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11 eyes is about the story that revolves around Satsuki Kakeru, who is now living a vacant life after losing his dear sister 7 years ago. One day, the moon turns black and sky turns red. People around Kakeru disappear and monsters begin roaming the streets. They hide for a while, and the world seems to return to normal. Kakeru though it was all a dream when the phenomenon starts again. This time, they found other humans that are involved when the phenomenon occurs. They get together with the intent of surviving the red night phenomenon.

One time during the red night, six shadows appear who proclaim themselves as the

11 Eyes is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on October 14, 2009.

Where do I stream 11 Eyes online? 11 Eyes is available for streaming on Marvelous Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 11 Eyes on demand at The Roku Channel online.

Marvelous Entertainment
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 14, 2009
Cast: Mai Gotou, Daisuke Ono, Yu Asakawa
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11 Eyes Full Episode Guide

  • Pink Phantasm: Kids, make your room as dark as possible and sit 48,000 light years from your television. Just kidding.

  • Kakeru figures out how to defeat Lisolette and save Yuka-- but it will take ironclad determination. In the meantime, Kakeru finally gets the answers he seeks about his past.

  • Yuka has released Lisolette, the Witch of Babylon.

  • The bonds of friendship are tested when Superbia's plan is unveiled: sever the ties between Kakeru and Yuka.

  • Yuka goes missing in the Red Night. Everyone searches for her after Takahisa finds one of her belongings in the nurse's office.

  • Kakeru finally awakens the power of the Eye of Aeon. However, possessing this power comes at a high price.

  • Kakeru's main concern is protecting Yuka, but he struggles to conjure his power. The timing couldn't be worse, as they are once again transported to the Red Night. Once there, Kakeru finds himself up against a Black Knight.

  • Kakeru is determined to learn how to wield a sword so he can protect Yaku from the dangers that lurk in the Red Night. He asks Misuzu to teach him but she refuses.

  • Kakeru and Yuka are thrown back into the Red Night dimension. This time they meet the powerful Misuzu Kusakabe, who saves them from a horde of the evil creatures. Then they come across a girl who is trapped within a crystal.

  • Kakeru and Yuka are thrown into an alternate nightmarish world they call "Red Night".

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