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Dr. Ken is an ABC comedy based on the true story of physician-turned-comedian, Ken Jeong. The sitcom centers around Ken Jeong's life as a physician and his struggles as a parent and a husband before getting into Hollywood as a comedian. The comedy is written by Jared Stern, Ken Jeong, and Mike O'Connell and produced by Mike O'Connell and Ken Jeong.

Dr. Ken is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2015.

Where do I stream Dr. Ken online? Dr. Ken is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dr. Ken on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, iTunes, Crackle, Tubi TV, IMDb TV online.

2 Seasons, 44 Episodes
October 2, 2015
Cast: Ken Jeong, Suzy Nakamura, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jonathan Slavin
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Dr. Ken Full Episode Guide

  • Following an awkward audition with Alison Brie, Ken’s life-long dream comes true when he gets a part in a new comedy series that takes place at a community college.

  • When Ken accidentally finds out that Clark and Connor are planning their surprise wedding, he has to find a way to get everyone to come. But Damona finds out and to get Allison there, she tells her that Ken is going to surprise her by renewing their wedding vows.

  • Because Ken is friends with the New Zealander CEO of Welltopia, Pat hopes that Ken will put in a good word for him for a promotion.

  • When Ken's hardcore medical school professor Dr. Erwin makes an appointment to see him, he treats Ken just like he did during his residency.

  • During a self-exam, Allison finds a suspicious lump in her breast, causing Ken and the HMO gang to rally around her for support while she anxiously waits for the doctor's diagnosis. Meanwhile, Dave has questions for how he will portray the character he's playing in the school play, and Pat and Damona share an unexpected moment.

  • Pat refuses to accept Ken's diagnosis that his relationship with Megan is causing his mysterious rash. Meanwhile, Dave tries to figure out a way he can break up with Emily without causing too much harm.

  • Ken lets Allison, who is doubting her decision to have a low-key Valentine's Day, believe that a love poem Dave wrote for his sweetheart, Emily, is meant for her. Meanwhile, Molly and Jae consider Valentine's Day a corporate concoction; Clark plans a romantic scavenger hunt for Connor; things get complicated when Damona and Eric have dinner at a restaurant that she and Pat once frequented when they were dating.

  • Ken gets his time in the limelight when the producer of a documentary health series follows him around for a day.

  • Ken spirals a bit out of control when he finds out Molly's new boyfriend, Jae, is leaving behind his pre-med studies to be an artist. At Welltopia, Pat asks Clark to monitor his weight loss program; and when Damona learns she isn't required to wear scrubs, her new look results in several awkward moments.

  • Allison feels a little threatened by Ken's new attractive intern, Erin, who is a little too flirtatious with Ken.

  • Allison wants to show her more relaxed side to her Welltopia coworkers and offers her home for the holiday party, but Ken doesn't like the idea. Meanwhile, Clark truly wants to give his boyfriend, Connor, the perfect present, but Connor upstages him with the ultimate gift.

  • When D.K. overhears Allison complaining that he's still there, he decides to move in with his girlfriend of three weeks.

  • Allison convinces a reluctant Ken that it would be a fun family adventure to drive to her parents for Thanksgiving dinner. But along the way, a traffic jam combined with her husband and kids’ antics causes her to lose her usual cool. Meanwhile, Clark takes charge to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter for the homeless, but his bossiness and unnecessary attention to details drives everyone a little crazy.

  • When Dave announces he's been invited to go on "Shark Tank," Ken is thrilled for him, until he starts thinking about how tough the Sharks can be.

  • Ken decides to learn Korean after his father's friends tease him about his inability to speak the language. Meanwhile, Allison helps Molly with her SAT vocabulary prep and Clark is proud to lead the nurses' contract talks, but is dreading negotiations with Pat.

  • On Halloween, Allison is disappointed the holiday doesn't seem to phase Dave anymore, indicating her little boy is growing up.

  • When D.K. tells Ken he got divorced, Ken becomes preoccupied with the Korean cultural understanding that divorce equals failure. Meanwhile, the divorce news causes Dave to reflect on his relationship with Emily.

  • Ken feels snubbed when Pat is asked to emcee this year's annual Welltopia banquet; Clark and Damona discuss relationship styles as it relates to their individual partners.

  • On Allison's first work day at Welltopia, she and Ken engage in a little competition when attempting to diagnose a patient.

  • When a position opens up at Welltopia, Pat thinks Allison would be perfect for it, but Ken is leery to work so closely with his wife.

  • A visit from Ken's college friend, who happens to be a stand-up comedian, influences Ken to pursue his own lifelong dream of stand-up comedy.

  • When Ken procrastinates giving Dave "the talk," Julie incidentally does it herself, but Ken takes the credit for doing it.

  • When Ken is invited to be a medical expert witness at a trial, his confidence level skyrockets. However, when the plaintiff's lawyer drills him and destroys his credibility, Ken begins to doubt himself as a doctor.

  • Ken is thrilled to see a long-time favorite patient/comedian. Unfortunately, tests reveal that Dicky's cancer has come back and he must get immediate treatment, keeping him from performing in his last stand-up show. But Ken is determined to get Dicky what he wants!

  • Ken feels that he's losing touch with Molly and tries to reconnect by taking her and her friends to a concert for Emblem3. Despite her embarrassment, Molly does appreciate the effort and finally warms up to her dad.

  • When Molly brings home her boyfriend, Allison realizes he's the son of one of her patients.

  • Ken and the office staff attend a colleague's wedding. Allison claims she doesn't like weddings, but she actually doesn't like Ken's dancing.

  • After Ken helps Dave ask his crush to the Valentine's Day dance, Ken finds out that her father is a well-known, wealthy malpractice lawyer whom he's had issues with in the past.

  • Ken's dad makes a surprise visit and starts taking on chores that Ken hasn't gotten around to doing - like buying and installing a much needed new dishwasher.

  • When Allison finds out Ken hasn't had a physical in years, she encourages him to do so.

  • The Parks are waiting for their flight home from Hawaii when it's delayed several hours. Ken has a negative experience with Dr. Oz and then needs to get the famous TV doctor to switch airplane seats with him.

  • While Allison is talking about how excited she is to go to Hawaii for the holidays, Ken realizes he made a big mistake and forgot to ask for those days off.

  • Despite Ken's love for basketball, Dave would rather attend a city council meeting about California's drought.

  • Molly gets a Japanese tattoo, which leads to a cultural face-off between Ken and Allison.

  • Ken lets his jealousy get the best of him when his sister Wendi, a successful doctor/TV host on a medical talk show, invites him to be on her show and he makes a mockery of it.

  • Molly confesses she had a sip of beer at a party, but insists she hated it and didn't drink the rest. While Allison is happy Molly is being honest with them, Ken is afraid of losing his little girl and uses the opportunity to explain to her what alcohol does to the body.

  • Ken seeks redemption for botching his marriage proposal to Allison 20 years ago on Halloween.

  • Ken is given the opportunity to speak at a banquet for Allison's ex, who's a highly regarded doctor, but his speech is more of a roast.

  • The staff is upset when they're forced to work Saturdays, so Ken is nominated to talk Pat out of it.

  • In the series premiere, Dr. Ken, an accomplished but brutally honest physician, attempts to balance his career and family life.

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