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  • TV-PG
  • 2015
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.3  (9,609)

The Odd Couple is a sitcom that aired on CBS from 2015 to 2017. The show is a modern adaptation of the original 1970s series created by Neil Simon. The show stars Matthew Perry as Oscar Madison, a sports radio host who is recently divorced and messy, and Thomas Lennon as Felix Unger, a fastidious and uptight newspaper writer who is also recently divorced. Oscar and Felix become roommates after their wives kick them out, and their clashing personalities lead to many comedic situations.

The show is set in New York City, and the apartment that Oscar and Felix share serves as the main location for the show. The apartment is messy and disorganized, reflecting Oscar's laid-back personality, while Felix is constantly cleaning and organizing. The show focuses on the interactions between Oscar and Felix, with supporting characters adding to the chaos.

Lindsay Sloane plays Emily, the assistant producer of Oscar's radio show. Emily is often caught up in Oscar and Felix's antics, and she provides a love interest for Felix. Wendell Pierce plays Teddy, a police officer and Oscar's best friend. Teddy often visits the apartment to interrogate Oscar or provide advice in matters of love and life. Yvette Nicole Brown plays Dani, the owner of the building where Oscar and Felix live. Dani is tough and no-nonsense, but she also has a soft spot for the two roommates.

Throughout the show's two seasons, conflicts arise between Oscar and Felix as they navigate their new living situation. Felix's perfectionism clashes with Oscar's laid-back attitude, creating tension in their relationship. Despite their differences, however, the two men share a deep bond and are always there for each other when one of them needs help.

The Odd Couple is filled with witty one-liners and physical comedy. The show's humor is derived from the contrast between Oscar and Felix's personalities, with Oscar often making fun of Felix's uptight nature. However, the show also tackles serious topics such as divorce and depression, adding depth to the characters and their relationships.

The show received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the chemistry between Perry and Lennon and the show's humor, while others criticized the show for not living up to the original series. Despite the mixed reception, The Odd Couple was popular among audiences and garnered a loyal fan base.

Overall, The Odd Couple is a lighthearted sitcom that provides plenty of laughs. The show's talented cast and witty writing make it an enjoyable watch, whether you're a fan of the original series or new to the story.

The Odd Couple is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on February 19, 2015.

The Odd Couple
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Conscious Odd Coupling
13. Conscious Odd Coupling
January 30, 2017
A fierce argument between Felix and Oscar results in the friends attempting new living arrangements in the Season 3 finale.
The God Couple
12. The God Couple
January 23, 2017
Oscar complains when Felix helps Dani get ready for a choir solo and encourages the group to go to church to support her.
Batman vs. The Penguin
11. Batman vs. The Penguin
January 16, 2017
Murph persuades Oscar to give the green light to take part in a regular TV segment where he contends with a penguin at the zoo to anticipate the winners of hockey games. Also, Emily and Felix proceed with their first moves to becoming 'just friends.'
Should She Stay or Should She Go
10. Should She Stay or Should She Go
January 9, 2017
Felix meets a fun-loving lady, Natasha, in a bar and brings her home for what is supposed to be a one-night stand, and Oscar moves things to the next level with Charlotte.
My Best Friend's Girl
9. My Best Friend's Girl
January 2, 2017
To avoid a night of boredom, Oscar suggests that Charlotte (Teri Hatcher) take Felix out on their artsy cultural dates in his place. Also, Emily enlists Dani, Teddy and Murph's help when she has to produce 100 necklaces for an event.
Felix Navidad
8. Felix Navidad
December 12, 2016
To prevent a night of boredom, Oscar suggests that Charlotte take Felix with her on their artsy cultural outings in his place. Also, Emily requests Dani, Teddy and Murph's assistance when she has to make 100 necklaces for an event.
The Odd Couples
7. The Odd Couples
November 28, 2016
Oscar and Felix go after the knowledge of a counselor in their apartment building to help overcome their problems. Also, Oscar's feelings about relationships, along with Felix's meddling, complicates matters for all of their pals.
Eisen Trouble
6. Eisen Trouble
November 21, 2016
Oscar attempts to outsmart his arch-enemy, Rich Eisen, after he must present him with a humanitarian award. Also, Felix goes through a range of emotions when he notices Emily at a restaurant.
Miss England
5. Miss England
November 14, 2016
Dani's enthusiasm at being promoted is cut short when Oscar assigns her the daunting task of hiring her own replacement. Also, Felix attempts to plan the perfect surprise after Emily admits she is homesick for England.
Taffy Days
4. Taffy Days
November 7, 2016
Dani's elation at being promoted is cut short when Oscar assigns her the daunting task of hiring her own replacement. Also, Felix tries to put together the best surprise after Emily admits she misses England,
I Kid, You Not
3. I Kid, You Not
October 31, 2016
Oscar is determined to show to Charlotte how he's capable of being responsible when he offers to take her kid Caleb trick-or-treating on Halloween, while Felix celebrates the holiday by taking the children in their building on a haunted history guide.
Food Fight
2. Food Fight
October 24, 2016
Oscar rashly recruits Felix to help him salvage his favorite hangout, which is in financial peril. But winds up regretting asking for that assistance from his roommate when Felix attempts to put his print on the restaurant.
London Calling
1. London Calling
October 17, 2016
Oscar is forced to choose between his romantic plans with Charlotte and helping to save Felix's relationship as Emily decides to extend her stay in London and Felix starts to fall apart.
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  • Premiere Date
    February 19, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (9,609)