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Oz Vessalius is nervous about his coming of age, he is almost certain something bad is going to happen, and he is right. By reasons no one can explain he is cast into the prison of the abyss only to be saved by a chain named Alice, a chain is someone that used to be human but was cast into the abyss and can only come out by doing a contract with a contractor, Oz becomes her contractor in exchange of helping to get out of the abyss. To all of their surprise it has being 10 years since he felt into the abyss even if it didn't feel that long for him and this is when all his problems start making Oz almost desire going back into the abyss. To make matters even worst I possible his body is not really his.

Pandora hearts is a television series based on the manga of the same tittle written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki, it was produced by Xebec and is licensed by NIS America which announced it would release the anime in North America on February 11, 2010. The series has a total of 25 episodes and the original run in Japan was between April 2, 2009 and September 24, 2009. No more seasons have being announced. The graphics are beautiful and elegant and in combination with the soundtrack the anime as a whole is truly a masterpiece that will leave anime fans of all genera desiring more from this action packed romance anime that also has a comic and dramatic punch added to it.

The viewer will learn to trust their friends to any extremes and will observe as Oz questions his own identity in wonder if he truly is odd or his long predecessor. While possessing strong emotional and psychological thoughts this anime truly is one that the whole audience should enjoy but is still recommended to have children supervised by a parent or guardian.

Pandora Hearts is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on April 2, 2009.

Where do I stream Pandora Hearts online? Pandora Hearts is available for streaming on TBS Japan, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pandora Hearts on demand at iTunes online.

TBS Japan
1 Season, 25 Episodes
April 2, 2009
Cast: Junko Minagawa, Ayako Kawasumi, Akira Ishida, Kana Hanazawa, Daisuke Ono
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Pandora Hearts Full Episode Guide

  • Oscar pays a visit to Oz and tells him to come home. Though reluctant, Oz learns that his father had gone missing for over 10 years. The painting of a Chain on the wall reminds Oz of something.

  • A massive number of Chains suddenly appear in Reveille. According to Alice, a change in the Will of the Abyss is the cause. Members of Pandora are dispatched to stop the invasion, but their effectiveness is limited.

  • Oz continues to search for pieces of Alice's memories, but is unsuccessful. Gilbert continues to seek the truth about what occurred 100 years ago, but that attempt seems futile.

  • More of the truth is revealed through Break and Barma. Break's past, the connection between Alice and the Abyss, and Vincent as well. Everything has something to do with Oz, Alice, and Gilbert.

  • The Tragedy of Sablier is the key to discovering the truth. Oz and his group decide to pay a visit to Rufus Barma, the longest-living man among the Four Great Dukes. The duke they seek happens to be a bizarre round creature in a suit.

  • Everyone returns to the Rainsworth manor after their scuffle with the Citizens of Baskerville. However, Oz, Gilbert, and Alice are still depressed over what happened at the Lutwidge Academy.

  • Oz and Elliot try to flee from the Citizens of Baskerville through the academy's underground passageways. They try to fight back to protect Ada, but are easily knocked away by a Citizen of Baskerville's Chain.

  • Oz and his group manage to sneak inside Lutwidge Academy. After overhearing a piano playing the same tune as the music box in his pocket watch, Oz makes his way to the school library, where he meets Elliot and Reo.

  • With Sharon missing, Break hurries to her rescue. Though he makes an irreplaceable sacrifice, Break manages to save her. Afterward, a single letter finds its way into Oscar's hands that would soon cause a great commotion.

  • Oz and Alice narrowly escape Cheshire Cat's dwelling before it implodes on itself. They find themselves in the meeting room where the Four Great Dukes have gathered. Break also returns to the real world, but is informed that Sharon has gone missing.

  • Oz clock seal moves, then he starts to destroy the Cheshire cat dimension using B-Rabbit's power.He says he is doing it for Alice, so that she won't be afraid anymore, after Alice says she is scare of herself, Oz says that he will destroy her as well. Jack decides to seen Gil to try to stop Oz from destroying the dimension, Gil finds him and makes him remember the reason why they came here, to save Alice. Break takes away Alice's memories in the form of Cheshire's bell. Oz finds Alice in a staircase, while he climbs the stairs he tells her that Alice is fine as she is and saves her. Cheshire abandons his human form and tries to destroy the dimension and everything on it, Break defeats him easily, then Eques appears to take them back, but they get separated and he only takes Alice and Oz, leaving Break and Gil behind.

