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Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc returns to a network sitcom in this series that debuted on CBS in October 2016. LeBlanc plays a contractor who decides to stay home to take care of his kids after his wife decides to rejoin the work force. Predictably, dad discovers that staying home and taking care of the kids isn't nearly as easy as he always thought it was, and hilarity ensues. Liza Snyder plays LeBlanc's wife, having taken over the role from Jenna Fischer (The Office), who was recast after the pilot because of her lack of chemistry with LeBlanc. The series is produced by James Burrows (Cheers).

Monday 8:30 PM et/pt on CBS
2 Seasons, 43 Episodes
October 24, 2016
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Man With a Plan Full Episode Guide

  • After struggling to find work, Andi proposes an idea for her and Adam to go into business together. Also, Adam tackles a challenging renovation of Joe and Bev's kitchen.

  • Adam and Andi set up Adam's boss on a date to boost her spirits in the hope that she'll then be in the mood to have Adam resume work on the mini-mall.

  • When Adam and Don realize they need to bring in more business, they film a commercial advertising their company. Also, Andi works up the courage to ask her boss, Bob, for a raise.

  • Adam is thrilled and honored to help Joe buy a new car but is caught off guard when Joe suddenly becomes irritable and the negotiations go off track. Also, Andi discovers Emme has been hiding a pet snake and has to figure out a way to get rid of it.

  • Adam is determined to figure out what Andi's hiding when he discovers she's been keeping secrets from him for his own good.

  • When Adam insists that pranks are harmless fun, Andi creates an elaborate hoax to teach him a lesson.

  • When Andi's folks decide to visit them for Easter, Adam and Andi have to keep the peace between both sets of parents.

  • When Adam and Andi lose footage of an intimate moment they accidentally recorded, they have to track it down before anyone can see it.

  • Adam attempts to organize a birthday dinner for Andi and he discovers that managing guests isn't easy.

  • When Andi and Adam disagree about Kate attending a dance with an older boy, Adam tries to outsmart Andi to win the argument.

  • When Andi gets Bev a spot volunteering at the hospital, Joe becomes bored and starts spending too much time with Adam.

  • When Adam and Andi agree on a present-free Valentine's Day, Adam gives the gift he planned for Andi to his mother instead.

  • When Adam and Andi are caught off guard by unexpected expenses, they each decide to give up a luxury to pay them off.

  • Adam and Andi try to get back in their neighbors' good graces after no one shows up to their potluck.

  • When Adam needs to hire a new project manager, Andi accuses Adam of unconscious bias after he only interviews men for the job. Also, Andi helps Kate fight for a spot on the boys' soccer team at school.

  • When Adam thinks Kate's boyfriend, Tyler, is a pothead, he decides to confront Tyler but doesn't get the support he expects from Andi. Also, Don tells Lowell there are office "rules" he must follow, but Lowell suspects he is making it up and threatens to bring in Adam to confirm the policies.

  • When the kids won't do their chores, Adam and Andi decide to go on strike too.

  • When Adam discovers that the pastor he hired for their wedding was a phony and he and Andi aren't really married, he scrambles to find a way to fix it before she finds out.

  • To watch the kids, and gets jealous when her daughter, Kate, goes to her instead for advice. Also, Sophia tells Adam she has the hots for him.

  • When Adam and Andi discover Kate is lying to them about her whereabouts, they hatch a plan to catch her.

  • When Adam and Andi borrow money from Joe to help with a cash flow problem, they soon regret it.

  • When a client doesn't want Don to attend a big meeting, Adam goes to great lengths to protect his brother's feelings. Also, Andi kisses up to Mrs. Rodriguez to ensure Emme gets the best teacher for first grade.

  • Adam and Don learn a tricky way of avoiding trouble with their wives,

  • When Adam convinces his stubborn father to finally go to the doctor, he learns a few things his dad didn't want him to know.

  • Adam and Andi are surprised when they finally meet Lowell's spouse, Jen.

  • When Adam's parents arrive for a visit unexpectedly, they disclose shocking plans for their future living arrangements,

  • When Kate is asked out on her first date, Adam can't hide his overprotective style. Also, Don requests Lowell's help to purchase the perfect anniversary present for Marcy.

  • When Adam and Andi's sitter cancels on Valentine's Day, they attempt to make do leaving Kate in charge at home for the first time.

  • When Andi makes Adam hang around Lowell, Don feels abandoned and Andi has to mend things between them.

  • When Adam and Andi have the feared 'talk' with Teddy and Kate, their strange approach makes the kids terribly uncomfortable.

  • When Andi and Marcy figure out they were rivals in high school, Adam and Don are pulled into the conflict and forced to choose sides.

  • Adam attempts to disguise his jealous when he finds out Andi has a close buddy at work.

  • When a blizzard inhibits the Burns family from going to the grandparents' home for Christmas, Adam and Andi rush to dodge an epic holiday disaster.

  • When the children won't fess up to who put a hole in the wall, Adam and Andi pair up to get the culprit to confess.

  • When Don encourages Adam to organize his cluttered garage and transform it into a man cave, Adam freaks out when he thinks he gave away one of Andi's treasured keepsakes.

  • When Adam gets fed up with endless demands from his daughter's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez, he makes a hasty decision that lands him in hot water with his wife Andi.

  • When Adam gets sick of endless demands from his daughter's kindergarten instructor, Mrs. Rodriguez, he makes a quick decision that places him in hot water with his wife Andi.

  • In the series opener, a contractor begins to spend more time with his three children when his wife returns to work and learns the truth all parents discover; their little angels are maniacs.

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Matt LeBlanc Makes Sitcom Return in 'Man with a Plan'

Lately, if you've wanted to see Matt LeBlance, you've had to tune it the BBC's Top Gear. Starting next week, he'll be back where some fans thinks he belongs, in a network sitcom.