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The story of the television show Gangsta takes place in a city called Ergastulum. This show focuses one two characters named Nic and Worick, who are apart of a small group known as the "Handymen". Nic and Worick's main mission is to handle some dirty work by taking on jobs that nobody else wants to do in town that have been given to them by the police, as well as the mafia for a huge price.

Things start to take a rather interesting turn for the Handymen when they meet up with a former prostitute named Alex, who has become extremely interested in the mysterious secrets and dark background of the group Nic and Worick are working for.

Alex later becomes interested in Nic's hidden abilities and decides to follow the Handymen for information on the group, as well as what she can gather on Nic's special gift.

As the story progresses, both Nic and Worick discover Alex's true motives and decide to take her as a hostage in order to keep their organization a secret.

GANGSTA. is a Anime series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 2, 2015. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.3.

GANGSTA. is available for streaming on the FUNimation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch GANGSTA. on demand at Tubi TV Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

Thursday 2:44 PM et/pt on FUNimation
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 2, 2015
Cast: Mamiko Noto, Felecia Angelle, Jun'ichi Suwabe, KenjirĂ´ Tsuda
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GANGSTA. Full Episode Guide

  • With Galahad at the Paulklee Colony, the Cristiano Family looks to Nicolas to protect Loretta. Joel confronts Marco about Constance's disappearance. Worick has suspicions about Ivan.

  • Delico and Yang go out looking for Erica. Sig, Colt, and Emilio attack the Paulklee Guild, setting off bombs whose smoke robs the Twilights of their sensory advantages. Loretta leaves her hiding place at the Handymen's office.

  • While Nicolas is again treated for his injuries, Alex discovers how important Dr. Theo is to the city's Twilights. Cody learns why the Handymen are independent. A lone woman is seen entering the Abandoned District, leading to the Paulklee Colony.

  • A few of the Twilights inside the night club suddenly pull knives and start attacking those around them, forcing Marco and Galahad to take action. Mikhail joins the fray, collecting dogtags, as Worick begins connecting the dots.

  • When three more Twilight bodies are found, all signs point to an anti-Twilight campaign being carried out. The Handymen are hired to repair Constance's gun shop, and Alex discovers that she has some important memories missing.

  • Worick has a nightmare, flashing back to when he found out that Nicolas was a Twilight. Doug returns to the Guild, disappointed that Nicolas wasn't who he thought he was. The Four Fathers meet to discuss the slain Twilights.

  • Monroe makes arrangements to bury the men lost in the previous day's shootout. Corsica works to tie up any loose ends that can lead back to him. Nina tends to Nicolas' injuries as Worick pieces together the threat to the city's balance of power.

  • The Paulklee Guild learns that Doug, one of their Twilights, has taken a job without their knowledge that would violate the Three Laws. Worick and Nicolas have their hands full trying to protect Monroe.

  • After a massive body dump is discovered, Chad must take Worick and Nicolas in for questioning. Daniel Monroe enlists the aid of the Handymen during a gun battle. Worick recalls the first time he and Nicolas met.

  • Nina, Dr. Theo's young nurse, shows up to deliver some medicine to Nicolas, and to ask for the Handymen's help in dealing with a Tag who is threatening their clinic. Alex learns more about the dogtags that Nicolas wears.

  • In the city of Ergastulum, which is run by four crime families, a pair of "Handymen" provide a service doing dirty jobs for anyone who calls and hires them. A fifth power tries to gain a foothold within the city.