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Very Bad Men is a crime docudrama that is produced by Make Believe Media and is showcased on the Investigation Discovery channel. Each half an hour episode focuses on a real life crime by some of the most notorious criminals that have ever been apprehended. These horrendous acts can include, murder, rape, sodomy, fraud, robbery, bigamy and crimes that were committed in the heat of passions. There are three different perspectives in each episode from the victims or relatives, the perpetrator and the justice system. The show also features re-enactments of the crime while the story unfolds.

The first side to be featured is the side of the victim and the crime is narrated from the very begin. If the victim did not survive then the story is told through friends and relatives of the victim. Through the eyes of the victim it is told how they met the perpetrator, any time that they spent with them, the crime itself and the impact that it has had on the victim and their family.

The whole criminal process is also featured and this includes candid interviews with the detectives and police officers that worked the case. The investigation starts with the recognition of the crime and the clues that leads to the identification of the criminal. It shows the forensics, stake-outs and even obstacles that help track down the suspect and ends with the arrest.

If possible, an interview with the perpetrator is held either after conviction or during the trial process. If the suspect has avoided arrest or met their demise during apprehension, then family members and friends speak on their behalf. This part of the show highlights the crime from their perspective and typically explains why they committed the crime. It is their chance to show any remorse they might have or is some cases still profess their innocence.

Very Bad Men is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 2006.

Where do I stream Very Bad Men online? Very Bad Men is available for streaming on Global, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Very Bad Men on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Investigation Discovery, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on Global
3 Seasons, 37 Episodes
September 24, 2006
Action & Adventure, Crime, Kids & Family, Mystery
Cast: Brad Williams
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Very Bad Men Full Episode Guide

  • A police officer crosses the line when he conducts voodoo sex and has sex with prostitutes. His depravity leads him to abduction, torture, and murder of two women.

  • A mysterious conman targets beautiful women through an online dating service, then manipulates them after he charms them.

  • A sexual predator uses his charm on dating websites. Posing as a doctor, he meets his unsuspecting dates, then drugs and rapes them. It is a case of ‘'he said versus she said' until he chooses a victim whose testimony is irrefutable.

  • A predator with a depraved obsession stalks a small Texan town on a hunt for bodily trophies. When the bodies of prostitutes turn up on the streets with their eyeballs surgically removed, the police know they are on the hunt for a disturbed serial killer.

  • A blackmailer tricks women into thinking that their loved ones are in jeopardy and extorts sexual bribes from them.

  • A man and his sidekick copy the Charles Manson murders on Valentine's Day.

  • A playboy with evil intentions seduces successful women in Texas bars.

  • A troubled young man savages and murders women that remind him of his one true love after she rejects him.

  • A handsome serial killer is chosen as a successful dating contestant on a popular game show.

  • A conman posing as a preacher lures his victims to a bogus farm and then hunts them down like wild animals.

  • In 1976, an ex-con is released to begin a new life as an emergency medical technician. In the meantime, women are being killed in the same area where the ex-convict works. Police hunt him for over thirty years before justice is served.

  • When two Pasadena, Texas teenagers vanish in 1990, everyone assumes that the young lovers ran away. Following cryptic phone calls, the police and FBI discover a grisly murder scene and must locate the sadistic murderer before he can kill again.

  • In the early 1990s there was a string of brutal murders involving homosexual victims.

  • In March 1994, Orange County, California is being targeted by a gunman. The people live in fear as each attack grows increasingly more violent, and police must stop the shooter before its too late.

  • When a Texas home is destroyed by fire in 2011, the arson investigation soon leads them on an unexpected statewide hunt for a sexual predator.

  • Investigators are desperate to find a serial arsonist in Washington, D.C.

  • A serial killer stalks young men in Louisiana.

  • A Seattle doctor is attacked in his driveway, and the masked assailants vanish into the night. What police uncover is a rogue ex-cop with a penchant for violence, who may be responsible for the vicious murder of a local realtor nine years earlier.

  • In Elkhart, Indiana, a popular teenage girl disappears without a trace. But when her naked body is discovered a week later, police must find her killer before he strikes again.

  • A seemingly charming new resident of a rural Alabama town is involved with a deadly house fire.

  • In 1999, women are disappearing from the streets of Albuquerque. When 21-year-old Cynthia Jaramillo escapes her captors and reveals her story, they realize this is work of a sadistic sexual torturer who has been preying on women for decades.

  • A serial rapist uses the cover of gangland violence for his killing spree in South Central, LA during the 1980s. When a homeless woman survives, police finally end 15 years of terror.

  • A woman makes a horrifying discovery of human remains in the driveway of a suburban Hamilton, ON home. When the homeowner is arrested, he refuses to talk but what police uncover will expose a dark history of violence and murder.

  • Sam Christie has been plagued by a horrible secret since he was a boy. After seeing ghosts of the past and suffering terrible nightmares, he starts realizing the truth. He witnessed a brutal torture and murder of a young woman. But who did the killing?

  • A killer remains at large for decades after murdering a family.

  • A sister and mother are found dead in the Rouge River in Dearborn Heights, MI. As police amp up their search for the killer, he strikes again, this time in Detroit. A task force is formed, but will they realize the killer is right under their nose?

  • A daughter moves to a small town in Oregon to be closer to her mother and partner, only to lose them to a brutal killer. As the investigation intensifies, a state-wide manhunt finally brings down this natural born killer.

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