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The television series Buso Renkin tells the story of a high school student named Kazuki Muto the main character who got killed in the process of trying to rescue a girl and Tokiko Tsumura the girl that was saved by Kazuki and their experiences. Buso Renkin was created and written by Nobuhiro Watsuki who was assisted sometimes by his wife Kaoru Kurosaki in writing.

Shueisha Shonens' magazine known as the weekly Shonen Jump picked up Buso Renkin and featured its first 80chapters.

The series was later on picked up and included in a cartoon animated series by Xebec. It eventually featured on Funimation Channel in 2009. As time went on dramas, novels and games have been developed based on the ideas of the series.

In the initial plot, Kazuki Muto who was killed in the process of saving a girl from some strange monster/creature and woke up believing it was a dream was amazed later on when a huge female serpent attacked him and his sister and made him realize it was real and no dream at all.

The girl saved by Kazuki, out of guilt as being the cause of what had happened to him had done all she could to bring him back to consciousness as she explained to Kazuki by use of a Kakugane. This device that was used to revive him was later used by Kazuki to create a Buso Renkin which he later named Sunlight Heart, that became the only weapon that could be used to destroy all imaginary scary creatures or monsters. Thanks to the Buso Renkin, Kazuki and Tokiko embarked on fighting against all the human eating monsters so as to protect their friends and Kazuki's sister.

Buso Renkin is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on January 17, 2007.

Where do I stream Buso Renkin online? Buso Renkin is available for streaming on VIZ Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Buso Renkin on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV, Tubi TV online.

VIZ Media
2 Seasons, 30 Episodes
January 17, 2007
Cast: Jun Fukuyama, Ryouka Yuzuki, Aya Hirano, Hitomi Nabatame, KISHOW
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Buso Renkin Full Episode Guide

  • Papillon shows Tokiko the new white kakugane he has forged for the sole purpose of reverting Kazuki back to a human being. Then, from the moon above a golden burst of light shines through the night sky. It is the shining of Kazuki's Sunlight Heart!

  • Following Kazuki and Victor's disappearance into the heavens, peace returns, and time passes. Everyone who knew Kazuki feels his loss. Unable to accept reality, Tokiko spends her days in idleness.

  • With only moments until the completion of the white kakugane, which can revert a Victornized being into a human once more, Kazuki is faced with the ultimate choice of whether to use the cure on himself or Victor.

  • The Alchemist Army delivers a full-scale attack against Victor. But in the midst of the attack, Victor's evolution reaches its final stage, increasing his powers to unimaginable levels.

  • Hiwatari's Buso Renkin, Blaze of Glory, engulfs everyone but the Silver Skin-equipped Bravo…or so it seems. To Hiwatari's surprise, inside the two Silver Skins were Kazuki, Tokiko, and Gota.

  • Caught in the explosion created by Hiwatari, Tokiko and Gota stray from Kazuki. Meanwhile, the search and destroy team locates Victor and launches a full-scale attack...

  • Kazuki, Tokiko, and Gota head toward the Newton Apple Academy for Girls, an all-girl boarding school where the black kakugane was originally located. Warrior Chief Hiwatari and his re-extermination squad are pursuing Kazuki but are stopped by Papillon.

  • Kazuki and the gang are enjoying the summer, except for Tokiko, who sneaks off to meet with Gota Nakamura, the newly appointed Alchemist Warrior, who informs her of their new mission.

  • Becoming like Victor, Kazuki is driven by his fighting instinct. Victor leaves the scene, promising to return. Kazuki tries to follow, but thanks to Tokiko's sorrowful cry, he regains his consciousness.

  • Stopping the Warrior Traitor is the only means to save his friends. Kazuki heads to the rooftop and with full force destroys the Restoration Flask, but finds the shattered flask to be empty!

  • In the forest outside of Ginsei City, Bravo, Kazuki, and Tokiko decide to infiltrate the LXE hideout and take down the LXE before they can revive the Warrior Traitor, but they find the place empty except for Moonface…

  • Shusui recalls his earliest memories: being abducted by a woman claiming to be his mother and the days he spent in confinement. The twins grew up never questioning the closed world they lived in.

  • One rainy afternoon, Kazuki comes across two third-year students, school class president Ouka Hayasaka and her younger twin brother and star player of the Kendo Club, Shusui.

  • Bravo begins training Kazuki to harden him into an Alchemist Warrior. Meanwhile, Tokiko is ordered to safeguard the kakugane originally taken from Bravo's subordinate Alchemist Warrior.

  • Captain Bravo of the Alchemist Army recruits Kazuki to be Alchemist Warrior. Anticipating underground enemy activities within Ginsei City, Tokiko transfers to Kazuki's class, and Bravo becomes the manager of the school dormitory.

  • Seeking the antidote, Kazuki goes to Chono?s house, where Chono?s father tells him he has cut ties with his son. Kazuki heads to the warehouse behind the Chono household, the very place where his ancestor conducted his alchemy research?

  • Evading the homunculus Washio?s attack, Kazuki and Tokiko fall back to form a plan. The two devise a series of high-speed attacks, but Washio?s natural instinct and warrior experience sees through their plan.

  • Kazuki and Tokiko search for a student who has been absent from school for the past four days and come across a sickly third-year student who turns out to be the creator of the homunculi.

  • A homunculus embryo has lodged itself on Tokiko, and a week remains before she becomes a homunculus. Between bouts of training with his lance, Kazuki and Tokiko search for the creator of homunculus in order to obtain the antidote.

  • Tokiko and Kazuki visit the haunted factory where everything began. There, they find the remains of victims and a homunculus incubator. The homunculi made there lodge themselves onto humans and consume them?