Watch TV Shows on VIZ Media

Viz Media, LLC is one of the most well known and popular television channels in the world today. Viz Media is actually based in San Francisco, California and has been around since the 1980's. Viz Media focuses on anime and appeals to both American and Japanese customers. Anime is very popular in the United States, but is even more popular in Japan. There are literally tens of millions of people in the United States and Japan that watch over an hour of anime television a day.

Viz Media was able to tap in to a market that many other television companies were not able to do. They were one of the first television channel companies that catered to an anime friendly audience and because of this fact they have a very loyal following of customers that watch their channel. Anime centers around human characters in cartoon form, and is growing in popularity all around the world.

Overall, Viz Media looks to continue its success into the future by concentrating on its core customer. Viz Media has a loyal following because it has provided anime related television programming since the 1980's and many people that are now adults grew up watching the channel. Viz Media is a huge name brand in both the United States and Japan, despite the fact that it is based in San Francisco, CA. To continue its success into the future, Viz Media plans to continue to expand its anime related television programming and product offerings to develop multiple streams of income.