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The television show School Rumble is a romantic comedy that is shot in Japan. The show is also an anime series. The show follows the lives of the students of Class 2C at the Yagami High School. The show also follows the events of their friends and family. Tenma Tsukamoto is one of the female leads in the show. She is in her second year at the high school. Tenma has a crush on a classmate named Oji Karasuma. She tries to tell him how she feels but he pays no attention. The other male lead in the show is named Kenji Harima. He has strong feelings for Tenma and is going to that school just to be with her. He has trouble expressing his feelings to her. When he tries to do so something always seems to get in the way.

In his frustration Harima starts a relationship with Eri Sawachika who is Tenma's best friend. He also develops a strong friendship with her younger sister, Yakumo. Harima writes a story where he is a hero and saves Tenma from a battle. After the hero saves her she falls in love with him. Tenma is finally able to tell the person she likes how she feels for him. Unfortunately after she does so he loses his memory. Instead of being depresses Tenma refocuses her life. She concentrates on studying and goes to school to become doctor. She wants to do something to help him regain his memory. The characters in this show attend a graduation at their high school. This graduation does not settle the complicated relationships between the characters. The viewers still have to figure out what character ends up with who in the end. The show follows the drama of typical teenagers with a twist now and again to keep the viewers guessing.

2 Seasons, 53 Episodes
October 5, 2004
Cast: Caitlin Glass, Yui Horie, Ami Koshimizu, Hitomi Nabatame, Hiroki Takahashi
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School Rumble Full Episode Guide

  • Yakumo confronts the spirit from the OVA once again, determined to set aside her feelings for Harima in favor of Tenma. Are all these kids nuts, or what?!?

  • Harima's hard at work again on his comic, having to come up with a plotline less realistic to please the editor. Maybe he should take some clues from this story!?!

  • Class 2-C's on a luxury liner in search of warmer climes (courtesy of the resident heiress)!?! But when they shipwreck on a reef and drift up north, things look to get cold, and fast!

  • Trying to burn off some holiday weight, Tenma's trying her hand at skiing... This ought to be good!?! To everyone's surprise, she turns out to be much less of a disaster than expected.

  • It's time to ring in the New Year, with this one looking to be just as crazy as the last!?! Tenma's gotten all turned around at the festival, but she soon bumps into Karasuma... Literally!

  • Karen may be a fan of the Invincible Robot Dozibrion, but she's an even bigger fan of Imadori's. And guess who's stopping by the party!?! Too bad the house is such a mess!

  • Good intentions only go so far, and this gang's about to really screw things up!?! Tenma's been kidnapped, mistaken for her friend, and is now en route to get engaged! Only thing is, she's determined to make such a mess as to cancel the marriage.

  • Harima can't keep it straight as to which room he's sneaking into, so Tenma finally throws him out of the house!?! Now wondering the streets with no place to work on his comic, Mikoto offers the poor guy a place to stay at her dojo.

  • Class 2-C decides to throw Tenma a birthday celebration, and the little dimwit gets to play queen for a day!?!? But her majesty's only wish is that the missing Karasuma might join in the festivities.

  • It's every high schooler's worst nightmare... Exams! Abandon hope, all ye who enter the forsaken halls of Yagumi High!?!

  • Tenma's suddenly the most popular girl in school... Okay, who's hallucinating?!? But speaking of dreams, Harima's might just be answered as Tenma finds herself abandoned by her friends on her birthday.

  • Worried about her weight, Tenma concludes that she needs to be on a diet, but somehow everything seems to be on the menu!?! Hmm, where's the logic?

  • There's a new gang in town, and they've come to challenge the girls for domination of the court! Wait, wasn't Tenma on the other team?!? But things are off to a rough start as neither group seems quite able to keep their eyes on the ball...

  • Satsuki's organizing a girl's basketball team, but she's really only after the coach. Both Tenma and Mikoto get drafted, but when Mikoto looks to be getting some special training, Satsuki takes their rivalry to the court.

  • The girls are headed out for a picnic, and they've invited Harima and Hanai along... To carry the supplies. When it's discovered that Tenma forgot the food, the boys quickly volunteer to improvise.

  • The festivities reach a climax with Class 2-C's colorful rendition of Sleeping Beauty, starring swimsuit sumo musketeers, cursed thorns, spirits of the sword and none other than Harima as the slumbering enchanted? Who switched the beauty with a beast?

