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Kevin's just retired from the police force after a long tenure as one of his city's finest. He's ready for life to take on a steady, sunny rhythm. As he moves back into the house, ready for retirement to commence, Kevin realizes that life at home isn't as rosy as it seemed from a distance. His eldest daughter is engaged and wants to drop out of school. Sara, the middle clild, is struggling to pass her classes. Kevin's youngest son, Jack, is battling full-blown hypochondria. Kevin's vacation plans have been, so it seems, canceled, at least for the time being, as he and his wife struggle to keep their family together in this happy-go-lucky romp of a show from executive producer Kevin James, who also stars as the main character.

Kevin Can Wait is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on September 19, 2016.

Where do I stream Kevin Can Wait online? Kevin Can Wait is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kevin Can Wait on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

2 Seasons, 48 Episodes
September 19, 2016
Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Kevin James, Erinn Hayes, Taylor Spreitler, Ryan Cartwright, Lenny Venito
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Kevin Can Wait Full Episode Guide

  • After a former bandmate talks Kevin into reuniting with their old band, Smokefish, with hopes of making it big, Vanessa realizes a chance encounter with the band in her past changed the course of her life.

  • When Monkey Fist lands Alviti's big account to provide security for his parking garages, Kevin inadvertently derails Rootger's efforts to study for his security guard test and puts the new job in jeopardy, much to Vanessa's dismay. Also, Kendra and Chale try to persuade an investor to help finance their brew pub idea.

  • Plans to knock it down and build a parking lot. But when Alviti makes them a lucrative job offer, the future of Enzo's is at stake.

  • Vanessa convinces Kevin to go on a TV talk show with the "baby boy" he helped deliver years ago as a cop, but her plan to promote Monkey Fist backfires when Kevin runs into his arch-nemesis, Frank Munson.

  • After convincing Kevin to break things off with his neighbor, Wendy, who had reeled him in with her delicious meals, Vanessa feels compelled to cook for him despite being culinarily challenged.

  • After Kevin and Vanessa witness Kyle's success using a dating app that requires a close friend to choose one's perfect match, they agree to be each other's wingman and try their hand at matchmaking.

  • When Vanessa is featured in a local magazine article about entrepreneurs under 40 years old, a jealous Kevin tries to get attention for himself by securing his own award, while reminding her that she is over 40. Also, Chale fixes up Kyle on a date with his wild Aunt Kristin.

  • On a flight for a security job, Vanessa tells a flight attendant that she and Kevin are newly married in order to get bumped up to first class, but her fib creates a lot of extra baggage when Kevin meets Lisa and the two hit it off

  • Vanessa encourages Kevin to ask out a client, Rebecca, after she shows interest in him.

  • After Kevin and Vanessa nail a pitch for a new job for their security company, Monkey Fist, they run into Frank, the owner of a rival company who is determined to put them out of business by pitting Kevin and Vanessa against each other.

  • While Vanessa and the Gable family gather around the Christmas tree, Vanessa and Kevin reminisce about their first patrol together.

  • After Vanessa asks Kevin to help her get a date with a handsome personal trainer, Alejandro, she gets frustrated when Kevin starts training with him instead. Also, Chale reluctantly takes advice from Kyle when the health inspector stops by Enzo's.

  • As part of a security job, Kevin goes undercover as a janitor at a car dealership, but he accidentally sells a car to a customer and finds himself on track to win top salesman of the month. Also, Chale reveals his phobia of puppets after learning that Kendra used to be into ventriloquism.

  • After Kevin insists he can handle cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner for Vanessa and his family, he realizes he's in over his head and secretly asks his flirtatious neighbor, Wendy, for help.

  • Kevin and Vanessa concoct a plan when they fear Rootger might sue them after he slips and injures himself at their office. Also, Kendra dispenses legal advice at Enzo's for paying customers.

  • When Kevin and Vanessa try to land a security gig at a toy store, they get sidetracked practicing their new business pitch and wind up locked in the store after hours. Also, Chale is having success working at Enzo's.

  • Kevin and Chale set out on a road trip to retrieve an owl-shaped cookie jar that Kevin sold before realizing how much it meant to Kendra. Also, after Vanessa rejects Kyle's attempt to woo her, she and Kendra help get him back on the dating scene.

  • Vanessa plots her revenge on Kevin after learning he lied his way out of working on a Sunday to attend a football game with Goody. Meanwhile, Kyle dates a new girlfriend; and Chale and Kendra have their first squabble as a couple.

