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Rock The Park is a TV series featuring the beautiful national parks of America. The two hosts have a goal to explore each American national park. The program shows how the two face up to the amazing world of nature, and push themselves to the limits when it comes to physical activity while they go off on adventures to out of the way locations. Their goal is also to interest Americans to go and visit these national parks and have their own wonderful experiences.

Saturday 11:00 AM et/pt on Litton Entertainment
4 Seasons, 105 Episodes
October 4, 2015
Action & Adventure, Travel
Cast: Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jack McBrayer, Scott Adsit
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Rock The Park Full Episode Guide

  • America's national parks are explored.

  • Jack and Colton are back in their home state to experience a true Minnesota winter. Adventures include fat biking and cross-country skiing to frozen waterfalls.

  • Colton and Jack explore this island paradise off Californias coast. They check out the island by bike, search for free-roaming bison that inhabit the island and attempt their first solo shore dive.

  • Jack and Colton are traveling the The Loneliest Road in America" and discovering the natural history of Nevada.

  • Sophia Bush joins Jack and Colton as the guys head back to Denali National Park in Alaska. This trip is going to the dogs as the three immerse themselves in all things dog mushing.

  • For the 100th episode of Rock the Park, Jack and Colton experience the Grand Canyon in a way less than 1% of visitors do: theyre hiking rim-to-rim.

  • Colton and Jack explore Northern California. Stops include Point Reyes National Seashore, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island.

  • Colton and Jack are back in Maui, Hawaii, to witness a volcanic crater and swim with sea turtles.

  • Jack and Colton reflect on experiences that taught them the hidden power of nature.

  • Colton and Jack are exploring Arkansas, the Natural State. They stop in Hot Springs National Park, Buffalo National River, and Ouachita National Forest

  • Jack and Colton recall their previous trips to Glacier National Park which includes handcycling Going to the Sun Road and hiking to the continental divide. A forest fire forces them to change their plans.

  • Whether they’re cycling up, hiking down, or canyoneering into the Rocky Mountains, Jack and Colton prove there are endless ways to explore the national parks, forests, and monuments of the Rockies.

  • Jack and Colton pitch in to protect the places we all love, and the creatures who live in them. Included: Endangered sea turtles of Padre Island, the bats of Mammoth Cave, and sorting visitor trash in Yellowstone.

  • From waterfall meditation in Japan to rafting Class V rapids in New River Gorge, Jack and Colton are looking back on waterfalls that challenged them and rivers that earned their respect.

  • Colton and Jack head back to Biscayne National Park and the Everglades to see the effects of hurricanes on the parks ecosystems and wildlife. They also lend a hand to help with debris clean-up.

  • Jack and Colton meet up with up with friend and Forest Ranger Rourke McDermott to learn the skills necessary to survive in the New Mexico desert.

  • Jack and Colton are in Wyoming to take on the biggest rock climb challenge of their lives... Devils Tower.

  • Colton and Jack set out to hike the nine peaks of the Presidential Traverse in White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. It’s a place known for the worst weather in the world, and this trip proves to be no exception.

  • Colton and Jack are heading deep into the San Juan National Forest in Colorado to climb their first 14,000-foot mountain.

  • Colton and Jack explore how Native American Tribes of the past lived in the vast, desolate high desert of Utah thousands of years ago. They’ll route find their way to hidden ancient cliff dwellings deep in the canyons of Bears of Ears.

  • Jack and Colton return to Katmai National Park in Alaska to find one of the last remaining known volcanic steam vents in the Valley of 10,000 Smokes.

  • Jack and Colton take on a section of the Arizona Trail as they bike-pack their way through ancient lava fields in the Coconino National Forest. They’ll also explore a lava tube cave that’s hundreds of thousands of years old.

  • Jack and Colton travel through the heart of the Canadian Rockies while exploring the famous Icefields Parkway. Then they try a new adventure… canyoneering.

  • Colton and Jack are back in one of their favorite parks and bringing along their buddy, Joe Stone. Joe introduces them to a new way of biking Going-to-the-Sun Road and then it's a trip into the backcountry to camp.

  • Jack and Colton check out the underwater world of Biscayne and help the park fight a dangerous invasive species.

