Anna Nicole Smith

Gone, but not forgotten, Anna Nicole Smith was larger than life during her brief, tempestuous and tabloid-driven life. Lucky for fortunate TV and video viewers, she left a legacy, of sorts, in the form of "The Anna Nicole Show." The show starred Smith as well as her attorney-slash-confidante Howard K. Stern, not to be confused with the king of all media radio host. Other major players included her son Daniel Smith and designer Bobby Trendy as well as a large entourage of friends and family.

The reality show could get all too real, but it also was a fascinating look into Smith's wild and often tragic world. Running for 26 episodes in 2002 and 2003, the show went everywhere Smith went, including visits to the dentist and learning how to drive. The show accompanies the entourage to Hollywood parties and charity events.

Kind of a cross between a train wreck and must-see popular culture, "The Anna Nicole Show" maintains an upbeat attitude despite the spiraling down of the lives of many of the participants. Both Daniel and Ana Nicole died tragically and Stern ran into legal difficulties, but the show marches on through time.

Biography Channel
1 Season, 1 Episode
June 27, 1994
Documentary & Biography, Celebrity & Entertainment
Cast: Florence Lawrence, Harry Solter, Linda Arvidson, Kate Bruce
Anna Nicole Smith

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  • Anna Nicole Smith spent a lot of her life in the public eye thanks to her Guess ads, reality television show and marriage to an aging billionaire tycoon. Through interviews and rare footage, explore Smith's life, loves and legacy. Although she died while only in her 30s, this former Playmate of the Year lived a life full of incredible highs and lows.

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