  • Kevin steps in as Vanessa's "successful doctor" date at her sister's wedding, in an attempt to impress Vanessa's very judgmental father. Meanwhile, Kyle helps Kendra and Chale make a fake photo collage of honeymoon pictures to tout on social media.

  • After Vanessa suggests that Sara has a secret boyfriend, Kevin goes undercover to find out the truth. Also, Jack desperately searches for an illness he can claim as his own after the "cool" kids with peanut allergies learn he's been lying about sharing their malady.

  • Overwhelmed by Kevin's helicopter parenting, Kendra tricks him into taking a job at Vanessa's new private security company.

  • To officiate the ceremony, Vanessa helps Kendra put together the last-minute affair.

  • Kevin begrudgingly agrees to come out of retirement briefly to reprise an undercover assignment where he and his old rival, Vanessa Cellucci, once again, pose as husband and wife. Also, Donna is up for a promotion, Kendra gets accepted to law school, and Chale gets a lucrative new job.

  • When Donna claims she'll send Kevin to the Mets Fantasy Camp if he reduces his cholesterol, Chale secretly leads him through a juice cleanse.

  • Kevin starts an unexpected friendship with Harry Connick Jr., but he gets trapped in a web of lies trying to impress his new pal.

  • After Goody and Didi invite the Motts on a weekend getaway with them, Kevin and Donna are offended by the friendship demotion and go online to find new couples to hang out with,

  • When Kevin and Chale get hired working in the warehouse at an electronics shop to help pay for their nuptials, Chale's prompt promotion to the sales floor fuels Kevin's competitive side.

  • Kevin invents an elaborate plot to get out of spending time with Donna's cousin and her talkative husband by putting together a neighborhood watch group with his friends.

  • Kevin contends with his childhood enemy who is bent on reserving the same church date for his daughter's wedding that Kendra wants for her marriage to Chale. Both men fight for the priest's approval by participating more in the church.

  • Kyle, still upset that Kevin didn't choose him to be best man at his wedding to Donna, attempts to talk Chale into giving him that opportunity.

  • Kevin gloats about saving a guy from choking after observing how much attention his brother Kyle is getting for rescuing a cat.

  • As Kevin attempts to persuade his neighbor into giving him permission to chop down one of her trees, he gets scared off by her imposing son and invites them over for a non-existent celebration.

  • After Kevin finds out Chale got a job in order to purchase Kendra an engagement ring, he opts to make good on his long-ago pact to buy Donna a proper ring but his plot backfires when he attempts to surprise her.

  • Kevin offers to help Mott and his seven children get ready for the holidays while Mott's wife is away, much to the chagrin of Donna who is left high and dry by herself until Kyle swoops in to aid.

  • Kevin's decision to spend more quality time with his family is placed in the ultimate trial when his friends surprise him with tickets to see his favorite musician, Billy Joel, in concert. Billy Joel appears as himself.

  • A recently retired cop realizes caring for his family is a job in its own right.

  • When Kevin is hired for a job as a bartender, he goes too far when he begins giving out unsolicited advice to his customers,

  • Kevin becomes jealous when he gets wind of how pleased his former patrol partner is with the extremely in shape rookie now riding with him and sets out to prove to his old pal what he's missing.

  • Kevin and Donna are happy when their boy, Jack, makes friends with a kid from school, Grayden, however, when Donna and Kevin don't hit it off with Grayden's stuck up father, Vic, and his bossy wife, Brandi, they embark to ruin the boys' new friendship,

  • Kevin forgets his wedding anniversary and attempts to use Goody's heroic police tale to bail himself out.

  • Kevin attempts to spice up his time with his friends after he watches how much fun Donna and her pals have at their book club get together.

  • Kevin believes he's got it made when he recruits someone, via a new internet app, to perform chores for him while he plays football with his friends and then accepts all the credit with Donna.

  • Kevin rearranges the house to his liking after his buddies convince him that Donna makes all their decisions and has organized the house for her own benefit. Meanwhile, Kendra enlists her Uncle Kyle to help toughen up Chale.

  • Kevin, a newly retired police officer, faces tougher challenges at home than he ever did on the streets. In the series opener, Kevin's retirement plans go awry when he learns his wife has shielded him from key family problems while he worked as a cop and that he must now face them head-on.

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