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Diabolical is a documentary series that examines the crime of murder, delving into the lives and minds of the accused. Each episode gives an up close and personal look at the lives of the most unlikely murderers. While on the outside they seem to be living normal lives, on the inside, something is driving them to commit murder. Criminal profilers, forensic psychologists, and psychiatrists explain the underpinnings of the minds that committed the murderous acts, working to unravel the enigma that is the mind of the murderer. Mature themes and graphic recreations are not suitable for younger audiences.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
December 18, 2013
Cast: Robert Duncan, Britt Prentice, Shasta Jones, Anne Giovanni
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Diabolical Full Episode Guide

  • Penny Knell is admitted to a special care facility, where a devious mastermind is waiting to prey on vulnerable people; when Penny's family gets ensnared in her web, the consequences will be fatal.

  • Donna Scrivo alerts the local police, but days pass with no sign of her son anywhere. Then a grisly discovery of a severed human head and body parts along a rural highway reveals an act of shocking violence.

  • 2011 is off to a rocky start when a beloved Susanville police officer is found dead. What first looks like suicide morphs into a full blown murder investigation when his wife becomes a suspect and detectives uncover a story of love, lust and murder.

  • Gina Coccia comes home from work to discover the bodies of her girlfriend, Lynn, and Lynn's nephew, Ronnie, shot and stabbed on the kitchen floor; the investigation leads police to a terrifying act of betrayal.

  • On April 17, 2015, a Virginia hunter stumbles upon a grisly discovery in the woods: a woman with an execution style gun shot wound to the back of her head. As detectives begin their investigation, they uncover a twisted web of lies and crimes.

  • On April 17, 2015, a Virginia hunter stumbles upon a grisly discovery in the woods: a woman with an execution style gun shot wound to the back of her head. As detectives begin their investigation, they uncover a twisted web of lies and crimes.

  • In 2015, Detective Scott Sanderson finds himself solving one of the strangest cases of his career. At its center are a newborn and her missing mother. Before long he'll uncover a diabolical scheme that will destroy the lives of everyone it touches.

  • George Kalomeris is a family man who looks after the less fortunate in his community. But after a dying man fingers George as the gunman, police discover a monster more diabolical than anyone could ever imagine possible

  • After losing her husband in a tragic accident, God-fearing Cindy McKay claims she's had to bend the law to pay off his illicit debts. But authorities soon realize she's a criminal mastermind.

  • Rainey Morin is a single mom who's finally found her soulmate. Robert Kowalski treats Rainey like a queen and her kids like gold, but beneath his bright veneer is a dark history threatening to wreak havoc.

  • A young family in La Mirada, Cal., is out for an evening stroll when terror strikes.

  • Pennsylvania native Janet Lynn Mickey's greatest dream is to start her own family. So, when she marries college football-star Darrell Tyburski her future seems secure. But plans change when the young couple has children, leading them down a dark path.

  • After sneaking out of his parent's Garden Grove, Cal., house for a secret late-night party, 19-year-old Jose Najera returns home to find both parents dead on their bedroom floor.

  • Michelle Donohue wants a loving and well-off family of her own. She burns through good men, valuing wealth more than love. But when she finally meets Mr. Right she gets a taste of her own medicine, sending her down a path of murder.

  • David Messenger brutally murders his pregnant wife Heather in front of their 5-year-old son. The crime comes as a shock. Did he kill his wife in self-defense, did he fall victim to mental illness, or was something even more disturbing going on?

  • When Christine Billis' car veers off the road and rams into a tree, her husband, Charles Billis, dies at the scene. Was Charles Billis' death a tragic accident or is Charles's death the result of a diabolically pre-meditated plan by a "╦ťblack widow'?

  • 49-year old Neal Jacobson is the image of success. Then one morning Neal is found covered in blood by a Florida roadside, claiming that he just killed his entire family. Is Neal Jacobson the victim or is he simply a cold-blooded killer?

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