  • Colton and Jack visit the parks of New York Harbor to learn about immigration and their own family history. Stops include Ellis Island and kayaking to the Statue of Liberty.

  • Jack and Colton are exploring one of the oldest rivers in North America and one of the biggest bridges in the country. After that, they hit the crazy whitewater of the New River.

  • Winter in the Tetons means avalanche danger. Colton and Jack learn what they need to do to be safe before setting out on a backcountry camping and alpine skiing adventure.

  • Jack and Colton learn how to survive in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Skills they learn include making fire, edible plants, and building a shelter.

  • Colton and Jack are visiting the remote Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park in Okinawa, Japan. They'll snorkel rare coral and kayak mangroves all while keeping a lookout for some of the deadliest snakes around.

  • Jack and Colton are in Okinawa, Japan immersing themselves in nature and parks. When their trip takes an unexpected turn, the guys find themselves stepping out of their comfort zone in a completely new way.

  • The national parks are full of amazing wildlife and marine life. Colton and Jack and have had their fair share of run-ins. They’re looking back on some of their most heart-pumping, most exciting and scariest close encounters.

  • Colton and Jack are looking back on some of their greatest coastal park adventures. Included: sea-kayaking in the Channel Islands, air-boating in the Everglades and scuba diving the sea caves of the Apostle Islands.

  • Whether it’s snowmobiling, ice fishing, mountaineering or repelling into glaciers there are endless ways to have fun on snow and ice. Jack and Colton look back at some of the best winter adventures in the national parks.

  • From the deep, dark abyss to the top of the largest active volcano on earth. Jack and Colton look back on their most epic island adventures on land and beneath the sea.

  • The guys are heading back to Death Valley to check out the famous Racetrack Playa. Then they’ll spend a couple of days hiking into the park’s rugged backcountry.

  • From the Atlantic coast to the cliffs overlooking the famous Potomac River, Colton and Jack are finding adventure in Virginia.

  • It’s a wild trip to the Mojave Desert where the guys check out the world’s largest concentration of Joshua Trees and mountain bike to a lava tube.

  • Colton and Jack are exploring America’s history in the nation’s capital. They’ll visit Ford's Theater and get a behind the scenes look inside the Washington Monument.

  • Jack and Colton are road tripping through Southern New Mexico and Texas. The trip includes a walk through White Sands, checking out the country’s largest solar observatory and a hike to the highest peak in Texas.

  • Jack and Colton are in Lassen Volcanic National Park California. They’re doing a little geocaching before exploring the park’s geothermal features. Then they climb Lassen Peak.

  • The guys are bushwhacking their way to a hidden waterfall, exploring the subway of an old lava tube all before making the ultimate climb up Mount St. Helens.

  • Colton and Jack visit the country’s most northern national park. It’s a wild trip into the Arctic Circle.

  • Jack and Colton are exploring Oregon and helping to protect an endangered species. Then they mountain bike down a volcano and ATV on old lava fields.

  • Colton and Jack are exploring the deep underground of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. They’ll check out the famous Big Room and then do some wild caving where they get a bit more than they bargain for thanks to monsoon season.

  • The boys examine all aspects of glaciers as they hike and crawl on them, as well as creep under them.

  • Jack and Colton are exploring the biggest national park in the U.S. This trip is all about the glaciers as they hike on them, crawl under them and climb into them.

  • The boys bike through Alaska's Denali National Park and Preserve at midnight. Next, they pan for gold and examine the wilderness.

  • Colton and Jack take a walk in the footsteps of America€™s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. They observe animals big and small from the large bison to the tiny prairie dogs while walking among petrified trees that are a million years old.

  • Jack and Colton visit a quarry of dinosaur bones at Dinosaur National Monument in the Southwest; then, they travel on a white-water trek down the Green River.

  • The boys visit Colorado to enter one of the country's deepest canyons. Next they attempt fly-fishing in the Gunnison River.

  • Jack and Colton are exploring Channel Islands National Park of the coast of California. After a scuba trip into the parks famous Kelp Forest, they kayak through sea caves, and spy on seals and sea lions at one of the largest rookeries in the world.

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