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Outrageous Fortune is a television series from New Zealand that follows the life of a criminal family trying to lead a normal life. There are many comedic and dramatic moments as the family matriarch, Cheryl West, tries to straighten up her family. The first few seasons only focus on the West family. In later seasons, interactions with extended family and friends become part of the focus.

Although the West family is trying to turn themselves around, they still face many challenges, such as a detective's grudge, the patriarch's dissaproving of this new lifestyle and many criminal set-ups. These interactions build suspense and lead to several cliffhanger season finales.

Outrageous Fortune is a Comedy, Crime, Drama, Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (107 episodes). The series first aired on July 12, 2005. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.3.

Outrageous Fortune is available for streaming on the TV3 website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Outrageous Fortune on demand at Tubi TV , Tubi TV online.

Tuesday 8:30 PM et/pt on TV3
6 Seasons, 107 Episodes
July 12, 2005
Comedy, Crime, Drama, Kids & Family
Cast: Robyn Malcolm, Antony Starr, Siobhan Marshall, Antonia Prebble, Frank Whitten
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Outrageous Fortune Full Episode Guide

  • Cheryl is determined to set her house in order as there are scores to settle, wrongs to right and something very ugly in the driveway.

  • As the Wests are divided over vengeance and lynching, there are tribulations and also some trials.

  • Van gets in the crapper for love, and Hayden and Loretta fight for public enemy No. 1.

  • Cheryl meets her nemesis, and Judd meets his match in the case of the missing nude.

  • A crisis sets Van on a path of higher learning and naked ambition as Pascalle gets the ultimate offer.

  • Judd puts a lock on the bathroom door, but will it be enough to stop Mandy the Mauler?

  • Grandpa sees potential in an old associate, as Hayden harnesses creative manpower.

  • "Who's your daddy now" is a very good question to ask Van, Jethro and Judd.

  • Pascalle's love life is the cause of much speculation -- but can Aaron Spiller really be her new true love?

  • Pascalle's future is in the balance; Nicky is sentenced; and the Wests attract more unwelcome police attention.

  • There is horror, outrage and also much rejoicing when Van and Jethro are on with the same woman. Meanwhile, Munter has some chick trouble as well.

  • Van goes all out for love, and Pascalle discovers Hayden and Loretta's marriage is based on lies.

  • Bad girls abound as Cheryl becomes a prison vixen, and Jethro unleashes the most unstoppable female force.

  • Loretta works hard for the money as Judd gets an offer he would really, really like to refuse.

  • Van embraces the law; Loretta embraces Eric; and Judd's time may well be up.

  • The Wests defend their mother's honor; Van goes on the attack; and all in all there are one or two bombshells.

  • All's fair in love and war. Cheryl demands a high price for Jane, and Pascalle is also much wanted.

  • Where there's a will there's a way -- Pascalle and Grandpa both realize this, as they are visited with news that will have far-reaching results.

  • Cheryl seeks solace from an unlikely quarter, and Pascalle decides that Judd may actually be a saint.

  • Cheryl goes on the assault against fashion crimes and a son called Jethro, as Judd fights for family.

  • Van is asked to give the greatest gift, but Pascalle and Loretta most definitely refuse to share.

  • Cheryl and Judd find Van has undergone a conversion, as Loretta faces ultimate betrayal.

  • Grandpa meets old friends in jail, but Pascalle is still determined to be the best granddaughter ever.

  • While Pascalle battles for the beautiful positive, Cheryl finds that Jethro has been fiddling with her knickers.

  • The Wests are stung -- catastrophe abounds, and no one is safe from a woman on the warpath.

  • Van's blow for freedom seriously causes the Wests and their associates to unravel.

  • Grandpa and Ngaire play for very high stakes, and Loretta's secret lover is no longer a secret.

  • Pascalle is in peril as Sheree moves to strike, and Loretta finds that trees can also be dangerous.

  • Van and Munter are involved in a custody battle, as Cheryl sees red over the best news ever.

  • Cheryl is forced to let go, Loretta is forced to take hold, and the Mighty Munt is put to the test.

  • The slings, arrows and infomercials of outrageous fortune cause Cheryl to doubt her offspring, with potentially tragic results

  • Van needs a very big plan to save Munter, and Loretta needs to thwart the most unholy alliance.

  • Van wrestles with being a rat and finds an angel, as Loretta seeks a lab rat and finds a lover.

  • There is a whole bag of trouble when Cheryl doubts Pascalle, and Judd finds that old is the new young.

  • If love is a drug, then Loretta is tempted; and Van faces a threat to all he holds most dear.