina class hostage and demands the release of his friend. It's up to Richard and Rex to diffuse the situation and save the day.

  • In German with English subtitles. A bomb explodes in a toy store window, the third in a string of Gurmann teddy bear bombings. With Rex taking care of a bedridden Richard, Stocki investigates a long list of disgruntled employees. The investigation takes a turn when Richard is visited by the heiress of the Gurmann toy company.

  • In German with English subtitles. The owner of a local winery dies of a heart attack. During his autopsy it is discovered that his pacemaker was affected by an external source. Suspecting foul play, Richard and Rex investigate the workers at the winery. And soon uncover a sinister plot of jealousy and revenge.

  • In German with English subtitles. A body is discovered in the park surrounding Sch¶nbrunn Palace. A young lady wearing only a fur coat on a frigid Vienna day. As they investigate, Stocki questions a witness who indicates the groundskeeper. But despite his criminal record, Richard remains unconvinced and enlists Rex's help to investigate a local dentist with ties to the dead woman.

  • In German with English subtitles. Police are called to investigate a woman found hanging in the attic of an apartment building. When the tenants of the building give an all too perfect story, Richard begins to suspect something more sinister. As the investigation moves into the courtyard, Rex uncovers evidence that proves this house isn't as nice as it seems.

  • In German with English subtitles. A bomb explodes in the heart of Vienna killing a Russian secret agent. In the ensuing police chase, Inspector Richard Moser is able to save Rex from the the stray bullet that takes down his owner and trainer. Adopting Rex as his own, Richard vows to avenge his fallen colleague and bring the culprits to justice.

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