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In this fantasy thriller series, science-fiction author H.G. Wells uses a time machine to travel from 19th-century England to contemporary New York City in pursuit of the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper. The series stars Freddie Stroma and Josh Bowman and is based on the 1979 film of the same name. The series debuted on ABC in the United States in 2017.

1 Season, 11 Episodes
March 5, 2017
Cast: Freddie Stroma, Josh Bowman, Will Chase, Genesis Rodriguez
Time After Time

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  • Hurt and betrayed, Dr. John Stevenson sets his sights on H.G. and moves forward in a plan for the ultimate revenge by destroying him and those he cares about forever. When H.G. learns of his plan, however, he takes matters into his own hands, finding himself in a place he could never have imagined in his wildest dreams.

  • Brooke is betrayed by her brother, Griffin, when he joins forces with Vanessa to stop her from furthering their father's research. But just how far is Brooke willing to go when she forms her own unlikely alliance.

  • Wells is shocked to see a familiar face when he and Jane return to present day New York City, while Jane makes a decision that will potentially change both of their lives.

  • An unwilling participant of Dr. Monroe's experiments, H.G. feels himself changing. Now on a more level playing field and finally able to take on his friend and adversary, John Stevenson, H.G. and Jane race to escape the Island of Dr. Monroe.

  • H.G., Jane and John search for Vanessa, while Brooke moves forward with her plan to avenge her father's legacy, ultimately sending H.G. and Jane to a place where they will have to fight to survive.

  • After finding out John has taken the time machine to 1918 in Paris, H.G. is driven to halt him before he can change the fabric of time.

  • When H.G. and Jane travel back to the 1980s, they make a shocking discovery.

  • H.G. and Jane hurry to fix the damaged time machine before Dr. John Stevenson - aka "The Key Killer" - strikes again.

  • Confronted with the real possibility that Vanessa Anders is in fact Wells' great granddaughter, H.G. and Jane carry on their search for Dr. John Stevenson, but when their last face-to-face meeting goes awry, the doctor is back on the loose.

  • Using the 1979 novel and film as a launching point, "Time After Time" follows the adventures of a young H.G. Wells, as he journeys through centuries, decades and days in the time machine he invented.