  • The Cheshire cat is attacking Oz, but he is save by Jack, who takes him trough a mirror to where Gil is at. Jack ask Oz to help him saved Alice, who is trapped in her memories. Oz accepts and Jack send him by himself to a memory of the tragedy of Sabrie where he sees a child, whom he believe is Vincent. Meanwhile, Cheshire approaches Break in the mirror to finish him off, but Break releases the power of Mad Hatter to stop him. Oz follows the little kid who takes him to a tower outside where he finds Alice dead.

  • Oz and Gil arrived in Cheshire's dimension where they are attack by him, they are saved by Shalon's chain Eques, but Cheshire catches up with them and slashes Gil, he falls off the stairs railings. Cheshire tells Oz that Alice was the one that trow her memories away, that dimension is made up of her memories and he is supposed to protect them, so no one can find them. Oscar and Vincent are talking about some important things and accidentally reveal Oz existence to one of Pandora's members. Gil awakes in a garden and finds the man that appear in Alice's previous memories, Gil confuses him with Oz, but he tells him that his name is Jack Vessalius.

  • Gil tells Oz about what had happen in this ten years he was gone. He was adopted by the Nightray house, because his brother had previously been adopted by them. Break's hollow eye socket is revealed and he asks Gil to spy on the Nightray house as his precious left eye, because he promise that he is going to help him bring back Oz. He meet Vincent there, although he doesn't have any memories of him. As he grew he was able to make a legal contract with his chain Raven.

  • Oz manage to suppress Alice's power and confronts Phillipe's father about why he made a contact with a chain. Oz tells him that just been by Phillipe's side would be enough. Unfortunately Vincents shoot him and his body, together with his chain are drag to abyss. They go back to the Reinsworth manor, Oz is really upset, he wanted to save Phillipe's father and thinks that right now Phillipe must be all alone still waiting for his father. Break shows Vincent to the door and tells him that he suspects that there is a traitor in Pandora that let the Grim escape, he is obviously suspecting of Vincent.

  • Oz wakes up in Gil's house, Break comes to visit them and explains the reason why he and Shalon haven't age in this ten years. He also says that although Oz is in front of him he can't really feel his presence. After he lives Oz feels a sudden pain and realizes that his clock has start moving, then a girl comes and lives a bouquet of flowers and a letter for Gil. Gil takes Oz and Alice outside, Alice wants to eat meat, so Oz stays behind while they go buy it. Alice wonders what a 'parent' is, Gil doesn't know so she wants to ask Oz, but Gil's stops her because he says that that is a sensitive topic for Oz. Meanwhile Oz saves a boy that was been bully by some other kids, then they start talking.

  • Oz, Alice and Raven are assigned their first mission and are send to go and capture an illegal contractor in a nearby town. While there Alice gets lost, so Raven goes to find her and Oz meets a girl who sells flowers. Later at night Raven explains to Oz about the reason people do contracts with chains, it's to change the past. Oz and Raven go to look for information and Alice stays at the inn asleep, where she is attack by the chain of an illegal contractor. Oz and Raven get there and Oz discovers that the contractor is the same girl he meet earlier that day. Raven shoots her chain, then her clock makes a full rotation and she is drag to abyss. Oz tries to help her, but Raven stops him.

  • Oz wakes up in the real world and Break explains about Pandora and how they have to arrest him for been an illegal contractor. Alice takes control of Oz and takes Sharon hostage in order to escape, but Break save Sharon by releasing Alice from Oz's body. He then ask Alice about her purpose in the human world, apparently she wants to find her lost memories. Suddenly a chain comes out of the pocket watch and Raven releases Alice power so she can destroy the chain. After she destroy it they all are able to see one of Alice memories. Later Oz and Alice accept to work for Break as his subordinates in order to find Alice's memories.

  • Oz is at his coming of age ceremony and while he is doing his oath, the clock that had remain silent for 100 years suddenly strikes. Some strange figures appear and they want to trow Oz into the abyss. Gil is being control by one of the Death Gods and stabs Oz. Alice appears and fights the Death Gods, but leaves after some time. Oz tries to kill one of the Death Gods but Gil tries to stop him by jumping in front of him and he gets hurt. Then Oz is trow into the Abyss for the sin of "existing ".

  • Oz Vessalius is exploring the Mansion where his coming of age ceremony is going to take place in, together with Gil and his sister . He finds a mysterious pocket watch in a hidden grave underground when him and Gil fall in by accident. What is this nostalgic feeling? and why does he feels like the pocket watch was calling to him?

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