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Outbreak Company is an animated television series airing on a number of networks. It is a story of Shin'ichi Kano, a young isolated otaku who took an exam online for a job that he passed and got him hired on the basis of his vast knowledge of anime, manga and video games.

Shortly after he met his new employer, he was drugged and kidnapped. He later awakened to find himself in an alternative fantasy world where he was informed that he had been selected by the Japanese government to help improve the country's relationship with the fantasy world and he would be required to build a company to promote and sell the country's unique products to this new world's unexplored market.

He was able to establish a school for the nobles in the new world as part of the plan in spreading the otaku culture to them, but he was soon faced with opposition from a terrorist group. The group launched an attack that put him and his friends in danger and he has to go through various obstacles to accomplish the tasks he was given. He met a number of other characters that offered him succor and support in meeting the demands of his employer.

Outbreak Company is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on November 6, 2013.

Where do I stream Outbreak Company online? Outbreak Company is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Outbreak Company on demand at Apple TV online.

Friday 1:30 AM et/pt on Anime Network
1 Season, 13 Episodes
November 6, 2013
Anime, Fantasy
Cast: Tyler Galindo, Genevieve Simmons, Juliet Simmons, Kira Vincent-Davis
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Outbreak Company Full Episode Guide

  • After Shinichi proposed that Eldant become self-sufficient and create its own otaku culture, the Japanese government begins to plot his assasination. However, thanks to Eldant guards, the assasination attempt is thwarted, and peace returns to his life. The Japanese government even lifts the restrictions on importation, ending his shortage of works for his lessons. Meanwhile, Bahalaim makes a move to invade, attacking Eldant and causing an explosion at their school.

  • The otaku culture being brought into Japan has begun to permeate Eldant, and one student is finally starting to write his own light novels while the other students are fighting over the new works being imported from Japan.

  • Footage taken by the SDF of the previous friendly soccergame has leaked, and Matoba is panicking. Certain otaku on the internet have already managed to identify the SDF squad using their emblems and equipment as hints.

  • "This is amazing! It really is my own swimsuit episode!" To burn up Minori's accrued vacation time, Galius arranges for them to stay at the Imperial Villa, and Shinichi is surrounded by girls in swimsuits.

  • Petralka has fallen into the hikikomori lifestyle, and the only way for Shinichi to bring her back is to dive in head first.

  • The Japanese government has been frequently mistaking Shinichi's orders for anime Blu-Rays and DVDs. Finally his patience has run out, and Shinichi demands to return to Japan so he can gather the lesson materials himself. However, Myucel manages to sneak along, and the two of them enjoy some unexpected time alone together..

  • Shinichi has been hoping to find a way to resolve the racial tensions at their school, and when he uncovers a soccer ball within the goods brought in from Japan, he comes up with the idea of strengthening their bond through sports.

  • Setting his sights on Elbia's talent, Shinichi manages to hire her as AmuTec's personal illustrator. While the rapid pace at which his students absorb his lessons surprises him, Shinichi continues to enjoy teaching them and begins a passionate lecture on his speciality, bishoujo games. Minori is just as happy to the students enjoying her introduction to BL. Yet when Shinichi heads for the classroom again, he hears the sounds of elves and dwarves getting into an argument...

  • With Myucel safely recovered from the injury bore in the terrorist attack, matters began to settle and the school opened for classes. Still, the words ofAlessio, the leader of the terrorists, echoed in his mind. "Am I an invader?" As Shinichi searches for the answer to this question, he begins teaching classes. Then one evening on his way home from school, Minori's smart phone alerts them to a trespasser--Elbia Hernaiman, a spy from a neighboring nation.

  • Shinichi begins the arduous task of finding the right stuff to bring to the Eldant Emipre. Later, the Queen appears and demands that he read to her.

  • After safely(?) finishing his audience with Petralka Eldant the Third, Empress of the Holy Eldant Empire, Shinichi recieves permission to conduct business as General Entertainment Firm: AmuTec. When he asks Matoba for the details of his mission, his only reply is "To be frank, we don't really know, either." He decides to start by selecting works the people of Eldant are likely to go crazy for and teaching Myucel Japanese, but then Petralka comes to inspect his work.

  • A lowly otaku is transported to a magic kingdom to bring his nerdy hobbies to the populace in a cultural exchange program.

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