Koihime Musou

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Kanu lives in a world worn by war and destroyed by opportunistic bandits. As a young child, her parents and older brother, as well as her whole village, were wiped out by a group of ruthless bandits. She trains in martial arts and sets out to protect other families from the same pain and consequence. She also seeks to find the path to change the world.

1 Season, 18 Episodes
September 12, 2009
Cast: Emi Motoi, Nami Kurokawa, Hiroka Nishizawa, Takehiro Hasu, Masahito Yabe
Koihime Musou

Koihime Musou Full Episode Guide

  • Ririn has a fight with Aisha which leads both girls to compete in the Sports Festival with other the teams.

  • Ryuubi, with the help of Kan'u and her group, has quelled the rebellion, but there is more to Ryuubi that meets Kan'u eyes. With his chance to make his claim to fame, Ryuubi abandons Touka and decides to focus on the fighting the rebels and tries to encourage Aisha to join him...

  • While Rinrin and Shuri are still sleeping at their camp, Kan'u wakes up and immediately finds herself in the middle of a battle between bandits and militias. They decide to team up with Ryuubi's army to defeat the bandits; and with Rinrin fighting skills, Shuri's strategies and Kan'u strength they will help Ryuubi get back in the good graces of his lord.

  • The kingdom of Wu under Queen Sonsaku has been rapidly expanding through warfare. However her younger sister has been warning her that the battles will exhaust her people and supplies.And subsequently on that day, they all learn of a pending assassination plot from an unknown stranger...

  • Bunshu and Ganryo find a treasure map in the warehouse and go searching for the treasure with Ensho. At that time, Soso, Kakoton, and Juniku were taking an occasional breather when they began to head toward an onsen. Kanu unexpectedly would get a whiff of the sulfur from the onsen so she headed that way. However, it didn't seem like the water from that onsen was flowing.

  • At the tea house near the mountain's ridge, a young lady is entangled with a bad guy when Kanu enters to help. During the course of events, Kanu ends up paying this lady's check. Her name was Sonshoko and she promised to repay her so she declared to be the servant of Kanu and her friends.

  • Komei and three other people continued the journey with Kanu. Once, an argument suddenly arose when there was a fork in the road and everyone went down their own path. Chohi ended up on her own when she came across a town. With low traveling expenses, she lacked the money for food. Having a plan, she began to wander about the town since she knew about a big celebration that was going to occur.

  • The girls become separated after taking a wrong turn in a dense fog. Kan'u and Chohi emerge from the fog unto a small home inhabited by a studious and cheery young girl and her master.

  • Kanu is walking in the mountains when she gets lost in the thick fog with Choun. Futhermore, Kanu slips on the cliff and ends up spraining her ankle. As they are waiting for the fog to clear up, Chohi finds a small cottage. It turns out it's at the bottom of the mountain where there is an elementary school where Suikyo-sensei teaches. The cottage is the home of the student, Komei.

  • The group meets Toutaku, the Governess of Zhao, and she informs everyone that she came to investigate a rumor that a monster has been threatening a village. While they implore the help of strategist Ka Ku, Kan'u and friends decide to take on the 'monster' despite being a bit weary and scared about facing it.

  • After subduing the rebel armies, Soso and her troops return to Shao. Upon her return she sees Chohi and Bacho. Bacho, however, scream's out Soso's name and charges at her; but for what reason?

  • Chohi crosses blades against a formidable opponent by the name Bacho, in the #1 Martial Artist Tournament, held in Kishu. An even greater battle of strength, beauty, and cunning lies afoot for vassalage under the lovely, yet pompous, Lord Ensho.

  • Traveling Martial Artists, Cho'un Shiryu and Kan'u Uncho, infiltrate a bandit hideout in order to quell an uprising.

  • Kan'u and Chohi are on their journey together, and their first stop happens when, K'sonsan, a local feudal lord and Choun ask the two to help them find a hidden base belonging to bandits so they can be eliminated. However upon finding the bandits, Kan'u and Ch'hi fight them off, taking away Choun's glory. However, they offer her an alternative...

  • Black haired bandit hunter, Kan'u Uncho, investigates a small village plagued by rampaging bandits.

  • During a time of peace, Kanou travels throughtout the land training her skills; but on an auspicious day she enters a village to encounter Chohi, a small bandit girl from the mountains. On that day, Chohi is being sought out by the head of the village for the damages she has done to the village. However, Kan'u decides to take on Chohi and her rag-tag group of friends...