Pita Ten

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An anime children's fantasy series. Kotaro is a young boy who lives alone with his widowed father after his mother died protecting him from being hit by a car. He is a good boy who has taken on added responsibilities due to his situation and is a bit stressed out as a result. One day his life changes forever when he meets a pink haired girl called Misha. She is actually an angel in training and decides to become his guardian angel and does her best despite her clumsiness and inexperience. The two become fast friends and have adventures together.

TV Osaka
1 Season, 26 Episodes
April 7, 2002
Anime, Comedy
Cast: Miyuki Sawashiro, Rie Kugimiya, Mitsuki Saiga, Yumi Touma, Yukana
Pita Ten

Pita Ten Full Episode Guide

  • Shia gets fired as a demon apprentice. Nya tries to convince her to do demonic deeds, but Shia decides against it and vanishes. Everyone’s memory of Shia fades away.

  • Shia wants to win a prize from the town sports festival. Kotarou and friends help participate to win the 400-meter relay race for Shia.

  • Koboshi feels left out because Kotarou has feelings for Misha. Koboshi tries to change her personality to become prettier and less violent. Going overboard she collapses!

  • Misha’s first Angel Exam is underway. Kotarou and friends go to cheer her on, but Misha ineffectively uses her angel powers and accidentally creates mayhem.

  • Kaoru invites Ten-chan to the Mitarai family beach resort, but reluctantly accepts all his friends. At the beach, Dai-chan wears a flotation device and refuses to go into the ocean.

  • Misha disturbs Kotarou’s studies to study for her own exam, which is about happiness. Can Misha understand what true happiness is, or is she doomed to keep making Kotarou angry?

  • Kotarou has to work on group project at Dai-chan’s house. Kotarou gets lost in the huge mansion, but develops a deeper appreciation for all of Dai-chan’s hard work and dedication.

  • Kotarou, Koboshi, and Ten-chan have to gather items for a charity rummage sale. All around the town, junk begins piling up everywhere! Who could be causing all the chaos?

  • Ten-chan is down in the dumps, unable to make out his true feelings towards Shia. All of Ten-chan's friends try to cheer him up by throwing a party.

  • Dai-chan dreams about Misha being an angel and tries to prove to Kaoru that in reality Misha is really an angel. Because of Misha's clumsiness, Dai-chan begins hunting for proof.

  • Kotarou’s class is preforming a play on Princess Kaguya, but Ten-chan becomes injured and can no longer preform. Kotarou must take the stage. Can he out preform Dai-chan?

  • Someone is playing tricks on Kotarou, and casting the blame on Hiroshi. Who is the real culprit behind these pranks?

  • Hiroshi Mitarai joins Kotarou's class and fights with Ten-chan about his ranking in the National Mock Exams. Hiroshi tries to compete with Ten-chan, but becomes crazy about Misha.

  • Misha wins tickets for Kotarou and his friends to visit the hot springs. While there chaos ensues and the group of friends meet Shia, who unbeknownst to them is a demon

  • Koboshi plans a scary school event called the "Test of Courage". Kotarou, who is terrified of ghosts gets spooked and accidentally runs into the old haunted school building.

  • After seeing Misha clinging to Kotarou, Koboshi gets jealous. After seeing gifts Ten-chan received from other girls as a sign of love, Koboshi bakes an apple pie for Kotarou.

  • Kotarou, a single child, wakes up to find that an angel named Misha has moved in next door. Kotarou's boring life is about to be turned upside down!