Place to Place

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Alyssa May lives in a tiny Oklahoma town with her parents. Only ten thousand people live there, so there's a definite sense of intimacy among those who are residents. From this setting, she moves to a city of six hundred thousand people, and it's a big culture shock. There are many more opportunities available to her, but she misses her friends from home as well as the town itself. Not long after moving there, her parents decide to get a divorce. One will stay, and the other will move back, so Alyssa must decide where she is going to live herself.

Friday 1:25 AM et/pt on Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 5, 2012
Anime, Comedy
Cast: Ashlee Simpson, Katie Cassidy, Jessica Lucas, Thomas Calabro, Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen
Place to Place

Place to Place Full Episode Guide

  • Io proves to be the perfect gentleman. Sakaki finally gets her revenge for Mayoi's frog flesh chocolate.

  • The group discusses their New Year's resolutions. When a flu epidemic hits, half the class misses school.

  • Mayoi has fun with a recently acquired purchase. Later, Mayoi's Christmas Eve party hits a snag.

  • The group opens a crepe stand, which turns out to be a huge success.

  • A summer festival with the group wouldn't be normal without some shenanigans along the way.

  • Everyone goes to a mountain resort even though their summer homework is due.

  • When the group is assigned to pool cleaning duty, they quickly make a mess out of it. Later, an awkward study group forms at Io's house.

  • The group has a volleyball match after a cringe worthy physical check-up experience.

  • Club activities are canceled, so the group invents their own activity!

  • The group enjoys the last of winter, and Tsumiki shows off her culinary skills to Io.

  • The group visits Miiko's Cake Shop where Io and Sakaki work. Later, Tsumiki, Mayoi, and Hime make chocolates for Valentine's Day.

  • Miniwa Tsumiki accompanies her long time friend and crush to an arcade.