  • The Culture Festival is underway, but Class 2-C's coffee shop can't rival the Tea Club's cafe?! It also happens to be Karasuma's birthday, and Tenma's gone to great effort to make him a cake. Too bad there's more than one cake floating around.

  • After all the antics, it looks like the Culture Festival will have both a coffee shop and a class play! Meanwhile, Tenma has tasked Eri with finding out the kinds of things Harima likes. For Yakumo, of course!

  • Bodies litter the school grounds as the survival game continues. Yet even with snipers and ambushes, decoys and double agents, the romance thrives...

  • With the Culture Festival fast approaching, the students of Class 2-C still can't make up their minds. Will they host a coffee shop or a class play... Or swimsuit sumo wrestling?!?

  • It's time for Harima to finally confess his feelings. But confessions quickly become confrontations on the school rooftop!?! Why is it that with Tenma involved, things seem to progress from slightly misunderstood to completely bewildering?

  • Out on the open seas, Harima gets some sense knocked into him - And it's about damn time! But the land can be as cruel as the sea, crueler if you're in this series!?! Tenma calls to ask him out on a date, but it's for all the wrong reasons. You see, she needs help buying a birthday present for Karasuma. (Only because she can't cook!) Meanwhile, the deadline for the Comic Contest is drawing near, and Harima has kidnapped Yakumo to help him finish. But will the tough guy break down when little sister finally puts the pieces together? And a confession under the stars might finally explain everything about space case Karasuma?!?

  • So Eri's taken an interest in the school nurse? More specifically, what kind of relationship she has with Harima. Or should I say "Hario?" Is the little rich girl actually jealous?!? Maybe she should have had her injuries treated while she was there? Since the first race was undone by a pig, and the girl's relay by pride, the pressure's on the guys to pull it off. But what's this? What happened to those guys? They look like they've been hit in the side of the head with a two by four! Maybe the girls should stop cheering so much! Will Harima go the distance, even if it means losing his cool? And why is the pig named Napoleon?!?

  • It's the day of the Athletic Meet and excitement is running high - For all but Tenma, that is. You see, Karasuma hasn't been in any episodes_4-18 as of late! Back to the sporting event, which isn't turning out to be very sporting at all!?! Classes 2-C and 2-D have turned this fun-filled day of activities into a very personal death match, centered around the feud between Karen and Lara. The final event: The traditional school cavalry contest! (Talk about triangles!) Seething rivalries are acted out upon the field of battle as the teams are knocked out, one by one. And in a surprise plot twist Eri will sacrifice herself to save Harima's pride!?!

  • First off, Harima's taking this beard thing way too far! News on the school circuit is that there's gonna be an art exhibit? An art exhibit about The Female Nude in Form and Figure!?! Of course, it doesn't take long before the boys are all plotting and planning, especially when they learn who's volunteering! They may be only paintings, but hey, for these guys it's the next best thing? Too bad it's a study in cubism! And there's a mock wedding going down, but when the bride gets mixed up, there may be more grooms than needed. Harima's gonna run off with the wrong girl! Can't wish for anything better than this!?!

  • Summer lovin' happened so fast? So fast that Imadori's completely forgotten! He made a date with Karen, and now that school's back in session there's just no avoiding it!?! This guy and his habit of hittin' on anything that moves? It's a serious case of déjà vu as Day Duty quickly becomes Date Duty, but this girl sure ain't no D-cup! Tenma stands in for the lucky girl's wrestling match, sending Karen off on her date with a handy bag of tricks? And now she can't find the mask for the game! With enough tangled triangles for an entire semester of geometry, just keep in mind? Don't call me "Carolyn," it's "Karen," okay?!?

  • Still very little rumble, but there is a giraffe in the gym! Is this the cutest crap ever, or what? Tenma and gang's back from their camp out and it looks like hard-ball Harima's about to ‘fess up – again – but wait… The giraffe is his?!? When Yakumo takes in a stray of her own, suddenly everyone's hot to keep Harima's herd out of the headlines… And they're putting on a rather odd act! Have no fear, dangerous animals don't dance… Or do they? As the first bell of a new school year prepares to ring – or rumble – it's reunion time… But Karasuma's got a mustache? And what exactly was Akira keepin' busy with over the break?!?

