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Battle Girls – Time Paradox is a historical Japanese anime with a creative and surprising twist. The main character of the show is Yoshino Hide. Yoshino is an average teenage girl. Her only quirk is that she often gets into trouble, no matter how hard she tries to avoid it. Once day, Yoshino goes to pray at a local shrine. While she is praying, Yoshino spots a stranger doing something odd. It seems like the stranger is performing some type of magical spell. Yoshino jumps up, in order to move away. Unfortunately, her knack for getting in trouble comes into play at that moment. Through a series of unfortunate accidents, Yoshino bumps into the stranger, sending her spell into disarray. Things get even worse when the messed up spell transports Yoshino into another world.

After the spell has completed, Yoshino finds herself in a land that looks very much like the feudal period of Japan. However, Yoshino quickly realizes that there is one big difference between the past she knew and the world she is now in. There are no men. Every person Yoshino encounters is a woman.

The spell has dumped Yoshino right in the middle of a dangerous battle. Luckily, two women quickly gather her up and carry her away from the battle. Once in a safe place, Yoshino comes to know the pair as Oda Nobunaga and Akechi Mitsuhide. These are actual historical figures, and Yoshino recognizes their names. However, unlike their historical counterparts, these warriors are women.

Yoshino soon realizes that there is really nowhere else for her to go. Nobunaga tells Yoshino that she is looking for the pieces of the Crimson Armor, which will give her great power and allow her to become the leader of Japan. Wanting to help her new friends, Yoshino agrees to search for the pieces of the armor. Nobunaga makes Yoshino her retainer and, together with Mitsuhide, the group sets out on an exciting quest.

Battle Girls - Time Paradox is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on April 4, 2011.

Battle Girls - Time Paradox is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Battle Girls - Time Paradox on demand atAmazon, iTunes online.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 4, 2011
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Battle Girls - Time Paradox Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone eats a meal while cleaning up the ruins of the castle. And then someone slips away!? Date-sensei leaves to find the armor, still buried in the rubble. She hasn't given up on getting it yet. And just as she finds it, Hideyoshi appears... What will be the fate of the battle girls?

  • When the Crimson Armor finally activates, it absorbs Ieyasu's black heart; the maidens struggle to overcome Ieyasu's newly found strength.

  • At last the Crimson Armor has activated! The Armor absorbs Ieyasu's dark heart and goes out of control. Nobunaga and Mitsuhide are powerless against Ieyasu's overwhelming might. Imagawa Yoshimoto, Takeda Shingen, and Uesugi Kenshin come to help! Nobunaga begs for the others to help her save the innocent people. And the Battle Maidens at last join together...!!

  • Once again, Nobunaga must recover the rest of the armor when it is taken again. Later, Masamune reveals the truth about the latest events to Hideyoshi.

  • Masamune took advantage of the confusion at Honnouji to steal the armor! Nobunaga follows her to Azuchi castle, but finds Masamune lying on the ground midway. The armor had been stolen by Ieyasu. Nobunaga and Mitsuhide hurry to the castle to stop Ieyasu from getting all the armor. Masamune tells Hideyoshi the truth behind everything that's happened...

  • Finally, all the pieces of armor are recovered! Hideyoshi's history book reveals a grim future for Nobunaga.

  • At last Nobunaga has all the armor! They head back to Azuchi Castle, where they've left the remaining pieces. On the way back, they stop at Honnouji Temple. Even a dummy like Hideyoshi remembers that name! Her textbook says that this is where Akechi Mitsuhide killed Oda Nobunaga... no way! Meanwhile, Mitsuhide is at her breaking point. With some advice from Masamune, she takes action. Everything she does is for love..

  • When Hideyoshi is taken captive, Nobunaga sets out to save her and is overcome by a violent rage.

  • The group is confronted by a very... unique trio: Mouri Motonari, Chousokabe Motochika, and Ootomo Sourin. Nobunaga captures them and makes them give up the location of the armor. But the box with the armor in it is trapped, and Hideyoshi is taken prisoner. Nobunaga heads to the mountain where she's being held, her features twisted with a terrible rage...

  • Nobunaga and Hideyoshi set out to recover the remaining pieces of armor, and Nobunaga falls victim to an ugly rumor. Later, Hideyoshi becomes ill.

  • Nobunaga sets off to recover the last three pieces of armor in Saigoku. Of course, there's no cars or trains, and Hideyoshi is quickly exhausted. They decide to rest at a ton, but for some reason the town is overflowing with rumros that Nobunaga is a demon who eats children and babies! And they say that Mitsuhide is the one who spread the rumors! Meanwhile, Hideyoshi gets more and more tired, and finally falls ill...

  • Hideyoshi teaches the rest of the girls what a play is and how to perform it! As soon as everyone is up to speed, the competition begins for a leading role!

  • Everyone decides to put on a play at Hideyoshi's suggestion. Nobody knows what a "play" is supposed to be, so Hideyoshi has to teach them everything. She starts making the set and working on the script! But she has no idea what to write, and so asks Yoshimoto, who loves everything literary. Yoshimoto's idea is a world of passion with lots of girls in love! And just once things start to get in shape, everybody starts trying to win themselves a bigger part...

  • As the downpour continues, each girl reflects on her past.

  • The long rain has everybody feeling a bit melancholy, and each character remembers somehing from their past. Mitsuhide thinks back to the rainy day when she first met Nobunaga. Nobunaga shows Hideyoshi a pipe she always carries with her, and talks about the memories it holds. And Date Masamune thinks about something that happened only a short while ago...

  • Hideyoshi goes hawk hunting with the rest of the group, but when they go after their prey they get more than they bargained for.

  • At Tokugawa Ieyasu's suggestion, everyone goes hawk hunting. Hideyoshi is looking forward to her first meat in ages. A bit after they begin, the hawk flies off into the forest after its prey... Everyone follows the hawk, but instead they find a grave and ghosts! If they can't tell scary stories to satisfy the ghosts, they won't be able to leave...!?

  • Uesugi and Takeda continue their fight over the armor. Meanwhile, Hideyoshi laments that her cell phone is broken!

  • Imagawa Yoshimoto is under attack by Nobunaga! Later, Nobunaga challenges Yoshimoto!

  • Nobunaga learns that Imagawa Yoshimoto has the left leg of the Crimson Armor. But Yoshimoto, while uninterested in the armor, has no intention of just giving it over. She brings a large army and attacks Nobunaga! Nobunaga returns to her castle, where Hideyoshi gives her a plan. And Nobunaga sends a challenging letter to Yoshimoto...

  • This new world in which Hideyoshi finds herself is exactly like the Warring States era....except there are only women!

  • The Present Day. There's a middle school girl named Hideyoshino who loves fashion and cell phones. Her nickname at school is "Hideyoshi." Just before her exams, she realizes that her only hope is divine intervention, and goes to a shrine. There she is whisked away by a mysterious light...The next thing she knows, she is surrounded by female bandits who proceed to attack her! She is saved by a general with a gigantic sword. The general calls herself Oda Nobunaga...