Da Vinci's Inquest

Coroner Dominic Da Vinci speaks for the dead in Vancouver, British Columbia, in this Canadian television show. The critically-acclaimed crime procedural follows the pattern of U.S.-made series like "CSI" and "Law & Order," because scientists, prosecutors and the police work together to solve crimes. Nicholas Campbell is the star.

7 Seasons, 91 Episodes
October 7, 1998
Cast: Nicholas Campbell, Donnelly Rhodes, Venus Terzo, Ian Tracey
Da Vinci's Inquest

Da Vinci's Inquest Full Episode Guide

  • Dominic plans to announce his run for Mayor, but must outsmart interim Joyce Simkins who strongly opposes his red light proposal.A fire started at Kosmo's house may be tied to a man found immolated in his car.Mick rushes to catch his lead suspect before he slips past the border.Sue suffers an overdose in prison.

  • A conflict of interest is feared when Dominic looks at a constable shooting a man in self-defence at a safe injection site.Kosmo begins working with Suki in robbery, but receives optimistic news when she hears that the Crown is dropping some of Brian Curtis' cases.Both Mick and Rose catch big breaks in their respective cases.

  • Dominic gets backing to help persuade him to run in the Mayor's place.Rose and Curtis investigate the death of a drug counsellor, a key witness in the Sue Lewis case.With a lead gone, Mick continues to try and uncover his friend's murder by approaching a DEA agent.

  • Dominic tries to chase a body down in the sewers while the Mayor's time in office runs low.Kosmo finds out that Kurtz failed to pass down a piece of information to her on the missing women case.Curtis is bumped to homicide and tagged with Rose as Leo begins a hotel security job.

  • The media goes into a frenzy when Dominic's red light proposal is backed up, but in the midst of it, they get wind of the Mayor's role in the hit-and-run.Rose works a case of a wife who believes her husband was killed by his co-workers.Mick and Kosmo move on to an investigate of an escort killing a client in self-defence while the Tuan siblings try to throw Mick off their trail.Leo's investigative work for Dominic quickly turns up interesting findings.

  • Dominic makes peace with the Mayor and Chief of Police long enough to get their support on his red light proposal.Kosmo gets the runaround in trying to talk to Sue who is being held in interrogation.

  • A woman found dead in her car turns out to be a private investigator looking for dirt on Dominic.Sue is arrested and the testimonies from the reliable witnesses Brian has brought forward help pins the charge of murder on her.Chick helps Mick put surveillance on the Summers' boat.

  • Dominic is called to the scene of a strange case of a man found hanged off a bridge.Rose and Leo investigate the findings of a mummified infant.Dominic is suspicious when Kurtz and Jacobs simultaneously stall the Roy Cardinale case.

  • Dominic tries to rule on the death of the captain of a Chinese freighter, but is complicated by jurisdictional issues.Rose and Leo continue to investigate the suicide in Richard Norton's office, but are catching wind up of a cover-up.Brian Curtis begins spreading rumours on Sue.

  • Zack begins looking into the theft of the mayor's car while Mick and Kosmo talk to a friend of Roy Cardinale.Dominic investigates the death of a man who fell off an apartment building while attempting to steal cable.When no knife is found on Pierce's car, Curtis has to rethink his strategy.

  • A case of police brutality maybe linked to an accident by the train tracks while the mayor's car is involved in a hit-and-run.A man's apparent suicide occurs in a law office, but Leo and Rose can tell something is amiss.Dominic looks into a woman's death outside of a church and her connection to its priest.

  • As Dominic makes final preparations for his interview with the police board, Leo is tagged with a temporary partner to investigate the death of an American journalist.Mick and Kosmo try to tie Brian to Rick's murder while Brian has Sue plant a murder weapon.

  • When Rick is found murdered in his apartment, a resurfaced Brian is intent to paint Sue as a suspect.Dominic believes that some bad heroin is being sold while readying his aim for Chief of Police.

  • A man gets into a car accident and robs an ambulance for morphine, leaving a stroke victim to die before she could get to the hospital.Dominic looks into an accident that killed two painters on the job.Kosmo and Mick execute the drug deal they hope to hang on Brian.

  • A real estate agent has been hung in the house he was supposed to be selling.Rose and Leo investigate the death of an elderly man found in the woods.A constable named Klotchko sets out to make Da Vinci's life difficult.

  • Dominic talks to the media about a man found dead in a park, appearing to be the victim of gay-bashing.Kosmo and Mick investigate the death of a pickpocket.

  • Dominic looks into the murder-suicide of a couple.Rose and Leo follow up a report of a severed head that ties into a missing persons case.Sue makes mention of a new drug dealer to Brian Curtis in Mick and Kosmo's first step in a sting operation.

  • Dominic and Leo look at the death of a man found stabbed in the chest, suggesting a suicide.Mick and Kosmo investigate a robbery turned homicide when they find that the woman was to testify in a murder case.

  • Dominic seeks out the reason how a kid managed to get run over by a train. In his investigation he gets assistance from Brian Curtis who he soon learns from Mick and Kosmo is blackmailing Jack Pierce.Suki helps Rose and Leo look into a car theft, which may very well be tied to the murdered stockbroker.

  • Rose and Leo investigate a man's death threat revolving around the severed finger that belonged to an informant.Dominic is called to the scene of a dead man stuck in a diner's chimney.Mick and Kosmo begin using Sue to get close to Brian Curtis.

  • Mick and Kosmo investigate the murder of a family, the father, who dies shortly afterwards, and surviving son being their only suspects.Leo and Rose look for more clues as to why anyone would murder a stockbroker.Dominic ramps up his campaign for Chief of Police.

  • Dominic looks at the death of a boxer shortly after a boxing match and grows suspicious when he finds out that he was being treated by a doctor Gus Cook.Leo and Rose are called to the scene of a field where a man's body had been dumped.Kosmo takes Mick to look back at clues in the murder of Brian's informant.

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