Outlaw Bikers

Outlaw Bikers is a show on the National Geographic Channel that follows some of the world's most notorious biker gangs. It attempts to separate fact from fiction about the history and current state of what many officials feel are simply crime organizations on two-wheels. Are they rebels looking for freedom on the open road, or vicious gangs deep in the drug and weapon trafficking game? This show attempts to shed light on this question.

Each episode follows a different biker gang. It shows their history, how they came to be and past and present associations with crime. From gang wars between the Hell's Angels and the Bandidos, to leaders seeking global domination in the drug game, Outlaw Bikers shows how this modern American phenomenon has recently moved worldwide.

Infamous leaders such as Sonny Barger and Mom Boucher are showcased. Their ambition and ruthlessness is shown in an unapologetic light. These leaders' desire for expansion has led to some of the bloodiest gang wars in history.

Wednesday at 10:00 PM et/pt on Biography Channel
1 Season, 8 Episodes
March 7, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Rory O'Shea, Craig Cyr
Outlaw Bikers

Outlaw Bikers Full Episode Guide

  • A Hells Angels sting operation in which an informant becomes a member of the Niagara Hells Angels.

  • Making a vow to take down organized crime in Toronto, two RCMP officers chase a minor tip on a known drug dealer, hoping he'll lead them to bigger fish.

  • Road to Hell goes back to Quebec in the 1990s. Two vicious Bike Gangs, The Rock Machine and The Hells Angels, are locked in a brutal war. Bombings, fires and murders are occurring on a regular basis. One man is responsible -- the leader of the Hells Angels in Quebec, Mom Boucher. Police are powerless to stop the violence, until they get a break…an insider willing to betray the Angels. But, the insider is a life-long criminal and a rising star with The Hells Angels. To bring down Boucher and the Angels Police will have to do a deal with the devil…

  • Police officer Andy Richards and his partner enter deeper into the dangerous world of the East End Hells Angels than anyone has ever dared to go.

  • Winnipeg, the 1970s. A city ruled by rival biker gangs, the Spartans and Los Bravos. The two gangs use brutality and intimidation to wield their power, fighting for control of the city¹s drug trade.

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