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Matt Shade, ex-pro hockey player, teams up with fierce P.I. Angie Everett to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse. Private Eyes is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on May 26, 2016.Where do I stream Private Eyes online? Private Eyes is available for streaming on Global, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Private Eyes on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday at 9:00 PM on Global
2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
May 26, 2016
Comedy, Crime, Drama
Cast: Jason Priestley, Cindy Sampson, Ennis Esmer
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Private Eyes Full Episode Guide

  • Shade and Angie are hired by a computer programmer, Dana, to recover a hard drive containing illegally obtained personal photos. But she left out one important detail: the hard drive is locked in a highly secured lab, filled with security cameras and motion detectors, on the top floor of an impenetrable building…

  • Shade and Angie are hired by brewing brothers, who are concerned that someone is trying to sabotage their newly award-winning beer. What at first looks like simple corporate espionage, gives way to something more sinister fermenting in the suds.

  • Becca is back, and concerned that a relentless stalker from her past has returned. She hires Shade and Angie to look into the dark world of media, fame, and celebrity obsession, in search of a dangerous super fan. But when her previous tormenter is innocent, it's a race against time to find the creeper before Becca's career, and life, are in ruins.

  • Hired by a precocious young boy convinced his missing neighbor was murdered, thanks to suspicious footage from his new drone, Shade and Angie are forced to go undercover and play house in hopes of separating the truth from the gossip.

  • Maz's sister surprises Angie with a request to help her recover a missing aquatic creature.

  • Shade and Angie are taken on a wild ride after picking up an unexpected fare during a routine sting operation.

  • Shade and Angie are hired by the owner of a luxurious rustic lodge to investigate an infidelity case. Thinking it'll be a breeze and a good opportunity for a mini-vacation, they invite Ken and Mel along to join them. But their client's husband ends up dead and the local sheriff proves to be out of his depth.

  • The King from Medieval Times hires Angie and Shade after believing he has been poisoned.

  • After being hired by a boxer to prove a fight was fixed, Shade is sucker-punched when he meets the boxer's manager: none other than his ex-manager who made off with all of his money. Angie brings in her mother Nora as a gambling advisor to help crack the case.

  • Shade and Angie investigate the case of a missing Army Cadet.

  • Shade and Angie are hired to find a missing body, but wind up uncovering a scheme to bury millions of dollars.

  • Angie and Shade are hired to find out who's targeting a pro-bono medical clinic.

  • A lawyer hires Shade and Angie to investigate jury tampering.

  • Shade and Angie are hired to find a missing woman who died a year ago.

  • Fashion designer Sonia Valero hires Shade and Angie to guard her new collection.

  • A teacher is accused of an inappropriate relationship and Shade and Angie investigate.

  • Zoe Chow hires Shade and Angie to find out who broke into her apartment.

  • The owner of a car racing team hires Shade and Angie; Angie and Shade adapt to their new roles.

  • Shade and Angie go undercover as an engaged couple when a family heirloom is stolen.

  • Shade and Angie track a magician who escaped police custody; Shade receives a tantalizing offer.

  • When a lifestyle company's CEO is threatened, Shade and Angie need to find the source, despite her insistence that everything is going according to her very complicated plan.

  • A hipster hires Shade and Angie to protect him from danger.

  • Shade and Angie go undercover to try to expose a con artist; Angie, Jules and Don give Shade romantic advice.

  • Hired by an unlikely source, Angie and Shade search for a missing minor, who's gotten caught up in a dangerous situation while hustling for fame.

  • Shade and Angie search for an arsonist and killer in the Toronto Islands; Shade's ego grows with his newly-minted P.I. license.

  • When a multi-million dollar racehorse goes missing, Shade and Angie head to the track to find answers, and encounter unexpected complications along the way.

  • A high-profile murder in the sizzling-hot Toronto restaurant scene shows Shade and Angie how volatile partnerships and rivalries can get, just as they embark on creating a new one of their own.

  • In the fast-paced and cutthroat world of professional sports, hockey scout Matt Shade's top pick, Cory Sinclair, has a heart attack on the ice at the Intercontinental Professional Hockey League try-outs. The toxicology reports reveal he used performance-enhancing drugs. Knowing Cory would never resort to that, Shade begrudgingly teams up with private investigator Angie Everett to find out who sabotaged his young player. Through their new partnership, Shade is forced to examine who he has become and who he wants to be.

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