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This docuseries tells the stories of the rescue and rehabilitation of various kinds of marine life by teams of veterinarians, biologists and other animal care experts. The series is a collaboration between Sea World and the ABC network. It was originally hosted Sam Champion and is currently hosted by Matt Gutman, both of ABC News. The series debuted in 2012.

Litton Entertainment
7 Seasons, 150 Episodes
September 3, 2011
News, Reality
Cast: Matt Gutman, Sam Champion
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Sea Rescue Full Episode Guide

  • California condors are huge, magnificent birds but they face serious threats in the wild so a dedicated rescue team works tirelessly to help them recover from the brink of extinction. Then, a baby harbor seal is abandoned and starving so the SeaWorld rescue team steps in to help.

  • Meet the dedicated teams who travel to Nicaragua to try to save threatened and endangered sea turtles from extinction. Then, a helpless harbor seal pup is tangled in a deadly nylon fishing net and it’s going to take an air lift to get it to safety.

  • When a sea lion is spotted with a potentially deadly tangle of fishing gear around his neck, the SeaWorld team races to help. Then, when a creek becomes a death trap for a dolphin, he doesn’t make life easy for rescuers who try to help him.

  • The heartwarming tale of an injured sea lion and the caring eight-year old animal lover who became part of the effort to save her life. Then, when a endangered leatherback sea turtle washes ashore in Florida, a rescue team leaps into action to save it.

  • Shark populations are in serious peril, but thankfully conservationists all over the world are working hard to ensure these incredible animals are around for generations. Then, a manatee has been hit by a boat, can't swim and needs aid.

  • Four stories featuring animals with ailments that leave rescuers with some serious challenges.

  • It’s Mother’s Day, but while people celebrate, one manatee mom and her calf are in grave trouble. Then, a loggerhead sea turtle overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds with the help of a dedicated...

  • A stranded sea lion pup is starving and the rescue team walks several miles to help him. Then, rescuers and a pilot join forces to get a sea turtle named Zero back to his ocean home.

  • A young humpback whale becomes entangled in fishing gear along the California coast and rescuers have one chance to free this precious life. Then, a birdwatcher out for a walk with his dog spots a young seal in a field surrounded by a herd of cows.

  • The rescuers look for a wandering manatee stuck in frigid waters; a gray seal has to be brought back to its ocean home once it's rescued from a canal.

  • A devastating storm approaches a small island in the middle of the Pacific, threatening the lives of thousands of albatross and their chicks. An entangled sea lion evades rescuers, and when they finally get to him, his injury is worse than expected.

  • Stories featuring otters in need of assistance are showcased. Included: a freezing otter; two stranded otters; an injured otter.

  • Four starving sea lion pups are rescued from a Southern California beach, but rescuers have their hands full trying to get them well again. Then, a manatee is struck by a boat on the Florida coast and suffers devastating injuries.

  • A young harbor seal is stuck in a narrow rocky crevice and if rescuers can’t figure out how to reach him in time, he could drown. Then, severe storms cause a young dolphin to strand on a beach and rescuers make history trying to save him.

  • A humpback whale is tangled in fishing gear so rescuers race to the scene to help. Then, a sea lion has fishing line wrapped tight around his neck, but reaching him will be a challenge.

  • A sea lion is rescued after being bitten by a shark and she's in desperate need of medical help. Then, a dolphin is stuck in a freshwater bayou, so a rescue team responds.

  • Two rarely seen pygmy killer whales strand in Mississippi and the mission begins to save them. Then, an inquisitive young sea lion climbs into a car and turns on the wipers before the rescue team arrives.

  • We look at how discarded plastic is affecting the oceans and marine life. Then, hundreds of sea turtles come ashore close to death in North Carolina because of plunging water temperatures.

  • Rescues involving sea creatures being airlifted include a manatee in Texas being brought back to Florida; chilled turtles being relocated to a warmer climate; and a dolphin getting on a plane to join the U.S. Navy.

  • A very young harbor seal is separated from its mom and without help this pup will die. Then, a loggerhead sea turtle is rescued after an oil spill and the mission begins to save the life of “Big Mama.”

  • A humpback whale is tangled up in commercial fishing gear and it will take a herculean effort by a Canadian rescue team to save this majestic animal. Then, an unfortunate sea lion has a piece of fishing equipment called a “gill net” wrapped around its neck, so the SeaWorld rescue team races to help.

  • Coast Guard animal rescues are highlighted. Also: An officer attempts to save a sea turtle from drowning.

  • A manatee is stuck in frigid waters. In addition: a look at measures to save the endangered clapper rail.

  • California sea lions have been coming ashore starving and emaciated in record numbers. In this special episode host Matt Gutman and a team of experts go on a journey to share the story of the crisis affecting sea lion pups.

  • Four examples of sea life being hurt by contaminated water are shown. Included: a crew of pelicans become paralyzed and sea lions turn ill.

  • A sea lion enters a seafood establishment and gets comfortable in a booth; thousands of worn-out and hungry common murres arrive on a section of California coastland.

  • Lifeguards help rescuers attempting to free a dolphin from a muddy bay; a very young sea otter is found by itself on a beach, so rescuers have to act as surrogate moms.

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