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  • TV-14
  • 2015
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.4  (63,636)

The Last Man on Earth is a post-apocalyptic comedy television series that aired on FOX from 2015 to 2018. Created by Will Forte, the show follows the life of Phil Miller (played by Forte), who is believed to be the last man on Earth after a deadly virus wipes out the entire human population. As the lone survivor, Phil is left to roam the country in search of any other survivors, but with no luck.

However, his life changes when he meets Carol Pilbasian (Kristen Schaal), whom he initially finds annoying and is reluctant to befriend. But over time, as they are the only two people left on Earth, a blossoming relationship begins to form between them.

With the addition of new characters along the way, Phil and Carol find themselves in some comical and dangerous situations, as they try to navigate through their new lives in a world without other humans. Other cast members include January Jones as Melissa Chartres, Mel Rodriguez as Todd Rodriguez, Cleopatra Coleman as Erica Dundee, Mary Steenburgen as Gail Klosterman, Jason Sudeikis as Mike Miller, and Boris Kodjoe as Phil Stacy.

The Last Man on Earth is a unique show in that each episode is filled with unexpected twists and turns, as Phil and the rest of the survivors try to cope with their new reality. It is a series that not only explores the human condition but also touches on themes of loneliness, love, and friendship. The show is not only funny but also heartfelt and poignant, and it does an excellent job of showcasing the resilience of the human spirit, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Throughout the show's run, the writing remained sharp and clever, with unexpected plot twists and character developments that kept viewers engaged. The performances of the cast were also exceptional, particularly Will Forte's portrayal of Phil Miller, which was both funny and nuanced.

Despite its cancelation after four seasons, The Last Man on Earth remains a beloved show among its fans. Its legacy lies in the way it tackled a seemingly dark subject matter with humor and humanity, proving that even in the face of a global disaster, there is always room for hope and laughter.

The Last Man On Earth is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (66 episodes). The series first aired on March 1, 2015.

The Last Man On Earth
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Cancun, Baby!
18. Cancun, Baby!
May 6, 2018
After discovering hidden dangers in their mansion, the group decides to part ways with their home in Zihuatanejo and embark on a new destination. However, Tandy has second thoughts about what they may be leaving behind.
Barbara Ann
17. Barbara Ann
April 29, 2018
The gang ventures out in search of what they think could be a new sign of life, but are surprised at what they actually find. Meanwhile, Todd makes a few morbid discoveries of his own back at the mansion.
The Blob
16. The Blob
April 22, 2018
A thermal heat detector reveals a potential sign of life outside of the Zihuatanejo village, but Tandy doesn't want the group to split up to go investigate. Meanwhile, Todd and Erica have trouble seeing eye-to-eye.
Designated Survivors
15. Designated Survivors
April 15, 2018
Tandy wakes up to a shocking discovery that is positive for everyone in the group, but it throws Todd into a spiral. Meanwhile, Todd and Erica share an emotional roller coaster.
Special Delivery
14. Special Delivery
April 8, 2018
While Todd butts heads with Erica, Melissa is determined to form a strong female friendship with her. Meanwhile, Carol grows suspicious that a new stranger could be living nearby.
Release the Hounds
13. Release the Hounds
April 1, 2018
Todd sinks into a deep depression, leaving the rest of the gang to console him. Meanwhile, Tandy and Carol can't keep their hands off each other.
Señor Clean
12. Señor Clean
March 25, 2018
Tandy tries being a helpful, responsible adult in order to finally win Gail's praise. Meanwhile, Todd is furious with Melissa for keeping him away from Jasper.
11. Hamilton/Berg
March 18, 2018
After the graveyard incident, Tandy and Todd try to convince the rest of the gang that something is majorly wrong with Karl and something needs to be done. Meanwhile, Jasper is still missing. The Season 4 spring premiere.
Paint Misbehavin
10. Paint Misbehavin
January 14, 2018
Tandy and Todd introduce newcomer Karl (guest star Fred Armisen) to the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, the group searches for Jasper, who has gone missing.
9. Karl
January 7, 2018
Tandy and Todd stumble upon a new survivor, Karl, who has been trapped in a high-security prison in Mexico ever since the virus hit.
Not Appropriate for Miners
8. Not Appropriate for Miners
December 3, 2017
Todd asks Tandy for parenting advice when he notices that Jasper is acting more reckless than usual. Meanwhile, Carol and Erica realize that Jasper may be the only potential suitor for their babies and begin vying for his attention.
Gender Friender
7. Gender Friender
November 19, 2017
Tandy goes to great lengths to convince everyone he's a feminist. Meanwhile, Carol gets jealous of the time that Gail spends with Erica and Dawn, and Todd tries to be a father figure to Jasper.
Double Cheeseburger
6. Double Cheeseburger
November 12, 2017
Carol's pregnancy takes an unexpected turn, and while Tandy feels ready to face the challenge head on, Gail is concerned and wants to intervene. Meanwhile, Melissa discourages Todd's baby fever.
La Abuela
5. La Abuela
November 5, 2017
The gang settles into an old mansion previously owned by an infamous cartel leader. While Carol forces Tandy to put down his new toys so they can baby-proof the giant estate, Melissa worries about Todd's physical health; and Gail and Erica can't figure out why Dawn won't stop crying.
4. Wisconsin
October 22, 2017
Carol panics when Todd and Melissa leave for their honeymoon and Erica and Gail decide to live on their own for a while. She and Tandy devise the ultimate plan to convince everyone it's safer to stick together.
Skeleton Crew
3. Skeleton Crew
October 15, 2017
Pamela tries desperately to redeem herself with everyone, as the gang finally reaches Mexico. Meanwhile, Todd is disappointed that Zihuatanejo is not the paradise of which he'd dreamed.
Stocko Syndrome
2. Stocko Syndrome
October 8, 2017
Tandy devises an escape plan to get away from Pamela and back to Carol and the others. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang encounters a castaway, Glenn, who has been stranded on an island for years.
1. M.U.B.A.R.
October 1, 2017
Pamela finds her place within the group as they all set sail for Mexico, avoiding the apocalyptic nuclear fallout in the United States. Their course derails a bit when they realize that none of them knows how to actually navigate a yacht.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 1, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (63,636)