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This movie is an anime film set in a fictional kingdom ruled by a respected king. In which the heir of the throne, his 14-year-old son Arsalam, has a lot to learn in becoming a successful ruler. By unfortunate events and betrayal the kingdom goes into war with an adjoining city. To his luck, Arsalam evades death and sets out on a determined journey to regain the kingdom that was destined to be ruled by him.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on April 5, 2015.

Where do I stream The Heroic Legend of Arslan online? The Heroic Legend of Arslan is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Heroic Legend of Arslan on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

Sunday 5:00 PM et/pt on FUNimation
3 Seasons, 41 Episodes
April 5, 2015
Cast: Jerry Jewell, Ryan Reynolds, Rachel Robinson
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The Heroic Legend of Arslan Full Episode Guide

  • The bulk of Arslan's people set out for an uninhabited island in search of hidden treasure, but back in Gilan, there is still the unresolved matter of the mastermind behind the pirates.

  • Arslan continues his quest to raise an army of 50 thousand, as well as the capital required to fund such an army. His immediate obstacle is the suspiciously obsequious Viceroy of Gilan, Pelagius.

  • Arslan and his party head for the port city of Gilan to the south and get a lay of the land as they begin their attempt to assemble an army of 50 thousand men as King Andragoras ordered.

  • As Hilmes continues to pursue the treasured sword Rukhnabad, he comes across someone from his past. In the meantime, in Peshawar, King Andragoras sets Arslan a task that is seemingly cruel and impossible.

  • The Kingdom of Tūrān decides to take advantage of Pars's moment of weakness to invade, forcing Arslan to abandon his plan to retake Ecbatana in order to secure the border at Peshawar.

  • toile wrestles with the knowledge that the prince, whose head he had wanted for so long, was someone he knew. And the battle for the Keep of Saint Emmanuel continues.

  • The siege of the Keep of Saint Emmanuel begins in earnest and Parsian generals, who once fought on the same side, now find themselves facing each other across the battlefield.

  • Arslan returns to Peshawar. In the meantime, Hermes must walk the fine line between remaining useful to Lusitania and furthering his own interests.

  • Rajendra asks Daryun to be his proxy in the duel before the gods to determine the next heir to the throne of Sindhura. Faced with the fearsome knight in black, Gadevi arrives at a terrifying solution.

  • With the fall of the Fortress of Gujarat, Gadevi sets out to meet Arslan and Rajendra on the battlefield. Vastly outnumbered and facing war elephants, Arslan and company must find a way to win.

  • Having formed an alliance with Rajendra, Arslan and company face their first hurdle in their military campaign to win Rajendra the throne of Sindhura. On their way to Sindhura's capital of Uraiyur, they must first get past the Fortress of Gujarat.

  • With no time to absorb Bahman's shocking revelation, Arslan must decide how to deal with the invading army led by Rajendra, Second Prince of the Kingdom of Sindhura.

  • Arslan's small group is reunited at Peshawar and they begin looking at using the army there to take back the rest of Pars.