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Sky Wizard Academy is a 30 minute TV show. Giant armor covered insects with magical powers have taken over the world, causing all of humanity to flee to multiple floating cities. The only defense to these insects are Sky Wizards who fight the predators in the space between the Earth and the academies.

On one of the floating cities is a young man who was once hailed as a top magical swordsman. He was a warrior to beat with a bright future. He is very intelligent, compassionate and skillful. Along the way he fell into disgrace. The people looked at him as a traitor. As an effort to redeem himself, he is chosen as the instructor for a low level misfit team of three girls. They have been defeated the last 10 battles. This group is the lowest in the academies in terms of grades and skill. The warriors job is to turn this group into a productive team.

One girl is a fiery redhead who has the drive and will to become a leader, but constantly fails the tests needed to move up. Another young lady is a raven haired great marksman, but a little too self absorbed. The third girl lacks the confidence it takes to be a true warrior, but has the skill.

It's up to their new instructor to bring out their best talents and turn them into a cohesive unit. He also has to change the leaders' and citizens' minds about himself and his team.

Sky Wizards Academy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 9, 2015.

Where do I stream Sky Wizards Academy online? Sky Wizards Academy is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sky Wizards Academy on demand at Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 9, 2015
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Sky Wizards Academy Full Episode Guide

  • Before Fireteam E601 can congratulate themselves for the decisive victory, the mysterious assailant strikes again. Now, Kanata's students - current and former - must work together to defeat this terrible foe.

  • Against all odds, E601 scores victory after unexpected victory, defying the expectations of everyone watching - except, of course, Kanata, their instructor. Now they must face A227, the crowd favorite instructed by Yuri.

  • Lecty and Rico, having passed Kanata's test, seems to be getting along well. However, Misora is still lost. Her frustrations grow as Lecty and Rico show off their skills in training. Before Misora is ready, the tournament begins.

  • With the team roles shuffled again, Lecty begins to have serious doubts about the effect of this new training. Meanwhile, despite patrols guarding the entire town, the mysterious attacks against the students continue.

  • Kanata and Fireteam E601 begin a new training session, which Rico catches on to quickly. Meanwhile, a mysterious hooded figure assaults students of the Sky Wizards Academy at night.

  • In order to accelerate the training of battle-ready Sky Wizards, Chloe organizes a grand tournament with lucrative prizes. Kanata sees this as a prime opportunity to push E601 into the spotlight.

  • A surprise attack of Devil Beetles catches the Sky Wizards off guard, allowing a detachment to enter the city. The only Sky Wizards remaining in the city are those tasked with non-combat duties - Fireteam E601 is among them.

  • Kanata is able to train Misora and Lecty to realize their strengths and weaknesses, bringing up their combat readiness. However, as a team, they are still incomplete - until Kanata convinces Rico to join, Fireteam E601 is a doomed as ever.

  • Kanata, armed with knowledge of the weaknesses and strengths of each of his students, assigns special training exercises to Lecty and Misora. The two girls prepare for the toughest challenge, but get something beyond their expectations.

  • Former elite Sky Wizard Kanata is often called "Traitor". Fireteam E601 calls him "Pervert". As their new instructor, Kanata must show the three girls how to improve their rock-bottom grades, and hopefully get them to forget about his underwear.