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Chaika the Coffin Princess follows the life of a saboteur named Toru Akyura. He is an unemployed drifter when he first meets Chaika Trabant, who is a young wizard known for carrying around a giant coffin wherever she goes. Toru-kun quickly learns that Chaika is an extremely dangerous individual, and she might be hiding a magical sniper rifle that allows her to shoot people with high-precision spells.

While they might not get along at first, a plethora of monsters and unicorns means that they have to learn to work together in order to survive in a dangerous world. They might even end up as a loving couple.

Chaika the Coffin Princess is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on April 9, 2014.

Where do I stream Chaika the Coffin Princess online? Chaika the Coffin Princess is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Chaika the Coffin Princess on demand at Google Play, iTunes online.

Thursday 1:05 PM et/pt on Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 9, 2014
Cast: Leraldo Anzaldua, Kira Vincent-Davis, Joanne Bonasso, Luci Christian
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Chaika the Coffin Princess Full Episode Guide

  • Gillette rushes in to the battle to save Vivi and Zita from the fighting as the two fortresses clash.

  • Toru is caught off guard and is kicked to the bottom of the floating fortress. Zita sneaks into the fortress and rescues Toru from impending doom. He decides to join up with the Gillette squad to offer them his help.

  • On their way north to stop civil disputes, Vivi gets to shop with Gillete, and Chaika finds that they aren't the only ones low on magic fuel.

  • A mysterious group of former Gaz Empire citizens stops Chaika and her entourage and demand a toll. Strangest of all, they claim to be in the company of the true heir to the throne...Princess Chaika.

  • Simon Scania is the next target for Toru, Chaika and the others as their search for King Gaz's remains continues. In order to find him they must traverse a valley of fog with peculiar properties.

  • Chaika and the sabateur siblings are running into only rumors and hearsay while trying to find leads to the next Hero in search of Gaz's remains. An ambush by a rival group throws things into disarray when Toru recognizes the groups leader.

  • Chaika Toru and Akari run into Dominica, the Dragoon warrior they were searching for. After proving to be a gracious host, Toru gets to the point and asks her for King Gaz' remains.

  • Gillette and his band are hot on the trail of Chaika and her hired guns, following them to a nearby city where Chaika's mysterious informant appears before them.

  • Chaika successfully retrieves the Hand of King Gaz, only to encounter a trio of enemies hell bent on taking her new treasure, leaving Toru and Akari to defend her.

  • Chaika is aA young girl with a coffin strapped to her back. One day she runs into a starving saboteur, Toru, in the woods. After a strange run in with a unicorn, Chaika offers Toru a contract to help her recover an artifact.