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  • 2011
  • 1 Season

Wild Life is a Canadian television series that was released in 2020. The show is created by Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith and Simon McNabb and produced by Questar. The show focuses on a young woman named Rosa (Jordan Todosey) and her family who live in the wilderness. The series follows their daily lives and their struggles as they try to make a living in the wilderness.

Rosa is a young woman who is trying to find her place in the world. She lives with her father Grant (Peter Keleghan) and her mother Maggie (Geordie Johnson) in a small cabin in the woods. Rosa loves her life in the wilderness and is passionate about living off the land. She is fiercely independent and is not afraid to take risks.

Grant is a gruff man who is well-versed in wilderness living. He raised Rosa and her siblings in the woods and taught them everything he knows about surviving in the wilderness. Maggie is a loving mother who supports her family and is the backbone of the family unit.

The family faces a variety of challenges throughout the series. They battle against the harsh Canadian winters, predators lurking in the woods, and the constant struggle to make a living. The show also focuses on the family's relationships with the wildlife around them. They have to navigate living in harmony with nature, learning to coexist with the animals around them.

One of the unique features of Wild Life is the way it showcases the beauty of the wilderness. The cinematography is stunning, capturing the essence of the rugged Canadian wilderness. The series also highlights the importance of conservation and preserving the environment, and it is a refreshing take on nature-centric programming.

The show delves deeply into the themes of survival and family. It portrays how the family must work together to survive and thrive in the wilderness. The loyalty and dedication they have for one another are evident in every episode.

Wild Life is a family-friendly series that entertains and educates on the beauty of the wilderness. It is a refreshing change in the era of fast-paced, technology-driven programming. The series is not only entertaining but also educational, teaching viewers about life in the wilderness and the importance of preserving our environment.

In conclusion, Wild Life is a must-watch series for anyone looking for a unique and captivating look into life in the Canadian wilderness. It is an engaging and educational series that educates its viewers on the environment, conservation, and survival. With its stunning cinematography, charming characters, and gripping plot, Wild Life is an exceptional series that will leave viewers wanting more.

Wild Life is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on June 1, 2011.

Wild Life
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Survival In The Ice Kingdom: Polar Bears
12. Survival In The Ice Kingdom: Polar Bears
December 30, 2014
This episode highlights the true strength of the polar bears, rulers of the ice kingdom, as they raise their cubs in extreme conditions in the Arctic. A mother bear emerges from her months of hibernation and guides her cub through his first year of life.
A Tale Of Gentle Giants
11. A Tale Of Gentle Giants
January 1, 1970
During summer, the Atlantic coast of the northeastern United States attracts huge amounts of fish and wildlife. Particularly interesting are the basking sharks, the world's second-largest fish, and the leatherback sea turtles, which weigh one ton and are the world's largest reptile.
The Ninja Birds Of Kakadu: Comb-crested Jacanas
10. The Ninja Birds Of Kakadu: Comb-crested Jacanas
December 30, 2015
The Comb-crested Jacanas are unique birds that use their long toes to walk delicately across lotus leaves and catch underwater prey. This episode, filmed between the rainy season and dry season in Kakadu, follows a father bird raising his chicks through their dramatic and difficult first year.
9. Penguins
January 1, 2015
So, you think you know penguins? Experience life in "Penguin Paradise", on South Island, New Zealand, from which the first penguins are supposed to have evolved. Home to unusual penguins like the Little Penguin, and the forest-dwelling crested Fiordland Penguin - it is a penguin wonderland!
Hokkaido Red Fox
8. Hokkaido Red Fox
September 28, 2015
This story takes place in the vast northern land near the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk in eastern Hokkaido. Taking center stage are two mother Hokkaido red foxes caring for 10 pups. The mothers, who are in fact mother and daughter, each use their strengths and display amazing parental teamwork.
Aleutian Magic
7. Aleutian Magic
January 1, 1970
Each year an overwhelming assemblage of wild creatures, including krill, herrings, whales, and sea birds, invades the sea for just a few hours. Local people call it "Aleutian Magic" but not many have witnessed this phenomenon or even know where it occurs.
Mediterranean Puzzle
6. Mediterranean Puzzle
May 30, 2011
Animal migration through Mediterranean Iberia and Africa transforms the landscape. Some species make it to the peninsula without crossing the barrier of the Pyrenees, but other African travelers
Forests Between Two Worlds
5. Forests Between Two Worlds
May 30, 2011
Life in the Iberian Peninsula is lush and varied. Learn how two opposing worlds were joined in a single territory that remained isolated by the Pyrenees Mountains.
The Old World Connection
4. The Old World Connection
May 30, 2011
At the edge of the Old World there is a peninsula connecting Europe and Africa. With warm sheltering tropics in its southern regions and a mountainous north of wet and old forests
Nature's Erector Set
3. Nature's Erector Set
May 3, 2011
A long, mountainous passage connects North and South America. Here, hundreds of thousands of species live in one of the richest and most diverse places on earth - the Caribbean rainforests.
Tracks in the Jungle
2. Tracks in the Jungle
May 31, 2011
Central America is home to some of the most breathtaking animals in the world. In vast and dramatic forests, several dynamic species of animal cohabitate - from the fierce jaguar to the clever monkey.
The Great Bridge
1. The Great Bridge
June 1, 2011
When the Isthmus of Panama closed 4 million years ago, the two largest oceans of the planet were separated and massive geological events created a unique place. Discover five incredibly diverse regions within Central America and the Caribbean.
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Wild Life is available for streaming on the Questar website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wild Life on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla, Tubi TV and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    June 1, 2011