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  • TV-14
  • 2015
  • 1 Season
  • 6.5  (583)

Sky Wizards Academy is a fantasy anime series produced by Diomedea studio and directed by Takayuki Inagaki. The show first aired on July 8, 2015, and ran for 12 episodes till September 23, 2015. The anime is an adaptation of a Japanese light novel series titled "Kūsen Madōshi Kōhosei no Kyōkan," which was written by Yū Moroboshi and illustrated by Yuka Nakajima. The series was licensed for English release by FUNimation Entertainment.

The series is set in a world where humanity has been forced to live in floating cities called "academies" after a mysterious and catastrophic event known as the "Great War." In these cities, students with magical abilities are trained to become Sky Wizards, which is an elite group of warriors that protect the homeland from the threat of the Non-Human Entities (NHEs), which are creatures that appear out of nowhere and wreak havoc.

The story follows the protagonist Kanata Age, a former ace Sky Wizard, who has been demoted to the rank of an instructor due to a mission failure in the past. Kanata is bitter and unwilling to train the new students, but he gradually starts bonding with his three students, Misora Whitale, Rico Flamel, and Lecty Eisenach. While Misora is perky and determined, Rico is a genius inventor who is always working on gadgets, and Lecty is a shy but athletic girl who struggles with magic. Together, they face challenges, develop their skills, and uncover the truth about the world they live in.

The show has a mix of action, comedy, and romance. The battles between the Sky Wizards and the NHEs provide an adrenaline rush to the viewers, and the unique magical abilities of the characters make the fights exciting and unpredictable. The show uses a system called "Magic Integration System" (MIS) to explain how the characters fly and use magic, which makes the fights more strategic and engaging. The gadgets that Rico creates also add a steampunk flavor to the show and allow for creative problem-solving.

The comedy elements in the show come from the interactions between the characters. Kanata's sarcastic comments and Misora's upbeat personality make for hilarious moments, and the three students' dynamic adds a slice-of-life aspect to the show. The show also has a bit of a romantic aspect, with hints of a love triangle between Kanata, Misora, and Lecty, which adds a sense of tension and drama to the plot.

One of the significant themes of the show is the idea of redemption. Kanata is haunted by his past failures, which make him cynical and detached from his students. Through the show, Kanata learns to let go of his past and find a purpose in teaching the new generation of Sky Wizards. Similarly, Misora and Lecty struggle with their insecurities and past traumas but find strength through their bond with Kanata and their fellow students.

The world-building in the show is also noteworthy. The floating academies and the threat of the NHEs create an intriguing and mysterious backdrop to the plot. The show hints at a greater conspiracy behind the formation of the academies and the true nature of the NHEs, which keeps the viewers engaged and wanting more.

The animation in the show is average and doesn't stand out compared to other anime of its time. The character designs are simple, and the backgrounds lack detail. However, the show compensates for it with its action scenes, which are well choreographed and exciting to watch.

Overall, Sky Wizards Academy is an enjoyable and engaging anime that combines action, comedy, and romance into a well-crafted story. While the animation is average, the show's unique magical system, character bonds, and world-building make it a must-watch for anyone who enjoys fantasy anime.

Sky Wizards Academy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 9, 2015.

Sky Wizards Academy
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Instructor of the Sky Wizards Academy
12. Instructor of the Sky Wizards Academy
September 23, 2015
Before Fireteam E601 can congratulate themselves for the decisive victory, the mysterious assailant strikes again. Now, Kanata's students - current and former - must work together to defeat this terrible foe.
The Finals, and...
11. The Finals, and...
September 16, 2015
Against all odds, E601 scores victory after unexpected victory, defying the expectations of everyone watching - except, of course, Kanata, their instructor. Now they must face A227, the crowd favorite instructed by Yuri.
Potentials of the Zero
10. Potentials of the Zero
September 9, 2015
Lecty and Rico, having passed Kanata's test, seems to be getting along well. However, Misora is still lost. Her frustrations grow as Lecty and Rico show off their skills in training. Before Misora is ready, the tournament begins.
The Victory Formula
9. The Victory Formula
September 2, 2015
With the team roles shuffled again, Lecty begins to have serious doubts about the effect of this new training. Meanwhile, despite patrols guarding the entire town, the mysterious attacks against the students continue.
Beyond the Rankings
8. Beyond the Rankings
August 26, 2015
Kanata and Fireteam E601 begin a new training session, which Rico catches on to quickly. Meanwhile, a mysterious hooded figure assaults students of the Sky Wizards Academy at night.
Mistgun Tournament
7. Mistgun Tournament
August 19, 2015
In order to accelerate the training of battle-ready Sky Wizards, Chloe organizes a grand tournament with lucrative prizes. Kanata sees this as a prime opportunity to push E601 into the spotlight.
The Skies, Taken
6. The Skies, Taken
August 12, 2015
A surprise attack of Devil Beetles catches the Sky Wizards off guard, allowing a detachment to enter the city. The only Sky Wizards remaining in the city are those tasked with non-combat duties - Fireteam E601 is among them.
The Key to Victory
5. The Key to Victory
August 5, 2015
Kanata is able to train Misora and Lecty to realize their strengths and weaknesses, bringing up their combat readiness. However, as a team, they are still incomplete - until Kanata convinces Rico to join, Fireteam E601 is a doomed as ever.
The Unforgettable Past
4. The Unforgettable Past
July 29, 2015
It's obvious that Misora has no chance of success with her current weapon, the Magic Cannon Sword. However, she is not willing to use a weapon more suited to her talents. Kanata must find out why.
The Potentials of the Weakest
3. The Potentials of the Weakest
July 22, 2015
Kanata, armed with knowledge of the weaknesses and strengths of each of his students, assigns special training exercises to Lecty and Misora. The two girls prepare for the toughest challenge, but get something beyond their expectations.
The Strongest Traitor
2. The Strongest Traitor
July 15, 2015
Fireteam E601's first training session under instructor "Traitor" Kanata begins. Kanata quickly notices that each Sky Wizard has her own strengths, but their overwhelming weaknesses are much more pronounced.
Fireteam E601
1. Fireteam E601
July 9, 2015
Former elite Sky Wizard Kanata is often called "Traitor". Fireteam E601 calls him "Pervert". As their new instructor, Kanata must show the three girls how to improve their rock-bottom grades, and hopefully get them to forget about his underwear.
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Sky Wizards Academy is available for streaming on the FUNimation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sky Wizards Academy on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Crunchyroll.
  • Premiere Date
    July 9, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (583)