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This 1995 series was the third series based on the adventures of the classic kids'-book heroine. In the series, the teenage Nancy Drew works to solve mysteries, many of which she stumbles upon thanks to her police-detective father. The series aired for 13 episodes.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 23, 1995
Drama, Mystery
Cast: Shaun Cassidy, Parker Stevenson, Pamela Sue Martin, Ed Gilbert
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Nancy Drew Full Episode Guide

  • Alone in France, Ned and Nancy meet up with a young man on the run from the Russian mafia.

  • When Ned pulls a model out of the way of a spending car, they become involved in a mystery surrounding one of the top fashion designers of Paris.

  • Bess id terrified for her life when it appears she's being stalked by a disturbed reader of her advice column.

  • Vacationing in Paris, Nancy, Bess, and George meet an artist who has unwittingly photographed two terrorist bombers.

  • When their car breaks down on the way to the Riviera, Nancy, Bess and George are forced to spend the night beside a haunted chateau.

  • When Nancy tries to find George's lost courier delivery, she uncovers a plot to pirate a new movie.

  • While making a documentary, George captures images of the ghost of Billy Feral, the legendary rock star who killed himself five years ago.

  • Returning George's equipment one day at ATV, Nancy stumbles upon a dishonest matchmaking scheme.

  • Nancy and Ned's investigation of an altruistic, roof climbing poet brings them face to face with a professional thief.

  • When Nancy and Bess help George with a video project, they get trapped inside an abandoned insane asylum with two deranged men.

  • Nancy, George and Bess join forces with a movie star to ensure the safe arrival in North America of the patanese religious leader, Lama Shamdas.

  • When her boyfriend surprises her with a gift from Nairobi, Nancy finds herself in the middle of a jewelry smuggling operation.

  • Nancy is given a home in the mysterious Callisto Hotel when she tracks down a super-models lost father.

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