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Aoharu x Machinegun is a Japanese animated series created by Brain's Base animation studios. The series is based off of the shonen manga series of the same name created by NAOE and published by Final Fantasy's Square Enix. The plot revolves around the fiery and pure hearted student council leader, Hotaru Tachibana. Hotaru is well known and respected around her high school for her strength both of mind and body as well as for her ironclad sense of justice. She regularly encounters friends and fellow classmates whom are being bullied by the crueler members of the school and soundly reprimands the ruffians, beating them into submission.

Hotaru's best friend one day comes to her and tells her that he was scammed out of a large sum of money by a mysterious man named Matsuoka, who runs a popular and nearby nightclub. Matsuoka is also Hotaru's next door neighbor. Incensed to the extreme, Hotaru instantly marches over to Matsuoka's club and confronts over the matter. However, Matsuoka calmly explains that Hotaru's friend is nothing more than a lier. This only further enrages Hotaru who challenges Matsuoka to a fight. He agrees but only if they duel in his fashion - a rough and tumble airsoft gun battle. This leads Hotaru into Matsuoka's strange world of survival games, games which curiously begin to make Hotaru question the extent of the strength she had come to rely so heavily upon.

Friday 1:46 PM et/pt on Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 3, 2015
Cast: Corey Hartzog, Mikako Komatsu, Tomoaki Maeno, Leoni Kristin Oeffinger
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Aoharu x Machinegun Full Episode Guide

  • Tachibana reserves the survival game field and challenges Matsuoka to a one-on-one. As Tachibana stubbornly faces Matsuoka again and again after countless losses, her determination begins to melt his heart...

  • After finishing her shooting match against Midori, Tachibana returns to her apartment to find Yukimura waiting for her. What happened in Toy Gun Gun's past? When Tachibana learns the truth, what will she do?

  • Tachibana resolves to tell her teammates she is a girl, but she finds herself unable to tell them. For some reason they hold a grilling party in Yukimura's apartment, but...

  • Depressed after her loss at TGC, Tachibana tells her friend Kanae that she's going to quit survival games. Kanae suggests a plan to help cheer her up.

  • Learning of Matsuoka's past from Yukimura, Tachibana decides she will try to change Matsuoka through her efforts at TGC. Their showdown against their old enemy, Team Hoshishiro, has begun.

  • Learning of Matsuoka's past from Yukimura, Tachibana decides she will try to change Matsuoka through her efforts at TGC. Their showdown against their old enemy, Team Hoshishiro, has begun.

  • When Tachibana learns Matusoka's true feelings, she does her best to rejoin the team. However, Toy Gun Gun doesn't allow female members--

  • Having acquired her very own gun, Tachibana excitedly participates in survival games. However, when Tachibana can't follow Matsuoka's orders, she finds herself placed on the opposing team...

  • Unable to suppress her desire to play survival games with Matsuoka and Yukimura, Tachibana returns to the team. Matsuoka sends Tachibana to buy her very own gun, but what trials will she find waiting for her there...?

  • Tachibana joins Matsuoka's survival game team, but one of the members, Yukimura Tohru, has mixed feelings about Tachibana.

  • After discovering her friend was conned by a host, Tachibana storms into the host club for justice. What she doesn't expect is to get roped into playing a Survival Game.

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