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This crime drama set in Canada's Newfoundland follows the adventures of Jake Doyle, a private investigator who works alongside his father to fight corruption, crime and other dirty dealings in their otherwise peaceful city. The series ran for six seasons between 2010 and 2014 on the CBC.

Republic of Doyle is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (77 episodes). The series first aired on January 6, 2010.

Where do I stream Republic of Doyle online? Republic of Doyle is available for streaming on CBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Republic of Doyle on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes online.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on CBC
6 Seasons, 77 Episodes
January 6, 2010
Comedy, Crime, Drama
Cast: Allan Hawco, Krystin Pellerin, Mark O'Brien, Marthe Bernard
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Republic of Doyle Full Episode Guide

  • In the final episode of the series, the battle for the Republic is on! Jake and Leslie fight for their lives as powerful enemies close ranks; the Doyles pull out every trick to protect their own and get help from an unexpected ally.

  • Jake's murder charge comes front and center; Leslie faces her own life-changing event with her job on the line; Des finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time; Tinny is caught between her family and her job.

  • Every Doyle is in the hot seat and trying to keep their stories straight when they all face a police interrogation after a security job gone wrong; Leslie and Jake withhold secrets from each other as the clock runs out on the case.

  • When a tense strike at the docks turns violent, the Doyles team up with Jimmy and Wolf to protect a witness but uncover something more sinister in the process; Jake faces off with Saul again to dangerous results.

  • Jake has to solve a baffling case that has literally been dropped off at his front door; Ned Bishop is acting stranger than usual which jeopardizes an important day for Christian Doyle.

  • Jake tracks down evidence to prove his innocence while being tracked down by a high school enemy turned Parole Officer; Leslie makes job compromising decisions in a search for the truth; Mal and Rose question the return of prodigal Doyle, Christian.

  • An insurance case involving the temperamental victim of a car collision leads to intrigue at the track; Leslie resists meeting with the force therapist; Mal and Jake keep a big secret from Rose.

  • Jake must keep his loose-cannon bail benefactor in check while chasing a dodgy money trail; Leslie returns to work but with some conditions; Sloan's decisions force Jake into making a deal with the devil.

  • In the explosive season premiere Jake must fight off his enemies while trying to solve a case for a hapless inmate as he struggles to come to terms with happened to Leslie. The Doyles adjust to life after Jake's daughter stole their life savings.

  • Due to his actions, a loved one's life is at stake; Rose and Des discover a betrayal; Sloan makes a decision; Leslie is thrown into a life-threatening situation.

  • Death threats are made at the airport against Elsa Tessier; something's missing from the safe; Leslie starts off on the wrong foot.

  • Jake and Bill Murdoch cross paths on a strange case, but Jack isn't sure he can be trusted.

  • Jake tries to locate a hustler to get out of a debt; Leslie's suspicious of a fellow officer; Jake's ex visits.

  • An art thief is out for revenge; the Doyles seek revenge after one of their own is attacked; Sloan tries to find her place.

  • While tracking a super hacker, Jake runs into a hot-headed cop; Mal and Rose negotiate; Des gets apprenticed to a new master.

  • Leslie and Callum investigate the murder of an informant; Jake gets involved in Callum's business; Tinny earns the respect of an unexpected source.

  • Jake investigates an unusual robbery from inside; Mal risks his safety to help Leslie; Rose and Des are concerned about Sloan's secretive behaviour.

  • Jake, Mal and Des discover a murder while on a fishing trip; Rose's frenemy has dark plans; Leslie and Callum team up; a secret backfires on Des.

  • Jake must fill in the blanks from the night before when Sloan went missing; Mal and Des get caught up with a dangerous thug; Jake and Leslie make a decision about their future.

  • Garrison Steele returns and a murder resembles his novel; Tinny moves on; Jake focuses on a new enemy; Leslie struggles with the change in her life.

  • Troublemaker Martin Poole comes back and Jake and Mal have no choice but to contend with a determined hitman when a man's life is on the line.

  • Jake and Mal have to keep up with Sloan Daniels (Lola Tash), a mysterious girl with an eye for trouble -- and Jake’s GTO. Des feels a deep connection to the case which awakens painful memories. GUEST STARS: Lola Tash, Steve Bacic, Mark Critch, Jonathan Keltz, Brett Donahue, Seamus Morrison, Neil Crone.

  • Jake gets deterred by an old biking nemesis and an ambitious cop whilst trying to return a bail jumper to St. Johns.

  • In the explosive season premiere, the worried Doyles and Leslie finally find out where Jake has been during his two month disappearance – but he’s brought some trouble back with him, including a rival for his affections (Emmanuelle Vaugier). Tinny risks overstepping her professional bounds to help out her family. Des resolves to move on from Tinny. A stranger (Ryan Robbins) with a keen interest in Leslie comes to town. GUEST STARS: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Raoul Trujillo, Steve Bacic, Mark Critch, Ryan Robbins, Jonathan Keltz, Carlos Diaz

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