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The film entitled Zetman is centered on the rivalry between two guys known as ZET and Alphasz. The film begins with two well known heroes ZET and Alphas and highlights the causes and consequences of their rivalry. ZET is actually known by his human name Jin Kanzaki he has the ability to change into a supernatural being known as ZET. Alphansz on the other hand is a young guy called Kouga Amagi who is very intelligent and respects the law. He uses the latest innovations in technology to fight against his main enemy and rival ZET. Throughout the film, these two guys always fight.

Jin is the main character in the film and has a large bump on the back of his hand. Jin is a product of a ZET project which was developed by the Amagi Company. Their aim was to develop a creature that will assist them fight and defeat the Players. While the experiment was still going on, one of the researchers felt sorry for Jin and released him to be able to live a normal life. Jin goes to live in a slum but his developers assign Mitsugai to monitor all his activities. One day Jin comes across a pretty young lady called Hanako.

He falls in love with her and promises to protect her at all times. He takes Hanako on a date one day and the Sweeper attacks them. Jin transforms into ZET gets into a fight with Sweeper to protect Hanako but unfortunately she dies in the fight. Jin feels very guilty that he could not protect his girlfriend but instead caused her death. Jin finds out that the Seija's want to attack and destroy the Amagi Company. So he asks two of his friends to go and assist him destroy the invaders.

Kouga Amagi also known as Alphasz is a very intelligent young man who has always been interested in doing the right things. Unlike Jin he is very unfriendly with girls but manages to find a girlfriend Mayu. Kouga decides to develop hitech weapons and gadgets to use and fight his enemies. He teams up with ZET to fight against the EVOL Players who plan to destroy humanity.

The film was written by Masakazu katsura.

Zetman is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 2, 2012.

Where do I stream Zetman online? Zetman is available for streaming on VIZ Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Zetman on demand at Apple TV online.

VIZ Media
1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 2, 2012
Cast: Grant George, Jason Griffith, Michelle Ruff, Erin Fitzgerald
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Zetman Full Episode Guide

  • Jin walks down a bloody path in solitude as ZET... Alphas has fulfilled his dream of becoming a hero and fights according to his idea of justice... After so much bloodshed and tears, what is it that they wished to attain at the end?

  • Inside Amagi Tower, ZET is severely wounded by Haitani and can no longer retain his form. Does he have to become complete in order to defeat Haitani? Why does Haitani want ZET to be complete so desperately?

  • Haitani hijacks a broadcast signal in Middletown to declare war against humanity. Under his leadership, regressed Players start wreaking havoc, but Jin appears as ZET to protect people and fights as a one-man army.

  • Konoha goes missing. Kouga receives a phone call from the man who gave him the first test where he had to choose between the lives of his sister or three high school girls he didn't know. Kouga chose Konoha and the girls were killed.

  • Kouga learns that Jin has been fighting by himself as ZET. Thrilled over meeting a true hero, Kouga calls him "ZETMAN" and declares he will fight alongside him. Jin and Kouga head for the lab to find out why Red ZET turned white.

  • ZET finally turns red and displays powers unlike anything seen before. With overwhelming strength, ZET dominates the fight against a Player. Meanwhile, Kouga is having a tough time fending off a Player in his first battle as Alphas.

  • Kouga tries to become a superhero by creating a real-life Alphas. A mysterious man approaches him with a test to see if he's qualified to become one.

  • When Jin wakes up, he sees a monster holding the lifeless body of his foster mother, Akemi. An old man named Mitsugai is attempting to awaken ZET within Jin by using her. Mitsugai succeeds and ZET awakens...but he's still incomplete.

  • A few years have passed since Jin went missing. Kouga, still dreaming of becoming a real hero, is intent on catching a serial arsonist prowling the streets.

  • Jin Kanzaki is poor, but he lives a happy life with his grandfather. Together with his friends Kouga and Konoha, he helps out people for a fee. Meanwhile, the police are searching for a vicious serial killer.