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Dave Morgan founded Litton Entertainment in Charleston, South Carolina after he saw the changing landscape of US and global TV would allow independent production and distribution companies the chance to compete at an international level. Litton Entertainment came into being in 1988 and was developed as a way of creating educational children's programming that would fit into the requirements of the Children's Television Act that had come into force in the US. Morgan created Litton Entertainment to produce children's TV that would entertain and inform, the first productions featured animal expert Jack Hanna heavily in its output, in productions such as Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures.

Litton Entertainment has gone on to create a number of well known children's television franchises, such as the well known Cookie Jar TV productions. Amongst the shows that have aired under the banner are Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-lot and Horseland. Because the programming created by Litton Entertainment is based on the requirements of the US Federal Government, all programming is designed to educate young viewers about a specific part of life. Although Litton Entertainment is best known for its wide range of children's programming the company also produces a series news and consumer affairs shows, including those for Business Week and NASCAR.