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Two women carry out missions and fight crime across the galaxy. Kiddy Grade is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on March 18, 2003.Where do I stream Kiddy Grade online? Kiddy Grade is available for streaming on Bandai, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kiddy Grade on demand at Amazon, Apple TV, Crunchyroll online.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
March 18, 2003
Science Fiction Action & Adventure
Cast: Gou Aoba, Laura Bailey, Dameon Clarke, Colleen Clinkenbeard
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Kiddy Grade Full Episode Guide

  • Alv has taken control of the Deucalion, and with its virtually unlimited power at her disposal, she sets her sights on revenge. Eclair and Lumiere must now find a way to prevent her from committing the ultimate crime against humanity - the destruction of Earth itself!

  • With the Atlas Project less than a day from its long-awaited completion, the galaxy joins together in celebration of the historic occasion. But beneath this festive surface lurks a dark conspiracy - one that Eclair and Lumiere will soon discover reaches to the very top of the G.O.T.T...

  • The true identities of the masked strangers are revealed at last to be Lumiere and Eclair! But if they are the real Lumiere and Eclair, who is masquerading as Director Eclair? The clones also receive an unpleasant surprise as they must deal with the fact that their life spans are terribly short.

  • Director Eclair sends her vigilante force after the two masked strangers. She must strike while the iron is hot in order to subdue the interlopers and maintain her rule. But the two masked strangers have an incredible surprise in store for Eclair.

  • Upon awakening from an odd slumber, Eclair finds the kind Lumiere tending to her immediate needs, which are great. With Eclipse dead, Eclair finds herself the new Director of the ES Force. What exactly happened? And who are the new ES Force members?

  • Eclair and Lumiere, on the run, hide on a remote, teraforming planet. Tweedledee has been ordered to plant an assassin program on La Muse and Donnerschlag. Will Eclair and Lumiere survive their attack or be forced to destroy their closest friends?

  • Eclair and Lumiere are dismissed from G.O.T.T.'s ES Force. Branded as fugitives, the powerful duo are being hunted down by their own agency. The two seek refuge on an obscure colony only to find that Section Thirteen, an elite Purging Unit, has already arrived. Who tipped them off? And why are Eclair and Lumiere so terrified of the D-Command?

  • When a worker revolt on Planet Aure brings the economy to a standstill, G.O.T.T. ES Members Eclair and Lumiere are called upon to put things back in order. But Aure is privately owned by the galaxy's ruling class, the Nouvlesse. And when Eclair sees how they treat their laborers, she begins to question whose side she's on.

  • After the events on Dardanos, Eclair's suppressed memories of her past continue to invade her waking mind. At long last, she is forced to confront the dark truth of who she really is ? and what she discovers could send her over the edge.

  • On the Planet Dardanos, a number of prominent businessmen have recently vanished without a trace. Eclair and Lumiere are sent to investigate. But with each new twist and turn in the case, they begin to realize that something sinister lurks beneath the seemingly peaceful surface of this quiet farming planet ? a plot which could threaten the freedom of the entire galaxy.

  • Geo sort technology. It can be used for building as well as destroying planets. The planet Atoth is rich in a valuable quantum material used for E-3 Power systems. Someone has used Geo sort bomb to annihilate the planet and its people to gain control of the quantum material. Eclair and Lumiere's mission is to find out whom. Unfortunately all signs point to an inside job.

  • Young Timothy Constance is named as the heir to the Rosenfelt Financial Group, a consortium that controls the galaxy's financial capital. Eclair, Lumiere, and Armblast escort Timothy to his father's homeworld for his coronation, but there are those among the Noble classes who will go to deadly lengths to keep the reins of power out of Timothy's hands?

  • A string of robberies are taking place on shuttlecrafts in a spaceport. Eclair and Ms. Padushka are unwittingly assigned to be decoys in a sting operation to catch the criminals. When they discover that the orbital police are responsible, Eclair and Ms. Padushka have to fight for their lives.

  • Eclair and Lumiere finally get a much-deserved day off. But their leisure plans are torn asunder when they run afoul of a plot to control the minds of the children of Aineias' ruling elite. Caught between rival underground gangs and their trigger-happy cyborgs, our favorite G.O.T.T. agents must race to save the children before it's too late?

  • When a high-speed reactor--capable of turning an ordinary person into a super-human--is stolen, Eclair goes undercover to get it back. But the G.O.T.T. aren't the only ones trying to find the reactor, and retrieving it turns into a deadly game.

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