  • The feud between Eri and Mikoto continues, although neither girl has a clue as to what they're even going on about. The scary thought… Tenma gets it!?! But isn't that because she started all this craziness? Harima, oblivious to the fact he's in the limelight this half-hour, is pulling a Tenma. The only thing on his mind is his new comic creation! But as Mikoto gets all worked up about the fight and about the long lost love returning home, Hanai takes it upon himself to defend her honor… And he's challenging Harima to a duel? What's more, Mikoto's old flame brought a girlfriend along… Oh boy, there's gonna be some fireworks!?!

  • In this very special after school special - Is that too redundant? And can it be an after school special if they're still on summer break? Whatever - As Tenma and Eri have a heart to heart about the finer points of adult relationships - or the specifics of a major televised sport - little sis' is learning firsthand about Harima's gentle handling of - Cats!?! What did'ya think I was gonna say? Perv! And even without A/C, things are getting' chilly as misspoke words lead to misplaced rivalry! But the boys are keepin' things hot with some rivalry of their own, macho macho man style - Break for commercial, Imadori's got a date?!?

  • Beach fun - Take two! Imagine mastering "awkward situations" as an art form!?!

  • It's time for some fun in the sun, but will Hanai lose his cool as he forgets first his breakfast, then his girl - Well technically he didn't forget her, she just forgot to come - Keeping on the same theme, Harima's lost his swim trunks just about the same time Eri's really wishin' she'd lost her sight - Ouch! Can you say awkward?!? And of course, none of the girls can swim! So when the guys agree to give them private lessons, Harima charts out how to get some time alone with Tenma - Too bad he sucks at all things math! More bathing suits lost, even possibly a pair of swimmers? I get the feeling we're forgetting something!?!

  • Nara's back with a trip to the beach, but all his boys have bailed. Where to find replacements at the last hour... Harima, quit wavin' your hand around like that, it's distracting!?!

  • Feeling purged of his love for Tenma, Harima's been purged of his sanity as well? Having found his calling as a holy man, moonlighting as sidewalk fortune teller, animals and all?!? If you're finally feelin' the rumble, sorry to disappoint - It's just the earth spinning slightly off axis! The lunch-based love life more than just stuck in a rut, Tenma's friends take action to steer the pair in a new - yet strangely familiar - direction? Let's hear it for curry! But when the mealtime fave becomes a serious distraction, holy-rollin' Harima's hot for Tenma again! Seriously now? This group's gotta lay off the love letter action!?!

  • Heart-broken Harima has set aside his butt-kicking in favor of the ancient arts… The ancient art of comic...

  • Inspired by her friend Eri, Tenma dawns on the idea that the fastest way to a guy's heart might be through his stomach - And if that guy's Karasuma, then you know we're talkin' curry! But wait, curry's Harima's favorite dish?!? And since we're on the subject, what's with these two dudes chummin' it up? The bruiser must be going soft, what with all the Tenma-this and Tenma-that talk! Back on topic - Curry! As lunches get all mixed up and messages follow suit, what are the odds that the well-fed couple finally find true love? Wait - Which couple are we talking about? Oh no! This doesn't look at all appetizing!?!

  • In his never-ending quest to impress Yakumo, Hanai volunteers his class to clean the school's swimming facility? Yeah, that's gonna go over real well! When an annoyed Harima chucks a bar of soap, things become quite lively and their brooms are put to far different purpose? An impromptu hockey match in the pool!?! Who authorized this? Speaking of scoring - it's freakin' implied - funny-pants Fuyuki's keeping busy snappin' some action shots from the sidelines! But he'd better be quick on the draw, because it looks like Harima and Hanai plan on puttin' the profit-seeking perv out of business? Is this stuff even legal?!?

  • It's the third episode and you know what that means? Time for a bank robbery! Seriously?!? Almost? But first, Art Class brightens things up a bit as the students pair off to sketch each other's portraits. And of course, Tenma ends up with Karasuma? Like, duh! Perhaps inspired ? perhaps desperate and just a tad unbalanced ? the luckless lass decides to play cupid, winging words of love on arrows swift and sure? Wait a second, are those real arrows? Poor guy, never had a chance? Well that didn't work, so Tenma's turning to the ladies for some sisterly advice. But does anyone have a clue why Harima's in a dress?!?

  • If you're still waiting for the rumble, well then you just about rival Tenma in the brains department! What...

  • Flashback episode. Harima's gone soft, what with his comic gig and chummin' it up with the girls. Of course Yoshidayama sees this as his big chance to step up to alpha once and for all... Too bad a little friendliness in the wrong direction goes a long way.

  • In this very special after school special… Is that too redundant? And can it be an after school special if...

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