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  • 2008
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (54)

Female Forces is a riveting Biography Channel series that aired in 2008. Dedicated to showcasing the powerful impact of women in traditionally male-dominated fields, the program explores the remarkable stories of trailblazing women who have broken through barriers and emerged as leaders and change makers in their respective industries.

Each episode of Female Forces features a dynamic woman who has made a significant impact in a non-traditional field. From military generals and police chiefs to business executives and athletes, the featured women have made significant contributions to their professions and communities, overcoming obstacles and shattering stereotypes along the way.

Through exclusive interviews with the women themselves, as well as their colleagues, friends, and family members, Female Forces delves into their inspiring stories of perseverance, courage, and determination. The program unearths the factors that propelled these women forward in their careers, including their personal motivations, the support systems that helped them succeed, and the obstacles they overcame on their path to success.

In addition to exploring the individual stories of these trailblazing women, Female Forces also provides a broader look at the role of women in the workplace and the challenges they continue to face. The program highlights the persistent barriers that women confront in male-dominated fields, from gender bias and discrimination to cultural stereotypes and entrenched hierarchies.

At the same time, the program celebrates the progress that has been made in recent years, as more and more women break through the glass ceiling and ascend to positions of power and influence. By sharing the stories of these remarkable women, Female Forces inspires and empowers viewers to pursue their own passions and goals, regardless of the obstacles they may face.

One of the standout episodes of Female Forces features retired Army Major General Marcia Anderson, the first African American woman to achieve the rank of major general in the U.S. Army Reserve. Against the backdrop of her distinguished 38-year military career, General Anderson shares her personal story of growing up in a segregated southern town and the challenges she faced in pursuing her dreams.

Another compelling episode features Miami Police Chief Johnnie Green, the first woman and first African American to lead the Miami Police Department. Through interviews with Chief Green and her colleagues, as well as footage of her in action, Female Forces provides a glimpse into the life of a modern-day police chief, and the unique challenges that women in law enforcement face.

Other episodes of the series explore the stories of pioneering women in fields as diverse as firefighting, aviation, sports, and business. Throughout each episode, Female Forces delivers an inspiring message of hope and empowerment, reminding viewers that anything is possible if you have the courage, determination, and support to pursue your dreams.

Overall, Female Forces is a must-watch series for anyone who is passionate about women's rights, social justice, and the power of individuals to make a difference. Through its captivating storytelling, powerful interviews, and insightful analysis, the program sheds light on the enormous potential of women in all areas of society and inspires us to work towards a more equitable and just world.

Female Forces is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2008.

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Irish Luck
13. Irish Luck
December 28, 2008
St. Patrick's Day evening is the perfect backdrop as zany suspects take center stage, including a belligerent drunk woman who continuously bangs her head in an attempt to cause herself bodily harm.
Red Alert
12. Red Alert
December 21, 2008
Sgt. Betsy Brantner-Smith and Officers Julie Lardino and Tracy Nance release some aggression and train for hand-to-hand combat with their nightstick batons.
For Better or For Worse
11. For Better or For Worse
December 14, 2008
A look at cases involving couples, which includes and abused wife refusing to let her husband back in their home during a domestic call; and a couple arguing during a traffic stop. Also, a female officer has her family meet her boyfriend.
The Joys of Motherhood
10. The Joys of Motherhood
December 7, 2008
Due to an ailing daughter, an officer leaves work to take care of her. Also, another officer helps establish communication between a father and his daughter.
9. Bulls-Eye
November 30, 2008
It's all out war on this episode as the ladies challenge the men to a colorful game of paintball. The battle of the sexes gets heated as the ladies fight to the finish to ensure victory.
Cry Me A River
8. Cry Me A River
November 23, 2008
All of this episode's stories include crying, both genuine and phony, including a young woman faking tears to beat a traffic ticket. An officer becomes emotional while escorting a soldier who had recently returned from the war in Iraq. And, an officer loses a martial arts contest.
DUI's and Don'ts
7. DUI's and Don'ts
November 16, 2008
Clips include an aggressive drunk male suspect, and a public-indecency case ends in a library.
Bulletproof Fever
6. Bulletproof Fever
November 9, 2008
An officer is called to the scene where a mail carrier has been involved in an accident. Then, a look at the new female physique bulletproof vests are revealed. Lastly, an officer worries about retaking her rifle-recertification test.
The Trouble With Teens
5. The Trouble With Teens
November 2, 2008
Two juveniles try to outwit the officer's after stealing cigars; officer's receive training on the shooting range.
Ready to Rumble
4. Ready to Rumble
October 26, 2008
The ladies of Naperville PD become engaged is combat with out of control suspects including a kid who comes running at one of the officers, and a mother seeks advice about her violent daughter.
Breaking in the Rookie
3. Breaking in the Rookie
October 19, 2008
Rookie officer Sara Rolfe has completed her training and receives a surprise visit from Betsy and Julie who came to check on her progress. Then Sara gets to put her training to the test as she goes on several patrol shifts with female officers and gets a taste of real police work. Will she pass with flying colors or fail in the face of her female peers?
Crash Makeover
2. Crash Makeover
October 12, 2008
Beauty takes center stage as Betsy and Officer Julie Lardino convince Officer Tracy Nance to undergo a head-to-toe makeover and an all-out pamper day for the department.
Betsy Warrior Princess
1. Betsy Warrior Princess
October 5, 2008
The opener of this reality show introduces the female officers of Naperville, Illinois, police department and observes them as they deal with a case of resisting arrest.
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Female Forces is available for streaming on the Biography Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Female Forces on demand at Apple TV Channels, Amazon Prime and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    October 5, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (54)