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  • 2005
  • 8 Seasons
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Supernanny was a reality television series on ABC that aired from 2004 to 2009. The show starred Jo Frost, a nanny and parenting expert who helped families who were struggling with discipline issues and other behavioral problems with their children. Each episode featured Frost working with a different family, spending a week living with them and observing their interactions. She would then provide advice and guidance to help the family establish rules and routines, communicate effectively, and ultimately create a more peaceful and harmonious household.

During each episode, Frost would first observe the family's behavior and take note of any issues that needed to be addressed. She would then sit down with the parents and discuss their challenges and goals. Based on her observations and discussions with the parents, Frost would create a plan of action and provide coaching and support to help the family implement the plan.

Throughout the week, Frost would work with the children to establish clear rules and boundaries. She would teach them how to behave appropriately, and provide them with positive reinforcement when they exhibited good behavior. She would also help parents improve their communication skills, teaching them how to effectively communicate with their children and resolve conflicts.

One of the key aspects of Supernanny was Frost's emphasis on consistency. She would stress the importance of consistent discipline and routines in improving children's behavior, and would work with parents to establish clear guidelines for their children. By providing clear expectations and consequences, parents were better equipped to address misbehavior and promote positive behavior.

Supernanny was not without controversy, however. Some critics felt that Frost's techniques were too harsh, relying too heavily on punishment and negative reinforcement. Others felt that the show focused too heavily on discipline and ignored other potential issues, such as mental health problems or developmental delays in children.

Despite these criticisms, Supernanny was extremely popular during its time on the air. Its focus on practical parenting techniques and Frost's charismatic personality made it a hit with audiences. The show spawned multiple spin-offs and adaptations around the world, cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon.

In conclusion, Supernanny was a reality television series that focused on helping families with discipline and behavior issues. Jo Frost, the show's star nanny, helped families establish clear rules and routines, communicate effectively, and create a more stable and harmonious household. While the show was not without controversy, it was extremely popular and helped millions of families around the world improve their parenting skills.

Supernanny is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (138 episodes). The series first aired on January 17, 2005.

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Sutherland Family
18. Sutherland Family
September 22, 2020
After an accident that nearly killed their daughter, Amy Sutherland refuses to accept help from anyone when it comes to raising her and Justin's four young children. Both parents are overwhelmed and exhausted while trying to manage separate schedules for their children all under the age of four, and Amy's guilt inhibits her parental confidence.
Robertson Family
17. Robertson Family
September 15, 2020
Megan and Jonathan Robertson started parenting in their teens, and they've never really grown up. Dad is too busy playing video games to help parent, and mom is frustrated to tears as her kids walk all over her.
Zampogna Family
16. Zampogna Family
September 15, 2020
Mealtimes are disastrous for full-time working parents, Angela and Dom Zampogna. Their three children have the pickiest palettes and will only consume unhealthy foods, causing them to act up and throw temper tantrums. Plus, their youngest son Giuseppe still acts like a toddler even though he is four years old.
Bean Family
15. Bean Family
September 8, 2020
The Chicago-based Bean family is struggling to balance their complicated work schedules, four kids and their love life. Working the graveyard shift sometimes has David awake for twenty-four hours, taking care of the children and leaving no time to connect with his wife, Nina. To make matters worse, David riles the children up before bedtime leaving Nina with the responsibility to get them to sleep.
Bailey Family
14. Bailey Family
September 8, 2020
Jo Frost helps Bill and Stacie Bailey, a policeman and a teacher, cope with 2-year-old son Billy and daughter Jadyn, 6. The boy throws tantrums and the girl has sleeping problems.
Esquivel Family
13. Esquivel Family
September 1, 2020
Joe and Clarissa are on the brink of divorce. Joe's new career as a police officer causes Clarissa to deal with all four rambunctious kids all day long. There's no balance between their parental obligations, leaving Clarissa feeling isolated. Nanny Jo must help this family balance their dynamic.
Brown Family
12. Brown Family
September 1, 2020
Michael and Angela Brown have certainly made a bed for themselves - a giant super bed! They have combined two beds so that their sons Michael Jo and Paul Mason can sleep with them, but this unusual situation has created unhealthy attachment issues. Jo Frost works closely with the full-time working dad and stay-at-home mom to address these issues and an issue of trust that threatens their relationship.
Orr Family
11. Orr Family
March 13, 2020
Ian and Jamie Orr are at their wits end with their four rambunctious children. Their oldest son Julian is addicted to violent video games, causing him to have nightmares. Plus, all four children are the pickiest of eaters, demanding fried unhealthy meals. Full-time working mother Jamie is struggling to maintain the housework and cooking demands even though Ian works from home.
Collins Family
10. Collins Family
March 6, 2020
After spending 15 years struggling to conceive, Jennifer and Tim adopted beautiful twin girls, Mekenna and Alyssa. However, being mature parents, the twin's boisterous behavior has started to create anxiety and animosity between Jennifer and Tim as they clash over how to best raise their children.
Jones-Nickolich Family
9. Jones-Nickolich Family
February 28, 2020
Jo tries to help Heather and Todd with their trouble-making triplets in Hawaii.
Tobek-Lawrence Family
8. Tobek-Lawrence Family
February 21, 2020
When Crystal Tobeck and Jeff Lawrence met, they doubled their family and got a second chance at love. But the honeymoon was soon over as rebellious children clashed with controlling parents, leaving everything in chaos.
Davis Family
7. Davis Family
February 14, 2020
Jo steps in when a bullying father's negative style of parenting leaves all child-care responsibilities to his working wife and constant browbeating of his 15-year-old stepdaughter throws the household into chaos.
Andersen Family
6. Andersen Family
February 7, 2020
After their children were diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies, Dan and Miranda Andersen are constantly on guard for their family’s safety, which has led to conflicting parenting styles. Also, too much unsupervised screen-time has made the bedtime routine a nightmare. Can Nanny Jo help this family over-come their fears and get a good night’s rest’
Garcia Family
5. Garcia Family
January 29, 2020
Stay at home dad, Anthony Garcia is struggling to understand his new role as the primary caregiver, while mom, Bethanie, can't find her work, life balance. Now the children are ruling the roost amidst all the confusion and the parents are at their wits end.
Ostler Family
4. Ostler Family
January 22, 2020
The Ostler's are struggling to control their two rambunctious boys while also still grieving the loss of their first child. Dane's occupation as a Wildland Firefighter often leaves his anxiety ridden wife, Nicole, on her own with the boys. With the oldest, Jax, craving more independence, Nicole's helicopter parenting style is only driving him further away.
Richardson Family
3. Richardson Family
January 15, 2020
The Richardson's have found themselves at a loss managing their six fiercely independent kids and can't keep up with the mess that follows them. But more importantly, Brittany's four oldest children from her first husband are struggling with the recent passing of their father which is causing friction between them and their stepfather Ralph. Nanny Jo must help this family cope with the loss of a loved one and come together as a blended family.
Corry Family
2. Corry Family
January 8, 2020
The Corry's are a military family struggling to discipline their four daughters. While Ben, the father, is away with the army for months at a time, Maria, the stay-at-home mom, is left dealing with their rambunctious children and navigating her post-partum depression. Will Nanny Jo be able to dive into the trenches and rescue this family?
Braido Family
1. Braido Family
January 1, 2020
Working parents, Jessica and CJ Braido, feel they're being overrun by their four small children and are at a loss at how to come together on their parenting perspectives. The only thing they can agree on is using electronics as a babysitting device in order to give them some peace.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 17, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    6.1  (231)