The ESPY Awards

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ESPY is the acronym for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award and is currently hosted annually by the cable sports news network ABC in affiliation with ESPN. It's promoted throughout the year as a way for fans to show their appreciation for major sports events from the previous months. The show started in 1993 and has run - short of one year - annually ever since. It's produced to be a lighter, less serious award show compared to others on American television. Some similarities do exist though: it is hosted by a contemporary celebrity and pop culture acts perform intermittently throughout the broadcast. Part of the appeal of the show is based on fan voting - they get to vote for teams they know and love, almost turning it into another friendly off field competition. Sports media professionals joined in on voting in 2004 to add another wrinkle to the results. The show has proven itself as another way for those that love professional American sports to celebrate the teams and players they follow.

2020 Seasons, 15 Episodes
July 19, 2009
Awards Show, Sports
The ESPY Awards

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